4 Elements of an Effective Contractor Website


A total of 47% of people. That’s how many people go to a company’s website before they purchase products or services. The question is, how can you sell your products when you don’t have a place online to sell to people? To read more click here.

If you plan to use your contractor website to get more leads, it pays to know what makes for an effective general contractor website. Keep reading to learn four elements that you can’t leave out on your contracting website.

1. Mobile-Friendly

People don’t only use desktop computers to access the internet these days. Now that smartphones are commonplace, small devices now make up a lot of the world’s internet traffic.

That means that it’s a problem if your business website doesn’t look good on small screens. Luckily, you can use a responsive design to make your sign adaptive to every screen size. Once you make your website responsive, you’ll need to test your website on as many screen sizes as you’re able to ensure everything looks right.

2. Call to Action

Having your company’s information on your website can only get you so far in some cases. While a potential client may be interested in hiring you for a job, that doesn’t mean they’ll take action after landing on your site.

Sometimes people need a little nudge to get in touch. You can do this with a call to action. Whether it’s a prompt to join an email list or a call to send you an email with a contact form, give people something to do when they visit your website.

3. SEO Optimization

Some of the traffic you get to your website won’t be direct. It will come from people searching for contractors for a job. The question is, will your website rank on Google for the search terms that provide that traffic?

If you don’t work on your contractor SEO, you won’t rank for those terms. Look into the search terms people in your area use to find general contractors. Use the SEO features of your website software to optimize your website for Google.

4. Examples of Your Work

You can say you can handle a job all you want. That won’t be effective at convincing someone to work with your contracting company if you can’t show them what you can do.

Make sure you put a portfolio on your website that showcases your company’s best work. Try to include a variety of projects that differ from each other. You want to show that your company can handle several types of work and aren’t limited to specific specialties.

Turn Your Contractor Website Into a Lead Machine Today

You can’t afford to have a lousy website in a world where customers turn to the web to find more information about the companies they work with. Just tossing up a website and calling it a day won’t be enough. Make sure you use the web design elements above on your contractor website to improve your business’s chances of landing more leads.

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