Free WordPress Training – How to Get Started Building a Website With WordPress


WordPress is an invaluable platform for building websites, yet unlocking its full capabilities requires more than basic knowledge. Look into the Best info about WordPress course Malaysia.

There are numerous online WordPress courses available to you that can help you master its use. Some may be more basic and less time-consuming, while others provide in-depth knowledge of CMSs like WordPress.

WP A to Z

WordPress is an essential marketing and business-building platform, but its use should not be limited to developers. WordPress can drive Millennial success and is an invaluable asset for businesses hoping to target a younger audience.

WP A to Z seeks to highlight WordPress’s capabilities by providing an accessible yet informative tour through its finest features and functionalities. In this podcast, we’ll highlight its most important capabilities while giving tips and resources for using it with any size organization – making you into a power user of the platform you always envisioned being!


Hongkiat is an informative website offering WordPress-specific tips, tricks, techniques, tutorials, and tool recommendations. Regular updates provide timely advice, while users may submit suggestions to enhance content quality.

Hongkiat covers more than WordPress; its posts cover design and development, technology, online marketing, blogging concepts, and inspirational material suitable for beginners and advanced users.

This site provides the following:

  • Free training courses.
  • Hosting plans.
  • Site management tools.
  • A forum where customers can quickly ask questions and receive answers.

Furthermore, video recordings from their webinars can be downloaded for offline viewing.

Joy of WP

No matter your experience level with WordPress, staying current on its latest trends and developments is always wise. A great way to do so is through blogs, forums, webinars, conferences, and videos.

The joy of WP is one of the best resources for learning WordPress, featuring both video tutorials and written courses. Furthermore, its owner is available via various channels so readers can ask questions about methods quickly.


LearnWoo is one of the best options available if you’re seeking free WordPress training.

Free online courses designed specifically for beginners provide tutorials with videos, downloadable content material, and membership plans that unlock additional content.

This training includes tutorials and tips on launching and maintaining your website on WordPress, security issues, and hosting services.

Darrel Wilson

Darrel Wilson is another WordPress YouTuber with an impressive number of subscribers who offers free video tutorials on various subjects, making his tutorials accessible and a great way to start building websites with WordPress.

Darrel offers video tutorials and a blog updated frequently with written tutorials for people who prefer reading over watching. These written guides are beneficial to people who learn better by reading.

On Udemy, he provides courses that show users how to use Elementor and Divi themes to build WordPress websites. These courses are great for beginners because each lesson is divided into sections so participants can take them at their own pace.

WordCamp Central

WordPress powers one-third of the web and has an active community to assist its users. WordCamps are offline events that bring WordPress enthusiasts together for presentations, social gatherings, and hands-on workshops.

Attending a WordCamp is an invaluable way to expand your knowledge of WordPress and meet like-minded individuals. Your WordPress dashboard and the official WordCamp Central calendar feature events near you.

WordCamp organizers should abide by WordPress Foundation standards and guidelines when planning their event; otherwise, WordCamp Central will notify them.

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