Adding a Folding Stock Picatinny to Your AR


The addition of a folding stock can prove advantageous for various reasons, from shortening the overall gun length to making storage more straightforward.

Midwest Industries Side Folding Extruded Stock is an elegant blend of design elements from classic AK rifles with contemporary features and functionality. It has five Quick Detach (QD) sling mounting points – four near its folding mechanism, heel, and one in the center – providing ample sling mounting points.


Folding stock pictures can be adjusted for different shooting positions. They can be used on pistols to increase accuracy or as rifle braces to decrease perceived recoil and then folded away for transport or storage purposes. Foldable stocks are commonly seen on military carbines and SMG/PDWs but also seen on civilian-derived weapons like AK variants, with their store being made out of skeletonized frames to save weight.

Strike Industries’ pARa-stock folding stock can easily attach to any weapon with a rear Picatinny rail, with its built-in locking mechanism quickly locking into place on base and adapter components. Furthermore, its adjustable stock can fit different shooters by way of its height adjustment strut and hinge flip feature, as well as direction change capability when folding up/folding down. Furthermore, this versatile option comes equipped with a quick disconnect (QD) sling mounting socket for added versatility.

This adjustable stock can be used with both a monopod and stand-alone support systems, featuring an aluminum monopod leg that can be adjusted to any height, as well as a small knurled monopod head that screws into a Picatinny rail block to lock folding lateral movement, two adjustment wheels for height adjustment, and small knurled monopod head which screws into Picatinny rail block to lock folding and two adjustment wheels for height.

Laylax Dual Folding Adapter is another adjustable folding stock Picatinny available, connecting directly to the back of a gun via its Picatinny interface. Equipped with two built-in locking lugs for secure attachment and featuring an anti-slip rubber butt-pad for rifle or Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) setups. Customization options, including cheek riser and strut length components (available for purchase separately), make the adapter even more adaptable and customizable to any gun owner’s needs!

This folding stock Picatinny is an economical and lightweight brace designed to support airsoft guns with rear Picatinny rails, such as SIG SAUER’s MCX or MPX series of electric airsoft rifles. It is constructed from aluminum at its core and polymer for balance in lightness and durability. Configurable left or proper folding, plus forward or back swiveling, allows maximum stability when shooting.


The addition of a folding stock can make your AR more compact, which can make transport more accessible in small vehicles like cars or trucks. Foldable stores also allow for more comfortable shooting positions as these stocks typically consist of lightweight materials but remain sturdy enough.

The Picatinny rail is a mounting platform used to attach accessories to firearms. Featuring evenly spaced ridges that enable accessories to be securely fastened in place, its use enables more accessories to be connected at once than before its invention; without this standard platform for accessory attachment, there was limited potential for any particular gun.

Folding stocks can also be valuable additions for weapons that utilize suppressors. They’re usually made out of lightweight metals to reduce weight and can easily fold down to either side of the receiver for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Some models even come equipped with rotating pivot points so they can be manipulated in different positions to suit various purposes.

When selecting a Picatinny stock, it is essential to take into account both user needs and preferences. Some manufacturers provide both fixed and folding mount options, while others specialize exclusively in one mount type – for instance, the Sig Sauer MCX rifle offers both. Whatever type you opt for, find something compatible with both existing accessories as well as your desired shooting style – no matter the manufacturer.

The KNS Galil-Picatinny Stock Adapter is an ideal solution for users who wish to add lightweight folding stocks to their rifles. Constructed of billet aluminum and hard-coat anodized for durability, this stock adapter features a heavy-duty locking side-folding mechanism with three QD sling swivel sockets as well as an anti-slip butt-pad for smooth shoulder welds when used on rifle or registered Short-Barreled Rifle setups; additionally, this adapter can be mounted onto any rifle with rear Picatinny rail, including the Sig Sauer MCX.


The Lage 1913 Left Folding Stock is an excellent solution for rifles and pistols that utilize Picatinny M 1913 rails to attach accessories, with features including an M1913 rail stock adapter, folding mechanism, polymer stock material, as well as its rear QD sling mount hole to add additional sling attachments. Compatible receivers include the Angstadt Arms MDP-9, BRN-180 lower receivers, and Sig Sauer MCX MPX Copperhead rifles. This stock also features rear QD sling mount holes, allowing users to attach additional sling attachments if desired.

Collapsible stocks can be an invaluable weapon accessory, particularly for law enforcement and military personnel who must carry their weapons under dynamic conditions. A collapsible stock helps them maintain steady shots with increased accuracy while saving space in their packs and making maneuverability in crowded environments easier.

Collapsible stocks are great tools for shooting sports or home defense. When attached with scopes for precision shooting, collapsible stocks allow more excellent handling while simultaneously reducing weight for improved handling and handling precision. Deployed just prior to firing for enhanced control and accuracy, these stock accessories come in various configurations and finishes.

Folding stocks differ from traditional fixed buttstocks in that they’re designed to be lighter and smaller, making them suitable for combat carbines, SMG/PDWs, and their civilian-derived versions, competitive rifles, as well as being easily deployed before shooting to increase accuracy and control. They can often be found on combat carbines for increased accuracy.

Strike Industries recently unveiled the Dual Folding Adapter that mounts to a Picatinny rail and can be used with both rifles and pistols. It can fold left or right for maximum versatility, featuring built-in locking lugs as well as quick detach sling mounting points, ensuring optimal versatility.

Law enforcement personnel, military members, sports shooters, and hunters all use accessories that enhance firearm performance for various applications and circumstances. Such additions should always comply with regulations and safety guidelines and be used responsibly so as to avoid accidents caused by them.


Folding stock Picatinny weapons make weapons shorter and more compact, making them ideal for tight spaces or concealment purposes. Military carbines and SMG/PDWs often feature this feature; additionally, it makes carrying them much simpler if used close quarters for self-defense or close-range target shooting – it will reduce arm fatigue, too.

The First Factory Picatinny Folding Rail Stock NEO is an ultralight option that can be folded easily with just the press of a button. Crafted of aluminum alloy for its base and polymer for its body to reduce weight, you can fold this stock left or right as desired, and it can even be used with airsoft guns that feature Picatinny rails on their rear side for compatibility.

Folding stocks provide another advantage by being easily stored in the prone position without damage, providing an opportunity to shoot from a more comfortable stance and quickly deploy when moving forward. This feature can prove especially handy for law enforcement officers and soldiers deployed in the field.

Collapsible stocks can also come in handy when traveling by vehicle or helicopter, helping prevent your firearm from getting hung up on other gear and making reaching your target easier. They’re great for use when hunting creatures as they make shots more accurate when compared with shooting from the hip.

Lage’s Picatinny M 1913 rail stock adapter is specifically designed to work with receivers and firearms that feature a Picatinny rail mounting point, such as receivers of AR rifles such as the Sig MCX, Brownells BRN-180, or any others featuring one of those rails. Furthermore, this adapter may also be mounted to folding mechanisms or braces for even greater versatility in deployment options.

The Dual Folding Adapter comes complete with everything necessary for its installation, such as a buttplate and rubber butt-pad. It features two buttons located near its Picatinny rail mount; pressing one will release and fold to the right while pushing another will unlock and fold to its side; it may rub against safety elements as it folds, but this won’t compromise its functionality.