Halloween App Icons and Wallpapers


Start an exciting Halloween-inspired journey with these icons and wallpapers explicitly designed to fit iPhone screens perfectly, offering crisp visuals for an immersive visual experience.

App Store Optimization involves using seasonal imagery within app icons for maximum impact. Mobile game developer MyTona increased the conversion rate of Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery by 9.1% by optimizing their icon for Halloween.

Halloween Neon Edition iOS14

Geometrieva’s Halloween-inspired iOS icon pack will make your phone appear alluring. Boasting an exquisite collection of icons capturing the spirit of Halloween, ranging from ghosts and witches to pumpkins and other engaging elements, every delicate detail is preserved for a beautiful display. Each icon measures 120×120 pixels for optimal display quality.

This Halloween theme offers a fun and customizable way to personalize your home screen. Boasting hand-drawn app icons by top Dribbble artists, it provides an eye-catching aesthetic for all Apple products, from iPhones and iPads to MacBook Airs and Macbook Pros. Professional designers have meticulously drawn all icons to maintain inconsistency across devices and products.

Bring a touch of darkness to your home screen with this Halloween-inspired iOS icon set. Boasting stunning app icons and widgets explicitly designed to evoke fearful imagery, this aesthetic will instantly enhance the appearance of your device.

If you want to change app icons on your iOS device, creating a shortcut in the New Shortcuts app may be the way. Once created, once it has been assigned a number, you can tap three in the upper right corner and select “Edit shortcut.” Finally, replace the existing icon with your preferred one via the replacing or editing shortcut.

Halloween Doodle Edition iOS14

Unleash the magic of Halloween on your device with this premium set of icons! Each intricate design captures the spirit of this spellbinding season, turning your device into a veritable treasure trove of Halloween magic!

MyTona’s Icon Pack perfectly marries elegant flat style design with Halloween’s creepy vibe, offering Dracula, Frankenstein, witches, cauldrons, graveyards, and voodoo doll icons that add spooky fun! Perfect for app icons, wallpapers, widget images, and minimalism, this icon pack is suitable for app icons, wallpapers, widget images, or widget images.

Another excellent choice for creating an eerie aesthetic is Furnace’s Halloween Line Icon Set. Boasting 48 terrifying icons, including Dracula, Frankenstein, witches, skulls, cauldrons, graveyards, and even voodoo dolls – this icon pack can be freely used personally and commercially!

As well as its creepy app icons, +HOME offers the Halloween Dark Night launcher theme to delight users of both Android and iOS phones. It has dark-themed wallpaper and icons with illustrations of cats, bats, and pumpkins, creating an enjoyable home screen experience in just one tap! Plus, it’s entirely free!

Halloween Pack iOS14

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to craft an aesthetic iOS home screen layout. Some countless third-party apps and widgets can help set the right atmosphere, but using custom icons makes your design stand out even further. Although crafting such an elaborate home screen may require time and patience, once completed, it will surely pay off in a beautiful aesthetic Halloween home screen design!

Enliven the magic of Halloween with this selection of hand-drawn Halloween icons! Boasting intricate doodles that bring charm and fun, these icons will add something unique and whimsical to your iPhone display. Boasting 120×120 pixels size specifications for optimal clarity on display devices.

Your iPhone will become the centerpiece of every Halloween party with these spooky orange and black icons, sure to add an air of terror and festivity! From adding extra creepiness to providing your friends with Halloween-inspired color schemes, this set will surely meet all your needs.

This Halloween icon pack is ideal for anyone who enjoys showing their personality through their iPhone home screen. Boasting charming illustrations of ghosts, pumpkins, and witches – perfect for showing your enthusiasm for Halloween – this set features delightful illustrations sure to elevate visual appeal on any iPhone home page. With its distinct doodle-style design, this icon pack will enhance its visual appeal and provide your iPhone home screen with visual interest!

Halloween Orange & Black Edition iOS14

Panca Okta offers free Halloween linear icons in duo-tone purple and orange designed by Panca Okta in PNG, vector SVG formats, and flat colors AI/EPS icons created by Karawan on GraphicRiver.

Dive into a world of magic with these captivating icons, wallpapers, and widget images from the Autumn Delights Pack! Perfectly capture autumn beauty while adding some charm. Let your device become an exquisite work of art!

This charming Halloween icon set includes lovely illustrations of friendly ghosts, candy corn, spider webs, and vampire fangs to bring festive fun to your icons this Halloween season. It is ideal for anyone who appreciates sweet Halloween looks while keeping their home screen clutter-free.

App icons provide only limited space to communicate an app’s purpose, making it essential that they effectively convey it. Halloween imagery in-app icons is an effective way of drawing users’ attention and increasing conversion rates; however, it is crucial that testing various icons is conducted to see which one performs the best. MyTona recently completed two separate versions of their puzzle game Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery with two versions featuring either pumpkin icons overperforming dragon ones and character-focused images outperforming serious human faces, further emphasizing the need for having a clear focus in app icon design.