Test Out Quirks and Options of Renault’s Clio Mid-Engine V6



Renault Clio V6

Screenshot: Doug DeMuro/YouTube

Europe will get all types of automobiles that America by no means will. Some, comparable to the Fiat Multipla are fascinating however not notably fascinating. However then there’s the Renault Clio V6: a rear-wheel-drive, mid-engine scorching hatch primarily based on a front-drive financial system automobile. Would it not have offered effectively within the U.S.? Completely not. However is it ridiculously cool? Hell yeah, it’s.

And whereas few of us will ever get to drive one, Jalopnik alum Doug DeMuro satisfied the Lane Motor Museum to let him drive the one they imported from the UK as a present and show automobile. Now his video assessment is out, and also you guess your ass he explains all of the Renault Clio V6’s quirks and options. Lastly.

For instance, whereas the entrance fenders seem to really be wider than they’re on the common Clio, every part else that’s wider on the bizarre French scorching hatch is only a physique package. The broader rear finish? Physique package. The broader doorways? Physique package. It’s like one thing your “eccentric” uncle may need cooked up in his barn on a cocaine binge. However who cares? It’s a mid-engine rear-drive scorching hatch!

And regardless of how a lot cocaine this hypothetical uncle of yours would possibly do, even he in all probability wouldn’t have been loopy sufficient to take a front-drive financial system automobile and switch it into this.

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg might have pushed a customized mid-engine drift-Prius through the filming of The Different Guys, however that’s a one-off film automobile. This was one thing somebody with sufficient cash might simply purchase from the vendor. Whoever signed off on the manufacturing plans for this factor deserved a increase and a promotion. Which they in all probability wanted to afford the large cocaine behavior they clearly had.

The physique package definitely isn’t the one factor concerning the Clio V6 that makes it bizarre and distinctive, so take a look at the remainder of the assessment for an intensive tour of all this rear-drive, mid-engine scorching hatch’s quirks and options:

The Renault Clio V6 Is an Wonderful Mid-Engine Scorching Hatchback

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