Checkered Biker Shorts


Biker shorts have quickly become the go-to trend in every girl’s closet, thanks to their impeccable fit and curve-hugging characteristics. Not only are these shorts highly fashionable, but they’re also efficient!

Bike shorts have quickly become an on-trend alternative to leggings, and their popularity shows no signs of abating. Perfect for workout sessions or casual brunch date dates alike, check out celebrity-inspired styles to set your wheels spinning!

Side slit

Checkered biker shorts make a stylish addition to any cycling wardrobe. These high-waisted, tight shorts feature an eye-catching print that adds flair while wicking away moisture as you sweat. It has wide belt loops for easy on/off use after your ride and running errands. Plus, they come in numerous colors like black and blue as well as more unique options like green and pink – or you may find ones featuring side slits for even more style.

While it can be tempting to purchase basic black biker shorts, consider looking into options with unique details. For instance, biker shorts featuring side-slit leg openings resemble jeans more than running pants while remaining lightweight and comfortable for summer cycling workouts.

Bikers shorts equipped with built-in liners make long rides or hot days more comfortable. Made of recycled polyester, elastane, and polyester material, these shorts provide ample support for legs and groin areas as well as being water repellent so that they won’t get wet in rainy conditions.

If you’re in the market for basic biker shorts, check out Pearl Izumi Prospect 2/1 Short With Liner. These affordable shorts feature an inner liner to keep them comfortable from start to finish of your ride, along with an adjustable waistband that won’t roll down or pinch, plus leg bands designed to prevent plumber crack.

Wild Rye biker shorts offer eye-catching prints from floral patterns to one-of-a-kind designs that stand out from the pack. Made of stretchy fabric that is both breathable and sweat-wicking for optimal riding comfort. Plus, their longer 6-inch inseam covers your thighs when not cycling!


These biker shorts were created to add a signature edge to any look with their high-waisted design and pink glen plaid pattern – guaranteed to highlight your figure and keep you comfortable all night long! Their high-waisted feature can give your outfit an edgy edge while remaining versatile enough for dress-up or casual wear, making these biker shorts the ideal addition to any wardrobe!

These awesome checkered biker shorts are made of stretchy and comfortable cotton-elastane fabric for optimal sports or active wear. Fitted with a high waistband for optimal support for workouts. Plus, there is even an imprinted BxB logo so that you can show your dedication wherever you go!

There are various styles of checkered biker shorts, each of which provides its own set of benefits. Some shorts feature padding to reduce discomfort from bicycle saddle chafing while riding, while others offer ventilation to keep riders cool and comfortable during cycling sessions. Some shorts even boast thermal insulation so riders can ride comfortably even in colder climates.

Some cycling shorts come equipped with chamois lining to reduce pain associated with extended sitting on hard seats, such as polyester fabric, or more complex eight-panel form-fitting cycling shorts with eight panels for extra support and to prevent chafing. Professional cyclists frequently opt for bib shorts because of the additional support and help they offer against chafing.

Baggy shorts resemble bib shorts but are designed with more casual appeal and design. Typically shorter in length and worn under regular pants or dresses, baggy shorts often have thin chamois lining in the crotch area for increased protection, while others with no waistband provide extra padding to maintain upright riding posture while offering protection. They’re often popular among mountain bikers who require protection without restricting their good body posture while riding; padding provides this added layer.


Pair biker shorts and graphic tees together for an effortlessly grungy look. Breathable fabrics in these shorts ensure maximum comfort during exercise sessions, and work boots or platform sandals add even more character and fun style.

Biker shorts make an ideal option for casual wear because they can be combined with various kinds of shirts. Their design features tight skin-hugging seams and an elasticized waistband to prevent them from sliding down – eliminating the need for belts! Biker shorts also pair perfectly with sneakers or t-strap flat sandals, giving women a fun fashion statement while showing off their curves!

Short biker shorts can be made of either stretch fabric or cotton and combined with a crop top for an athletic outfit that flatters any body type. When shopping on a budget, find affordable pairs of biker shorts at local malls or online retailers; the variety of colors offered allows you to select one that speaks to you personally! To complete the look, pair it with the appropriate sports bra or tank top!

Biker shorts are great summer garments because they’re easy to put together, making them ideal for walking around casually in comfort. Wear them with light tops like cropped tops or t-shirts to complete a look perfect for warm temperatures; add layers for colder climates by layering a sweater or jacket on top!

Short biker shorts typically stop around your mid-thigh; however, faster options exist and are suitable for wearing with bralettes or T-shirts that cover more surface area. They make for an excellent way to gradually ease into rave culture as you can show some skin without going too far with it; additionally, these versatile garments pair nicely with white sports bras and dainty accents to complete a chic ensemble.


Biker shorts are an enduring fashion classic that never goes out of style. Pairing biker shorts with vintage sweaters from Princess Diana or modern leather jackets are always stylish options; biker shorts add edge and can even be combined with sneakers for more casual outfits. Additionally, biker shorts make a perfect pair for pairing with a cropped top and thigh-high boots – ideal for nights out with friends or attending music festivals.

For an effortless casual look, pair biker shorts with graphic tees for an eye-catching combination that is stylish yet casual. Tie a jean jacket around your waist to complete this versatile style that you can wear anywhere!

Wear biker shorts paired with a flowy crop top and denim jacket for an elegant yet stylish look without wearing heels – keeping your legs warm with cozy socks is also a plus!

Biker shorts make an excellent addition to your work wardrobe. Pair them with a dark solid-color blazer and matching undershirt for an eye-catching yet casual ensemble. Add some flair with heels or chunky boots for added flair!

To add more formality, pair biker shorts with a white button-down shirt and chic blazer for an eye-catching business casual ensemble. Don’t forget to coordinate bags to complete this stylish ensemble!

For something sportier, consider purchasing biker shorts with pockets. They’re great for keeping keys, credit cards, and other essentials secure while out and about on a ride or running errands; plus, they’re made from long-wearing materials for maximum longevity!