Commercial Bathroom Stalls


Toilet partitions are essential for providing restroom patrons with privacy while adhering to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and minimizing liability risks in commercial settings. What do you need to consider about vách ngăn compact.

There is a wide selection of stalls to choose from, such as powder-coated steel, stainless steel, solid plastic, and laminate. Each type offers its advantages and disadvantages.

Powder-coated steel

Powder-coated steel restroom partitions have become the go-to choice for businesses on a tight budget. Not only are they durable and easy to maintain, but they’re lightweight, too, making installation and cleaning much more straightforward.

Powder coating uses finely ground pigment and resin to color and reinforce steel surfaces, giving partitions an attractive finish that resists chips, stains, and UV discoloration. Furthermore, this eco-friendly process doesn’t emit toxic fumes like liquid paint.

The coating protects steel against corrosion, making it one of the most durable bathroom partition materials available. It is popular among high-traffic public restrooms due to its ability to withstand heavy use and vandalism.

Powder-coated toilet partitions come in various colors and textures. Many providers provide upgrade options that can improve the privacy and aesthetics of stalls. Floor-mounted or overhead-braced installations give these partitions maximum flexibility for installation in any space; their sleek concealed hinge design eliminates exposed fasteners on their faces for easier ADA accessibility.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel creates the modern, luxurious aesthetic many customers desire in their restrooms. Its reflective surface adds an air of luxury that few other materials can match. It offers excellent durability and is easy to keep clean. Additionally, its smooth surface discourages bacteria growth while resisting minor scratches.

Corrosion-resistant properties protect from rust, while powder resin’s water-repellent qualities guard against saturation and discoloration. Plus, these durable options can even be enhanced with chemical-resistant characteristics to make a perfect choice for commercial restrooms.

Compared to HDPE plastic partitions, stainless steel does not require special coatings or chemical cleaners for maintenance. Graffiti may occur less frequently, and when it does, it can easily be removed with light scrubbing. Furthermore, stainless steel offers significant cost-savings over other partition materials due to less maintenance needs, making it the ideal fit for tight budgets while meeting ASTM E84 Class A fire rating standards.

Solid plastic

Solid plastic restroom partitions are an excellent solution for high-traffic areas. They provide durable, cost-effective toilet partitions in many color choices to meet the needs of schools, government buildings, and public parks. Furthermore, these toilet partitions resist vandalism damage.

Partition Plus provides solid plastic stalls from Scranton Products and Hadrian Manufacturing in an array of colors, from classic solids such as burgundy and mocha to more subdued hues such as titanium and shale. Plus, these moisture-proof, easy-to-clean solutions are suitable for bathrooms of all environments!

These stalls come in both floor-supported and ceiling-hung configurations and come equipped with an anti-grip top rail made of extruded aluminum for maximum strength and rigidity. Furthermore, several door kit options, such as traditional aluminum wrap-around, full-length piano hinges, surface mount slide latches in aluminum or stainless steel, well, and custom engraving, are also available to provide custom appearances that make these attractive solutions for schools, restaurants, and sports stadiums.


No matter the setting—office restroom or high-end country club—plastic laminate is an economical and durable toilet partition material option to consider when designing facilities. Composed of smooth-surfaced, high-pressure decorative laminate bonded to a 45-lb density resin-infused particleboard core, plastic laminate bathroom partitions guarantee optimal water runoff while simultaneously inhibiting deterioration. Available in an array of designer colors and wood grain textures to meet any decor or branding need, laminate toilet partitions offer endless design opportunities!

Particle board-core partitions should not be subjected to prolonged exposure to moisture or humidity as particle boards may delaminate and warp over time, creating costly maintenance needs. A more cost-effective and robust option would be compact laminate (also referred to as phenolic). These partitions feature a solid core covered by layers of melamine and laminate, offer many different color and design choices, and are resilient enough to harsh cleaning agents that promote longevity and durability.


Hadrian is one of the leading manufacturers of toilet partitions. Their durable products come complete with all necessary hardware and come in various colors and finishes to suit any decor. Solid phenolic or stainless steel are just two materials you could choose from to find partitions that meet your needs. Their three North American facilities ensure swift response times to customer needs while producing top-quality partitions.

Powder-coated partitions from SBS Products are constructed from recycled materials with at least 30% post-consumer and 14% pre-industrial content, free from volatile organic compounds, and without urea-formaldehyde content. Their coating provides authoritarian resilience against impacts, abrasions, chemical detergents, and graffiti to make this an excellent solution for schools and public restrooms. In addition, their moisture- and mold-resistant design makes these partitions easy to maintain with power washer cleaning for effortless LEED certification projects.