A La Mode Dress For Every Occasion


Without being specific, “a la mode” refers to something fashionable or in fashion; for instance, “boeuf a la mode” refers to French braised beef dishes like Boeuf La Mode.

An adjective such as a la mode can also refer to being served with ice cream. A restaurant owner in Duluth, Minnesota, first popularized this term when serving apple pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Luxury Dresses

Luxury dresses are timeless ways to project elegance and sophistication, using only the highest-end fabrics and intricate details to make a bold statement about who you are. From high-end designer fabrics to hand-embroidered detailing, a luxury dress will instantly elevate your style and set you apart from others.

Luxury garments were once worn to signify wealth and status in ancient societies, usually composed of silk or velvet fabrics adorned with gemstones or precious metals to indicate status and mark special events or occasions. Nowadays, these exquisite attires remain popular choices among those wanting to stand out in a crowd while showing their style and class.

When selecting luxury fabrics, you must work with a skilled dressmaker who specializes in couture clothing creation. High-end clothes such as guipure lace dresses require expert knowledge from your tailor as it can take time for a dress to emerge from them. In the case of purchasing tweed fabric, ensure your tailor has experience working with it as well.

Jordann Freifeld and Caroline Bokszczanin share an admiration for beautiful dresses and gowns, so much so that they co-own A La Mode Boutique in Huntington as co-owners. Initially catering to prom-goers, A La Mode now offers fashionable attire suitable for every special event or season.

Elegant Dresses

No matter if you are attending your high school prom, an important work event, or simply making a statement of elegance – nothing beats a formal dress tailored perfectly and styled beautifully with accessories that add extra class and make an impression statement about who you are! From statement jewelry pieces to comfy heels and stylish handbags, you have many choices when accessorizing for formal events, all depending on how bold or discreetly you wish to go about expressing yourself!

One of the easiest and most elegant ways to look smart is to wear colors that complement your skin tone. Darker hues typically help emphasize facial features while drawing attention away from any areas where you might feel self-conscious, such as skin tags or any unsightly areas on your body. However, if dark hues don’t suit your natural complexion well, it might be best to opt for lighter tones, which will brighten your face more and look more feminine.

Form-fitting dresses that cling snugly around your curves and define your physique are another elegant way to look chic and sophisticated. A slim-fit style works for every event and celebration imaginable – be it an informal cocktail party or black tie gala event.

To channel a more glamorous aesthetic, opt for a long dress with puffy sleeves. This look makes an impactful statement on romantic evenings or semi-formal parties and can be styled with high heels and statement jewelry for added oomph. To keep things more casual, you may also try opting for short, puffed-sleeved dresses.

Dressing elegantly often means donning a dress with an intricate design or pattern, such as intricate beadwork or embroidery details. A fashionable garment can help you achieve an improved self-image and can also influence other people’s opinions of you positively.

Balloon-Sleeve Dresses

The balloon sleeve trend has taken the fashion world by storm this spring, appearing both on runway shows and high street fashion. These trendy sleeves add an up-to-the-moment style for spring events and date nights alike; choose a chic floral dress or an evening gown with puff sleeves to add an eye-catching statement piece to your collection. Ala mode offers an excellent selection of puff sleeve dresses to add one or more statement pieces to your collection.

Balloon sleeves (also referred to as “puffed sleeves” or lantern sleeves) are an elegant type of sleeve with full and puffy shoulders, narrowing slightly from elbow to wrist and eventually creating an impressive statement. Although similar to cape sleeves, which hang loosely from the shoulders, balloon sleeves make more of an impression through their extravagant details and may make a more dramatic statement.

A midi or maxi balloon-sleeve dress is ideal for casual outings and dinner dates, including picnics and luncheons; longer hemlines can work just as well for more relaxed evening events like sunset drinks at your local bar.

Our plus size balloon sleeve rib knit dress is one of our favorites because it exudes both elegance and style with its round neckline, classic silhouette, and beautiful balloon sleeves that offer the perfect blend of modernist and vintage styles – their billowing silhouette gives the dress an updated look.

Combining it with heels or flat sandals will achieve an effortlessly elegant look, or pair it with sneakers for a more casual ensemble that works anywhere. Accessorizing with the appropriate pieces will turn this dress into an instant conversation starter and have people turning their heads your way!

Add drama to this dress by layering on the bold necklace and earrings that draw the eye away from its broad shoulders and toward your jawline and face instead. Complete your look with an elegant clutch or versatile tote to complete this ensemble.

Sequin Dresses

Sparkling sequins create an irresistibly captivating look, perfect for New Year’s Eve or holiday parties, yet can also be worn throughout the year. For added versatility in your sequin dress wardrobe, consider pairing it with velvet or faux leather fabrics to keep it flexible.

Are You Searching for the Ideal Cocktail or Formal Event Dresses? Don’t fret: we have everything from sleek black and silver sequin dresses for daywear long-sleeve sequin dresses for formal events, long-sleeve sequin dresses with cap sleeves for eveningwear, and everything in between to help you shine at every event! Take a look! You will indeed find your ideal dress in our selection.

Sequins may be challenging to wear, but when done right, they’re surefire ways to grab attention and look your best. When shopping for sequin dresses, try opting for those without too many embellishments – this will let their shimmer shine brightly. When selecting one to purchase, focus on choosing something simple with classic silhouettes and necklines so the sparkles stand out best.

Sequins can make the perfect statement piece for special events and also help build your self-confidence. By selecting a dress that represents who you are and what values are important to you, sequins will serve as a constant reminder of who you are and what your priorities are – helping you feel more secure within yourself and more able to express yourself fully.

From shimmering sequin mini dresses that add a sparkly element to any ensemble to full-length sparkling dresses perfect for graduations, proms, and other special events, our collection has something sparkling for every event imaginable. Choose from Tadashi Shoji’s signature styles featuring glittery tactile embroideries on wrinkle-resistant crepe and sparkling paillettes that catch the light atop beaded tulle fabric – our collection has something suitable for every special event.

Dresses have the power to take you places you never dreamed possible! So whether it’s time for a significant birthday celebration, searching for the ideal party outfit, or needing something to help stand out at work – explore our collection of sparkly dresses until you find one that best matches you.