Carterville High School


Carterville High School is part of Carterville Community Unit School District 5.

Students attending this school have access to Advanced Placement(r) coursework and exams; 31% participate.

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Our school provides an intensive curriculum designed to prepare students for college. The program promotes independent learning and personal growth. Students also have an excellent opportunity to hone leadership skills as part of this experience. Furthermore, the school fosters a culture of respect for diversity.

Carterville community members have invested both time and money in making its schools better environments for students. One such effort is Going Merry, an online scholarship platform offering high school scholarships that help pay for students’ education expenses. By signing up on Going Merry’s site, students instantly get connected to thousands of scholarships that exist both locally and nationally.

Students attending Carterville High School have the unique opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses, university-level classes that give students college credit without spending months studying at traditional colleges. Although these classes are rigorous, requiring independent work by teens, they can also present unique challenges.

This highly-rated school boasts an outstanding teacher-student ratio. Additionally, its test scores exceed the state average, and its college readiness rating surpasses state standards significantly. Furthermore, the Illinois State Board of Education rated it “Academically Acceptable,” meaning it meets or exceeds academic standards set out in its state curriculum.

Athletics at our school is known for its strong focus on teamwork and sportsmanship, as well as affiliation with IHSA, ensuring students compete at an elite level, giving them an advantage both physically and mentally.

Carterville High School stands out as an exceptionally diverse school in Missouri, boasting students who take an active interest in extracurricular activities such as Chess Club and color guard. Additionally, students may participate in football, wrestling, and track.

Teachers and staff at this school are dedicated to helping each student realize his or her full potential, building solid foundations for college and career success by creating a nurturing environment that nurtures all aspects of students’ development. They believe each child deserves equal access to educational opportunities available.


Carterville offers an array of athletic activities for boys and girls of both genders. Carterville provides 15 varsity sports, including Football, Basketball (Coed), Baseball, Golf, Cross Country Running, Track Racing, Boys’ Track Racing, and Girls’ Track Wrestling. Carterville features the Lion mascot in its colors of Orange and Navy blue – it was completed in 2011 as an impressive two-gym facility that can hold approximately 2,500 people!

Carterville Lions football teams have an acclaimed history, boasting conference and regional titles in recent years. One of their most famous traditions includes “The Cannon,” shot off after every touchdown scored at home games. Furthermore, their state-of-the-art athletic complex includes state-of-the-art football fields as well as baseball and softball fields for their games.

Extracurricular Activities

Students enrolled at Carterville high school are encouraged to explore a wide variety of interests outside the classroom. Carterville High is known for its robust athletics program, which has produced multiple conference and regional champions over time, giving its team members pride and dedication as they do their best for team success. Carterville also boasts an acclaimed band program known as Marching Lions that performs during football games; their band currently ranks third in Illinois.

Alongside athletic teams, students also have access to 27 clubs and student organizations, such as Health Occupations Students of America and Student Council. Due to COVID-19 guidelines limiting meeting schedules last year, some of these groups struggled to operate efficiently, but they can now meet regularly again to return to normal operations.

Recently, the school underwent significant renovations. On the exterior, a new football field, all-weather track, and large stadium accommodating over 2,500 people has been installed. Inside, too, has been expanded with multipurpose gym space and a larger auditorium for concerts; classrooms and labs for academic use were added at the front academic wing level.

Are You Passionate About Arts? Our school offers several artistic pursuits for those interested in the performing arts: drama club, choir, art class, dance, and band. Choir and art classes are led by professional directors and musicians, while drama club coaching comes from teachers and alumni of our school. Finally, band is a viral activity among our student body, with members regularly competing at regional competitions or performing musically around their community.

At East Lincoln Academy, all varsity and JV athletic teams compete in the Black Diamond Conference. Boys teams are known as Lions, while girls’ teams are known as Lady Lions; together, these have won an impressive total of 116 total conference championships, 19 being football-specific. Baseball and softball programs at East Lincoln also excel, winning several titles over recent years; softball is particularly notable, having only had two losses over ten years while being named class 2A state champion in 2008.

The Carterville High School Experience

Carterville High School students can choose from a wide selection of extracurricular activities when it comes to extracurriculars. Clubs and sports teams abound, as do music programs and performing arts classes. Students are also encouraged to get involved with their community by volunteering at local events as well as taking advanced placement courses.

In 2011, a brand-new building for the high school opened, boasting state-of-the-art features like its state-of-the-art performing arts theatre and science wing with 750 seats for performances as well as two stories of classrooms and labs in its front academic wing, while at its rear are band and chorus rooms.

Not only is the school well-regarded academically, but its athletic program also deserves praise. Over the years, its athletics department has won many prestigious awards and accolades; football was especially notable, having taken home 19 Black Diamond Conference championships and several regional championships over its tenure. Baseball and softball also boast winning traditions.

Carterville High School in Carterville, Illinois, serves 638 students from grades 9-12 with an 18:1 student-teacher ratio. Niche ranks it highly, with 35-39% demonstrating math proficiency and 40-44% reading proficiency – well above Illinois average scores for schools.

At this school, AP participation stands at 30%, and they offer both Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate courses.

Teachers at this school are enthusiastic about their work and care deeply for their students. They strive to foster an environment in which each subject can flourish successfully, encouraging creativity and imagination when facing challenging issues.

This school is part of Carterville Community Unit School District 5, and its students represent 86% White, 5% Hispanic, 3% Asian, and 2% Multiracial backgrounds. Many students at this school plan on studying Engineering, Business, or Medicine after high school graduation; as an equitable education leader, it strives to ensure all teachers receive adequate professional development support.