Big Shoes Network – Connecting UWM Grads With Employers


Over the past seven years, Big Shoes Network Midwest has provided job seekers from advertising, communications, marketing, public relations, social media, and graphic/web design fields with access to employers in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota. It is owned by UWM alumni Jeff and Martha Carrigan in Shorewood. Look into the Best info about sdit.

Kaitlin Schlick, a 2011 UWM graduate who found both her internship and first job through the network after hearing about it through classes and PRSSA meetings, credits it as her pathway.

Job Postings

Big Shoes Network provides UWM graduates in advertising, communications, graphic design, marketing, media relations, PR, social media, and Web design with employment opportunities in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota. This online enterprise also posts internships.

Launched in 2007, this business quickly expanded to over 9,000 subscribers and employs an array of fields such as technology, insurance, manufacturing, and education. Led by two UWM alumni – Jeff and Martha Carrigan – this network has reached $100,000 annually in annual revenue!

Giant Shoes Network Inc.’s estimated average employee salary is approximately $89,616 annually; however, individual salaries will depend on factors including job title, department, location, level of education completed, certifications earned, and additional skills acquired.

Martha Carrigan said the site will eventually begin charging job posters as out-of-pocket expenses have increased, adding that a service charge could give it legitimacy and draw in more companies. For now, however, Big Shoes South operates out of its Shorewood home; once launched, it may expand into other parts of the country. Big Shoes South plans a full launch in Florida by the first quarter of 2014 when hiring someone to assist in its operation. The actual Interesting Info about sdit.


Big Shoes Network provides job-seekers in advertising, communications, marketing, media, and public relations a gateway to employers across Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota. In addition, this networking service posts internship opportunities with local companies in all communication fields hosts seminars on topics like taking advantage of UWM training, resume and cover letter writing, interview practices, and networking practices, as well as provides networking events and training seminars on various communication fields.

The company pays its employees an average annual salary of $89,616, which is higher than the U.S. median for Manager Business jobs. Individual salaries will depend upon factors including job function and department, as well as the level of education achieved and any certifications or additional skills an employee possesses.

Big Shoes Network, known for connecting job seekers in advertising, corporate communications, marketing, public relations, Web design, and web development with employers in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota for seven years now, is expanding its services. Big Shoes Network, an enterprise based out of Shorewood, Florida, now lists communications-oriented jobs and internships in Florida. Extensive Shoes Network is headed up by Jeff and Martha Carrigan – two UWM alumni themselves – and runs with their daughter Emma on its new Florida branch site. Big Shoes Network relies on their university education and informal networking developed during college to operate its six-figure-plus business, which has seen Ashley Batzner secure both her internship and first job out of school through Big Shoes Network after the couple spoke at her classes and PRSSA meetings.

Career Advice

Students seeking career advice from Big Shoes South may benefit from guidance on a range of issues, including job and internship search assistance, pairing communication degrees with other disciplines, resume preparation, and job search strategies, as well as attending alumni events on these subjects. At present, two individuals operate Big Shoes South; however, they plan to launch Big Shoes South Florida during Q1 2014 with hopes of growing it over time. The Interesting Info about sdit.


Job-seekers in advertising, communications, marketing, public relations, and graphic and Web design often depend on who they know rather than what they learn when looking for employment in these fields. That is why two UWM alums, Jeff and Martha Carrigan, have turned networking into a multimillion-dollar enterprise: Big Shoes Network connects jobseekers from these fields with employers based out of Shorewood homes – for seven years, they operated this online venture themselves before expanding it across Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota to Florida via Big Shoes South branch.

Salaries at Big Shoes Network Inc. vary based on position and location. VP Business Development jobs offer an average annual salary of $209,159, while District Sales Manager roles have the lowest average yearly salary (an estimated $86,364). Compare these salaries with similar companies within your industry and discover any perks or benefits offered at Big Shoes Network Inc.

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