Best Thai Food Near Me in NYC


Queens’ Little Thailand offers authentic Thai flavors or milder versions suited to your preferences and is worth the journey. Enjoy authentic dishes, or find something gentler that meets your standards here.

Wayla is ideal for an enjoyable evening out with friends, featuring cocktails and stylish bites like its delectable glass noodles and barbecued ribs. Don’t miss these delicious offerings.


Ayada offers authentic Asian cuisine that will please every family member, featuring fresh ingredients that have been expertly prepared on-site. The food is delicious and service excellent, and Ayada boasts a lovely dining room.

This Manhattan outpost of a popular Queens eatery serves up spicy curries, noodles, and traditional Thai fare from across multiple regions of Thailand. Their tom yum noodle soup brings back memories of Bangkok noodle stalls, while their pad thai features rich, savory notes from lime and tamarind that are sure to please.

At Ayada, it can be impossible to narrow down your selection. From their signature pork ribs that are crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth tender inside to caramelized duck over noodles for dessert and delicious khao soi crafted with rice noodles, crunchy fried egg strips, and rich coconut milk sauce, there’s just so much choice here it would take you forever!

House of Joy Restaurant strives to create an enjoyable dining experience for its customers, offering American Thai favorites and unique items not found elsewhere on menus. In addition, it boasts an extensive list of drinks and sweets.

At Ayada restaurant in Chelsea Market, family-owned Ayada serves authentic recipes and tasty dishes that have become local favorites; in 2012-2018, they were even honored by Michelin Guide Recommended status! Their extensive menu offers something for everyone while providing unique options not usually seen at Thai restaurants in New York City.

Fish Cheeks

Fish Cheeks offers both indoor and outdoor seating, offering delicious Thai fare such as the popular khao soi with basil, egg, and chicken; its signature sweet red chili dipping sauce makes an impressive centerpiece dish; other specialty offerings include green herbs salad with shallots and classic sweet red chili dip. Fish Cheeks’ welcoming atmosphere offers the ideal relaxing place after an exhausting day at work or school.

Mott Street’s Thai Diner provides an authentic experience. Led by Chat and Ohm Suansilphong, two brothers who learned their craft while working alongside their restaurateur parents in Thailand. Combining diner kitsch with traditional Thai design for an experience that will impress. Their menu ranges from street-side snacks like yum samun fried chicken and betel leaf fritters to seafood entrees such as coconut king crab with hand-crushed red curry sauce.

Mitr is another recent arrival to NYC’s Thai scene, offering high-end street food in its former Le Philosophe space. Offering Thai-inspired and comfort foods like shrimp-and-betel leaf cakes and crispy rice patties infused with subtle herbal flavors for dipping, Mitr is another glamorous newcomer specializing in street foods reminiscent of Thai culture.

Kips Bay’s cozy eatery is an undiscovered treasure among NYC’s restaurants, serving some of the finest Thai cuisine. Popular with after-work professionals and dates alike, this spot serves up crab fried rice, branzino, and even $1 oysters during happy hour!

Khao Kang

This tiny counter-serve spot is an example of the type of restaurant in Thailand; there’s no menu and no waiting; meals are made fresh throughout the day and presented cafeteria style. Serving traditional Thai fare like pad Thai, drunken noodles, and heartier Isan dishes such as Crispy Catfish served with Cashews and Papaya Salad, plus Mieng Pla Pow (fried watercress salad) are just some of its specialties.

Queens neighborhood staple Ayada is beloved among locals for its authentic flavors, family-run service, and cozy ambiance. Ayada serves traditional and satisfying Thai classics such as Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles alongside more adventurous options like Spicy Basil Soup with Soft Shell Crabs or hearty Khao Sai Udon dishes for adventurous eaters looking for new experiences.

Fish Cheeks is another local favorite that dares to challenge the status quo. Situated near the subway and just a short stroll from all of East Village’s bars and cafes, Fish Cheeks’ East Village location makes it the ideal Thai spot with an extensive menu featuring many unique offerings not found elsewhere in NYC – five spice braised pork as well as E-Sarn sausage salad with hot sauce can all be found there!

At this Thai restaurant in NYC, their relaxed yet casual environment makes for an enjoyable dining experience with friends and loved ones. Enjoy traditional desserts to end off a satisfying meal and create sweet and pleasant memories of this meal. There is an abundance of appetizers and main dishes, so there’s sure to be something deliciously tempting for all guests at their table!

Noods n’ Chill

Noods n’ Chill is an immersive Thai restaurant in Williamsburg that transports customers instantly to another country through old-school movies, neon signs, and posters. Their menu specializes in Thai street food such as Khao Moo Daeng (Thai-Chinese style roast pork over rice with sweet and salty sauce), pork rolls, and Prik Break Tek (Crunch-fried chilies taro crisp served with Original Thai Sriracha).

Recently introduced to Brooklyn’s noodle shop scene, this family-run eatery is part of Plant Love House in Williamsburg and Look in Queens. Their dinner menu is an assortment of signature dishes from their previous locations, such as comforting guay tiao num tok from Thailand grandmother’s kitchen or delicious pork dumplings in the shape of shumai dumplings – words you won’t find elsewhere!

Noods n’ Chill is known for its delicious glass noodles with shrimp, and you can pair them with coconut milk or spicy curry for an authentic experience. Their cozy seating inside and patio offer intimate dining environments – an ideal setting to share a bite with family and friends!

SriPraPhai offers one of the city’s most beloved dishes: its spicy seafood bowl! Additionally, they serve delicious steamed fish, coconut rice, and Thai tea French Toast dishes, making this convenient restaurant an ideal stop for quick lunch breaks near M and R subway lines – plus, their friendly staff makes for a delightful dining experience! In addition, its menu can also be found online, so ordering your food from home has never been simpler!


SriPraPhai, located in Woodside and frequented by Woodside locals, has earned itself a stellar reputation among NYC Thai restaurants. Always busy, its long wait times demonstrate how popular this place is; whether it be their fried chicken and squid chili lime dumplings or spicy tom yum soup, this place won’t disappoint with its affordable prices and authentic flavors that keep patrons coming back despite its unassuming exterior (some say it resembles an H&R Block!).

Sripraphai Tipmanee opened SriPraPhai Restaurant in 1990 as an eatery focused on bakery and dessert items. However, after the business started to decline, she gradually transformed it into what it is today; its current menu is evidence of her creative approach to recipe development as she pioneered working-class rural and regional Thai cooking in New York City.

She is self-taught and relies heavily on customer verbal descriptions when creating dishes. For instance, one customer raved about eating an item they remembered from visiting Thailand that she handwrote in Thai and added later to SriPraPhai’s English menu.

This restaurant is well-regarded among food critics due to its authentic cuisine and bold flavor profiles, earning high scores. While not recommended for novices due to the intensity of its spices, those seeking milder options can request their food be cooked “mild.” Furthermore, there’s a vegetarian menu labeled with gluten, nuts, or any other dietary concerns being flagged honestly, in addition to meang kam, which serves a self-service grilled beef appetizer that’s simply irresistible!