Business Internships For High Schoolers


Internships provide high school students with a glimpse of what business operations look like and can also help them discover which career path best fits them.

Interns not only gain work experience through internships but can also build their professional networks – which are essential to career success and can open doors to future job opportunities.

Bank of America Student Leaders

Bank of America’s Student Leaders program partners with local nonprofit organizations to offer high school students paid internships that foster leadership development and practical workforce skills. The eight-week summer session includes an all-expense paid Student Leaders Summit held annually in Washington D.C.; this Summit introduces participants to aspects of civic, social, and business leadership – perfect for gaining work experience while forging lasting connections that could last a lifetime.

Bank of America’s Student Leaders program is one of several initiatives it undertakes to foster youth employment and economic mobility. Every year, this initiative selects 300 driven high school juniors and seniors from diverse communities for paid summer internships with nonprofit organizations and a week-long summit of Student Leaders – a fantastic chance to gain meaningful work experience, explore local issues, and form friendships that will last a lifetime!

This year, five Long Island high school seniors have been chosen as Student Leaders by Bank of America partners EAC Network and Island Harvest to address residents’ needs. Students gain workforce and leadership experience during an eight-week internship while earning $17 an hour and learning invaluable life lessons from bank partners EAC Network and Island Harvest – not to mention participating in an exclusive virtual summit with other Student Leaders from across the country!

Student Leaders program applications close on January 13th at 11:59 PM ET. Each year, only a few are chosen based on criteria including commitment to community service, passion for their cause, and potential to create positive change within their locality.

Participation in a leadership program can also prove highly advantageous when applying to college. Students can utilize it to prepare themselves for application processes at their dream schools while honing leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork skills that will prove essential in future employment opportunities like public policy or law.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

PNNL provides internship opportunities for high school students during the academic year and summer sessions, pairing students with mentors in their area of interest for work and research experience, leadership development activities, field trips, communications, and career awareness workshops. There are five comprehensive Internship programs at PNNL offering hands-on experiences across science, technology, engineering, and math fields, in addition to accounting finance contract management internships available to undergraduate and graduate students.

Interns at PNNL engage in cutting-edge scientific research that addresses real-world challenges. Collaborating with other researchers and working on various projects, interns at PNNL conduct groundbreaking scientific research that helps prevent acts of terrorism by researching information security, increasing U.S. energy capacity by discovering fossil fuel alternatives, and protecting the environment by devising ways to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Students participating in internships at PNNL will have the chance to attend regular classes for half of each school day and spend up to four hours working with their scientist-mentor at the lab five days a week for up to six months at once. Juniors and seniors enrolled in their final two years of high school can apply, with programs running between August and May; additionally, there is also a High School Business Internship Program, which accepts sophomores and seniors enrolled in their initial two years of college enrollment.

After students complete their internships, they’ll be ready to explore a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Not only will the PNNL provide hands-on experience that they’ll benefit from, but it will also assist them with building resumes and applying for college admissions.

PNNL is one of 17 national laboratories operated by the United States Department of Energy and uses cutting-edge scientific equipment and expertise to address some of the world’s most significant science and technology challenges, including those related to chemistry, earth sciences, data analytics, resilience, energy security, and national resilience. Battelle Laboratories operates it and has long assisted students preparing for careers in STEM.

The New York City Department of Education

An internship can give your career a significant jump-start, and New York City provides plenty of exciting opportunities. No matter your interest – law, finance, public relations, art, or marketing – New York offers internships from government entities to non-profit organizations to major corporations that will give you practical work experience and build an extensive network of contacts in your field.

The City of New York Department of Education offers internships to high school students that give them real-life experience in public education and prepare them for future careers. Additionally, fellowships and internships for college students are also available through this department.

New York City is one of the world’s most culturally vibrant and varied cities, boasting world-renowned institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum, and Broadway Theatre District. Additionally, it is a global center of technology and science with numerous research facilities, such as NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies nearby.

Internships in the private sector may be popular among college students, while many high schoolers may prefer working for the government instead. New York City provides numerous opportunities for high schoolers interested in government work to intern with various local, state, and federal agencies. It boasts more government internships than any other U.S. city!

New York is home to many companies that provide summer internships for high schoolers. Through the Ladders for Leaders program from the NYC Department of Education, participants are matched with business partners to gain real-world job experience and expand their professional capabilities. It is open to high-achieving students from all five boroughs.

The City of Seattle’s SPARK internship program encourages underrepresented youth from Seattle’s neighborhoods to pursue STEM-based careers. Students are matched with mentors in engineering, technology, and business who serve as role models; workshops and discussions cover topics including self-care, identity development, and community building while they complete a four-week virtual introduction to computer science.

The New York City Department of Fashion

New York is an epicenter for numerous industries, and fashion is no different. High school students interested in fashion design or marketing will find internship programs in New York that will equip them for success in business and make connections within the industry. There’s sure to be something available that fits perfectly.

Participating in an internship while still in high school can give high schoolers valuable work experience that will make it easier to secure employment when they graduate. Internships also help students decide whether they would like to pursue their chosen field as a career choice – many schools provide guidance counselors who provide information about internship programs and recommend reputable organizations that could offer them these experiences.

Students interested in fashion internships should consider enrolling in the Pre-College Program at RISD, which introduces them to college-level coursework while offering networking opportunities with like-minded high school students. It also provides virtual workshops focused on specific aspects of the fashion industry.

LIM Intern Academy is another popular option for fashion internship seekers in NYC, taking place each July and offering virtual workshops led by industry professionals on topics like Fashion Media: Publishing Magazines and E-tail Frenzy: Establish an Online Fashion Shop. Participants in the program pay $4,675 but can choose to attend any workshop(s).

Students looking for work experience through an internship should also consult their school guidance counselors regarding any available scholarships that can help offset the total price. Fashion internship programs also often offer scholarships that help offset this expense; this may be particularly helpful for students unable to afford full-price internship programs. Furthermore, fashion internship candidates should seek guidance counselor advice regarding available programs and then choose one which meets their individual needs best.