Boat Hire in Malta – Explore Remote Locations and Unique Sightseeing Opportunities


Renting a boat in Malta offers visitors the unique chance to discover remote locations and experience unforgettable sightseeing opportunities. From day trips to the Blue Lagoon to week-long sailing adventures across all three islands, Malta has something for every traveler and sailing adventurer. The actual Interesting Info about boat rentals in Malta.

Learn about boat hire in Malta and when the best time and place to charter a yacht is. This article will address the benefits of renting, popular destinations for chartering, and safety tips.


Malta’s turquoise waters boast beautiful beaches and a rich history, making it the ideal location for a yacht charter. Boasting gorgeous islands, exciting sightseeing opportunities, and various boat types – Malta offers something for everyone when it comes to sailing vacations! Plus, boating provides a chance to get closer to Malta’s picturesque scenery!

Click&amp Boat is the perfect platform to find a yacht that meets both your needs and budget, from small ribs and sailboats to larger motor yachts and catamarans. Boat owners are available locally and can offer rentals such as bathrooms and kitchens to ensure you have an enjoyable sailing experience.

Most charters also come equipped with a professional skipper or captain who will be responsible for operating and navigating the boat. This makes it ideal for those without valid boating licenses to explore Malta’s waters without worrying about navigation themselves. Furthermore, having someone provide expert guidance and advice makes this option especially appealing to newcomers to boating.

No matter the type of boat rental, be sure to bring several essential items. A bathing suit and towel, sunscreen and sunglasses, snack foods and drinks, as well as your camera, are musts when exploring Malta’s islands.


Malta’s crystal-blue waters, stunning beaches, and rich history make it the ideal location for an enjoyable boating adventure or yacht charter. With some planning ahead of time, you can experience Malta’s best boating destinations, be it day trips to the Blue Lagoon or an extended sailing vacation around Malta itself – Sailo provides access to local boat owners so that you can find your ideal vessel!

Ghadira Bay is one of Malta’s premier boat hire destinations. It offers stunning natural surroundings and plenty of pristine white sand. Additionally, this Blue Flag-certified beach provides safe swimming conditions and excellent facilities, making it the ideal place to unwind with friends or family while basking in the sunshine.

Malta offers several boating hotspots, such as St Thomas Bay and il-Hofriet on its south coast, for boaters to visit. Both idyllic bays provide excellent swimming and snorkeling conditions and boast picturesque caves and coves, such as St Paul’s Bay, that make this region truly picturesque.

It is essential to bring all the appropriate equipment when visiting Malta’s stunning seas—in addition to sunhats and sunglasses, bring a bathing suit, snacks, and water or wine as refreshments.


Malta’s boat hire companies offer a comprehensive selection of boats for rent, from dinghies to luxurious yachts, suitable to any need or budget. Most companies also provide professional guidance services like guided tours or fishing expeditions.

Chartering a boat is an ideal way to discover Malta’s spectacular coastline and natural landmarks, from Valletta Waterfront and Gozo’s rocky cliffs all the way down to Comino’s quiet coves and beaches.

When selecting a boat rental company, ensure it has an established track record and a varied fleet of high-quality vessels. Also, make sure the company adheres to stringent safety standards and offers adequate safety equipment. Additionally, be aware of its cancellation policy and any extra fees that may apply.

June to September is the ideal time for renting a Malta boat when the weather is warm and dry. Sailing in Malta’s protected bays and harbors makes for an enjoyable sailing experience, with calm waters perfect for sailboarding. Make sure to bring plenty of food and drinks if sailing in more tranquil waters can get chilly; also, bring a waterproof jacket and sunscreen to stay safe against harmful UV rays from the sun.


While renting a boat in Malta offers numerous advantages, you must select an appropriate vessel that matches your needs in terms of size, speed, and amenities. Choosing a ship suited to the weather conditions and safety regulations will help ensure safe passage to your destination.

Boat hire in Malta offers the ideal way to explore this stunning country. Offering options suitable for every budget and travel style, renting the perfect vessel awaits.

One key advantage of renting a boat is being able to explore hidden coves, secluded beaches, historic landmarks, and scenic attractions like Dingli Cliffs, St Paul’s Islands, and Valletta at your own pace. You could even use your boat as your tour around Malta!

Before renting a boat, it is essential to conduct extensive research on various companies and read reviews. Aim for one with an excellent reputation that offers an array of vessels suitable to your sailing experience, safety protocols that exceed industry norms, and all equipment necessary for a smooth experience.