First Savings Credit Card


If your credit falls below what is considered fair, a first savings credit card can help rebuild it; however, this card has numerous fees, making it less desirable than others. The Interesting Info about Briansclub.

To apply for this card, you will first receive an invitation in the mail and provide your access code and reservation number from this offer; there will also be graphics available online to assist in finding these numbers.


Credit cards provide many advantages and conveniences, including keeping track of purchases, managing expenses more efficiently, and improving your credit score. But remember that payments must be made on time to preserve a positive credit score.

One of the significant advantages of the First Savings Credit Card is its ability to report on-time payments to major credit bureaus, making it easier to secure loans, mortgages, and other financial products in the future. Furthermore, having good credit increases your odds of approval for higher-limit cards.

The First Savings credit card is ideal for individuals looking to build or repair their credit. As it doesn’t require a security deposit, this unsecured card is an excellent way to make credit quickly for those with poor or limited credit histories. Furthermore, its account management features, such as online account access and mobile apps, simplify life, and its strong fraud protection safeguards its customers against unintended charges.

To apply for your card, visit the company’s website and enter your access code and reservation number from your invitation offer; they have provided a graphic that makes this more accessible than ever! Once these numbers have been entered, you will be taken directly to the application page.

Once your application has been processed and approved, you will receive a card that can be used for purchases or gift certificates from participating stores, renting cars or hotel rooms, and purchasing airline tickets if you pay off all outstanding balances each month.

A minimum credit score of 670 or higher is necessary to be eligible for the First Savings credit card. With lower scores, it may be difficult to approve the card; an alternative would be providing a security deposit to secure your limit. Credit cards have high rates and fees, so consider all your options before applying.

Fraud Protection

A first-saving credit card can help you establish credit while protecting against fraud and identity theft. With real-time text and email alerts about account activity such as withdrawals, low balances, login attempts, and more, you’ll know immediately what’s going on with your account – digital Banking provides free credit reports, too; should any suspicious activity arise, contact one of their fraud specialists immediately for additional help.

Mastercard SecureCode, a service provided with your card, provides a personal security code to use during checkout at participating online retailers. This code protects against unauthorized purchases, similar to entering an ATM PIN; when entered during checkout, transactions only go through after being verified.

However, fraud protection features are part of this credit card’s benefits. Should your card get lost or stolen, help is available should it. Calling their phone number provides instant cash advances, reports a lost or stolen card, and receives assistance quickly in getting a replacement card issued as soon as possible. You can pay your bill using a bank account or Western Union; however, a surcharge will be applied when paying via debit card or Western Union.

Even without access to a computer, you can still manage your first savings credit card account through its mobile app. The app lets you check your balance, pay your bill, view transactions, and monitor fraud detection features that alert you if suspicious activity occurs on your card.

First Savings’ website allows you to access your account. Logging on requires your username and password; should you ever forget it, this service provides for its reset. Plus, there’s plenty of helpful information available!

First Savings Credit Union was established in Altoona, PA, in 1913 and has become one of the most reliable financial institutions there. Committed to community involvement and charitable giving, First Savings is recognized by Altoona Mirror as an Outstanding Place to Work where employees strive to help customers succeed financially.

Accepted by a Wide Range of Vendors

Credit cards are widely accepted across various vendors, which is excellent news for consumers as it means they don’t need to worry about running into places that won’t get their card – something which can save considerable hassle while traveling.

First, Savings credit cards offer transparency regarding fees, making them an attractive choice for consumers looking to minimize costs associated with credit card usage. It shows First Savings cares for its customers by being upfront about what their spending will cost them.

Decisions on whether or not a first savings credit card is worthwhile depend on an individual’s specific circumstances; however, for those with excellent credit (630+) who want a way to build their credit and collect rewards/points, it could well be worthwhile with lower scores may find approval more complicated though.

Good for Building Credit

Purchase of a credit card can help build your credit, but you must know its advantages and disadvantages before applying. A strong credit score can simplify all financial transactions, from purchasing real estate to applying for loans.

The First Savings Credit Card is an unsecured, revolving credit card designed to help rebuild your credit. Reporting directly to significant credit bureaus helps your score increase when payments are made on time while offering fraud coverage in case your card is lost or stolen; accepted at most merchants that accept MasterCard, such as restaurants, shopping online stores, and retail stores.

Though this card offers several advantages, it may not be ideal for everyone. Its APR and annual fee are high, while the credit limit remains limited. Furthermore, to apply for it, you must first be invited by mail – which could prove challenging in certain situations.

To manage your account more efficiently, the FSCC app for iOS or Android provides all the tools you need from viewing statements, tracking balances, making payments, and authorizing users on your account. If any problems arise with the credit card or its app, FSCC customer support is always there to help with issues.

Note that the FSCC offers high APRs on purchases and cash advances, making approval difficult with poor credit scores; if your score falls within its acceptable range or higher, chances are good you’ll be approved.

The FSCC is ideal for individuals new to credit or who wish to build it and those without security deposits for secured cards. Each month, this card reports your activity and payment history directly to all three major credit bureaus, potentially helping your score to improve significantly and improving your chances of future mortgage or auto loans.

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