Carrier For Mobility Scooter on Cars


Transporting your mobility scooter has never been more straightforward with a carrier! These sturdy yet user-friendly manual carriers can hold most sizes of scooters with ease and lock upright when not in use – or fold flat to save space when not required. Discover the best info about خودرو بر.

For advanced mobility scooter lifts, opt for an outside auto lift that attaches directly to your hitch and raises your mobility device into your trunk. These are great solutions for heavier rigid scooters or powered wheelchairs.


This carrier quickly attaches to your car’s hitch port and makes transporting your mobility scooter easy and cost-effective. Typically more affordable than an automatic hoist lift or exterior platform lift, it is also highly user-friendly, easily accommodating both standard and electric power chairs alike and boasting features such as locking systems to protect against theft, retractable straps to secure them securely, hand crank emergency back-up in case of need, tilt up platform when not in use plus wiring harness/license plate holder/hitch adapters compatible with Class II hitches – perfect for transport!

Before choosing a hitch-mounted mobility scooter carrier, it is essential that you fully understand the weight capacity of your wheelchair or scooter. You can get this information from either its manufacturer or by weighing the device yourself. Depending on your vehicle and personal requirements, a higher weight capacity may be more suitable; larger capacity carriers may even accommodate heavier wheelsets more efficiently.

Hitch-mounted carriers are typically constructed of steel with powder coating, making them durable and weather-resistant. You can purchase various colors to match the vehicle you drive; each page can support up to 500 pounds and comes equipped with a swing-away kit, allowing access to the trunk or rear hatch while driving.

An alternative solution is a bumper-mounted scooter carrier, which attaches directly to your front bumper without using the hitch receiver on your car. This carrier is ideal for people who live in small spaces and wish to keep their scooter or wheelchair nearby when not in use.

An additional option for pickup trucks is a scooter rack, which uses an electric motor to lift wheelchairs or scooters off of the ground. This solution may be helpful for disabled individuals who cannot raise them themselves.


Mobility scooters and wheelchairs can typically be transported efficiently in vehicles such as cars or trucks by simply folding them down. However, the transport of heavier, rigid, non-collapsible mobility scooters requires more consideration as they cannot be folded down for transportation – in such instances, a scooter carrier may provide the ideal solution.

These types of carriers are typically hitch-mounted and feature ramps to allow your scooter to roll onto them, while some models offer springs that will enable them to either stay upright when not needed or fold flat for storage space. Crafted from solid metals, they’re built to withstand even the toughest of weather conditions without succumbing to collapse.

Scooter carriers are easy to assemble, taking just a few steps. Before selecting one, however, you must determine the tongue weight capacity of your trailer hitch to make sure the combined weight of the carrier and scooter does not exceed this capacity. In addition, verify whether the electrical connection at your bumper can handle its total load capacity.

Our selection of scooter carriers features both manual and electric options. Manual pages work similarly to ramps; you just manually raise and lower them using a pin. Electric models feature an 18-inch actuator instead, making it the perfect solution for people who require assistance loading their scooters.

No matter what vehicle you own, SpinLife experts have you covered for finding a scooter carrier that meets your specific needs. From simple ramps to fully powered lifts that work by pushing a button, we offer an assortment of mechanical solutions tailored specifically to each scooter user and their mobility scooter or physical ability. When purchasing, we make the process smooth by scheduling a U-Haul Hitch-Pro to install your trailer hitch and assist with setting up an electrical connection at your bumper for your new lift.


Transporting a scooter or power wheelchair has never been simpler with the aid of a vehicle lift or carrier. From grocery shopping trips and weekend vacations to visiting county fairs and fairgrounds – scooter transport racks make life more convenient by allowing you to bring along your mobility device in your car and travel wherever it needs to go!

Mobility scooter carriers come in many varieties on the market, from manual ramps to more sophisticated electric lifts. Each has its specific advantages for customers depending on their individual needs and budget; some might cost more than others, but all provide similar essential benefits that make traveling with a mobility scooter or power wheelchair more manageable.

Manual scooters and wheelchair carriers utilize ramps to help transport mobility devices onto cars, trucks, and SUVs and can then fold up against the back for storage – ideal for people who have the physical capacity to operate one themselves.

An outside auto lift attaches directly to the back of your vehicle with a hitch and allows you to easily transport mobility devices, such as scooters or power wheelchairs, using its platform before lifting and transporting away from it or into its trunk or bed. These lifts offer convenient service for customers needing an easy, fast, and efficient solution to transport their mobility devices.

Hoist-type scooter lifts work much like cranes. When not in use, they slide into their hitch mount when not installed in your trunk, bed, or SUV, and the hoist-arm lift then lifts your mobility device off the ground into its carrier or the trunk/bed/hatch of your car – this type is by far the simplest to operate available from numerous manufacturers such as Harmar and Bruno.

Pickup truck carriers for scooters are an increasingly popular solution, with their electric motor lifting the scooter or power wheelchair off of the ground and placing it onto the bed of a pickup truck for transport around town. While this does require physical strength to use effectively, it offers maximum convenience to those with limited mobility who still need access to their scooter or wheelchair.


Mobility scooters can be invaluable mobility devices; however, like manual wheelchairs, they require special transport equipment in order to move between vehicles safely. While this may add costs initially when purchasing one, various solutions make transporting one simpler and less expensive.

A carrier designed for wheelchairs is an economical way of transporting folding scooters or standard mobility scooters, while ramps explicitly designed to take them can allow users to drive them directly into the back of full-size or modified minivans with one push of the button. Lifts may also exist that will let users park their scooter in their garage before lifting it into their vehicle with just one press of a button.

Public buses and trains generally permit mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs on board, provided that they can be folded up or disassembled for use on board. When planning long-term transportation via public transit, be sure to communicate with both bus and train operators in advance so they can position ramps on platforms accordingly. Furthermore, consider investing in a security system that enables you to attach your mobility scooter securely either to the railings or securement bars on either front or rear of bus or train vehicles.

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