Cigna Dental Reviews


Getting dental insurance can be an expensive task. Thankfully, some options are available to help you save money and keep your teeth healthy. One of these options is Cigna Dental. This company has been providing affordable and high-quality services for years and offers various benefits, including a network of dentists and claim response time.


Whether you are a small business owner, an employer, or a private individual, Cigna offers affordable dental plans to help you achieve your oral health goals. You can customize your dental plan to meet your needs and find in-network or out-of-network providers. You can also take advantage of a savings program to help lower dental costs.

Cigna offers a variety of plans and has an extensive network of dentists nationwide. Their website makes it easy to find and enroll in a dental procedure that meets your needs. It is also easy to contact the customer service team if you need assistance. They will guide you through the application process and connect you with a Cigna dentist.

The Cigna Dental Preventative plan is a low-cost dental coverage option and pays for all preventative care costs. This includes cleanings and exams twice a year. However, the program only covers preventive services, such as fluoride treatments, and does not cover significant procedures like tooth extractions and complete dentures.

Network of dentists

Whether you’re considering a health insurance plan, a dental plan, or both, Cigna has you covered. They offer several individual and group plans, with plans available in more than 40 states and Washington, DC.

While most health insurance plans don’t include dental coverage, you can add dental coverage to your existing policy or choose a stand-alone program. The company even provides a dental allowance, which can be used at any dentist that accepts Medicare.

The CIGNA Dental Network includes 72,000 participating providers in more than 30 states. This means that you can find a dentist in your area. The company also offers an online customer portal, a printed directory, and a variety of tools to help you find a suitable dental provider.

Aside from those above “find a doctor, dentist, or facility” search, you can use the CIGNA “Brighter Score” feature to find out which dentist, facility, or doctor is best for you. The site includes videos, pictures, and patient reviews.

Financial strength score

Choosing the right health insurance provider requires considering a large number of factors. This includes the company’s credentials and its overall financial stability. These factors include the company’s customer satisfaction rating, the variety of available health plans, and its value rating.

In terms of value, Cigna’s least expensive plan costs $252 a year. While this may seem like a lot, the price can vary based on a person’s age, health, and location. The company’s dental savings program does not include Alaska or Oklahoma. However, the Dental Savings Program is not the only way to save on dental care. The most economical option is a comprehensive dental, vision, and health plan. The Dental Savings program also has an extensive network of providers, so you should not travel far to get a dentist.

Claims response time

Despite being one of the largest PPO dental networks in the nation, Cigna does not report its average claims response time. However, the company does have a robust member portal and customer service through social media. It also allows customers to view the status of their claims online.

The company’s website also has an interactive mobile app that includes health assessments, nutrition and telehealth tips, and other valuable health tools. Contacting customer service through the website or toll-free telephone is also easy.

The company offers a variety of online tools for employers and healthcare providers, including a mobile-optimized, customized employee benefits portal. The mobile app provides access to a wide variety of information and services, including access to medical records, employee assistance programs, and a range of resources for employees.

Customer service

Considering Cigna’s excellent customer service, it is no surprise that many people are happy to recommend it to others. Unfortunately, however, there are also numerous negative customer reviews. While some have complained about the service, it is unsurprising that most are related to billing or collections problems.

Cigna has several customer service options, including a call center, mail, and online services. The company’s website is well-designed and easy to navigate. It also allows customers to search for health plans, check their account balances, and locate hospitals. Its mobile app also includes several features.

In addition to its customer service, Cigna has several plans for dental coverage, including HSA-compatible plans. It also offers discounts for restorative care and hearing services. Depending on the type of plan you buy, in addition, there are plans for in-network or out-of-network patients.