High School Business Internships


High schoolers looking into pursuing business as a career can use internships to gain firsthand experience in their chosen fields. By experiencing it firsthand, internships allow ambitious high schoolers to determine whether their intended professions are genuinely worth investing four years and thousands in.

Start by talking to your high school counselor about securing an internship. They may already know of businesses and organizations in your area that accept high school interns as interns.

Ladders for Leaders

Ladders for Leaders, a nationally-recognized internship initiative, offers students in New York City, ages 16-21, an internship experience at leading corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Internships are paid and last six weeks during summer; funding comes from the NYC Department of Youth & Community Development.

PNNL Business Internship gives high school students an incredible opportunity to gain real-world work experience at one of America’s premier science research centers, making the program both a valuable addition to any resume and earning credit from your high school for your time spent working there. Internships are available throughout the year, and students should plan to work 4 hours each day, five days per week.

This business internship is ideal for students interested in entrepreneurship and technology. Within this program, you will explore topics like business law, accounting,, and technology, as well as network with other students and professionals within your field. Furthermore, seminars, workshops, and mentoring programs will all be part of this experience.

The Bank of America Student Leaders Program accepts hundreds of high school juniors and seniors from diverse backgrounds each year. Over its two-year fellowship period, participants receive intensive leadership training. Interns may be placed at startups and nonprofits while successful professionals provide mentoring support – making the Bank of America Student Leaders Program an excellent opportunity for any students looking for careers combining business with social justice.

The City of Seattle’s PDX Youth Internship Program is another fantastic place to find business internships. Offering both paid and unpaid internships to high school students interested in exploring careers in public service, this unique internship gives participants an opportunity to network across industries while exploring career possibilities in Seattle.

If you are a graduating senior, the KPMG Future Leaders Scholarship provides an incredible opportunity for personal and career growth. As part of this award, an internship of your choosing at a company of your choosing – where they will pay at least state minimum wage! – Career development and leadership training and annual scholarships towards your higher education expenses will be made available to you.

Bank of America Student Leaders

For high school students interested in business and social issues, non-profit internships are an excellent way to make a difference and gain valuable work experience. Many of these programs provide hands-on, real-world experience with fundraising events, event planning, volunteer management,, and community outreach activities – not to mention help build essential career skills and widen their professional networks.

Bank of America Student Leaders program connects young leaders to nonprofits for an eight-week summer internship, providing young leaders with valuable hands-on leadership development experiences while serving their communities. Students attending this paid internship also attend seminars hosted by leaders in public, private, and nonprofit sectors as well as a weeklong virtual summit hosted by Bank of America – making this application process nationwide open to applications from young leaders across all regions.

Alongside internship opportunities, this program also offers mentorship and career development support. Students receive guidance for college applications and scholarships as well as tips for creating an eye-catching resume and acing interviews. Furthermore, mentors offer advice regarding interview strategies as well as preparations to ensure success in business environments.

Juniors and seniors are welcome to apply to participate, with participants receiving internship placement at local nonprofit organizations and being invited to an all-expenses-paid summit in Washington D.C., during which time they meet with members of Congress while learning more about civic engagement.

If you’re considering joining an internship program, you must conduct sufficient research to find one that matches both your skills and interests. Ask other students who have interned at different companies for advice; look up internship programs on LinkedIn; check with your school to see what resources may be available; etc.

Once you’ve secured an internship, it is vitally essential to prepare for it properly. First and foremost, create a resume that highlights your accomplishments while detailing how they will contribute towards company goals. Furthermore, do research on the industry you will be working in so as to understand expectations and qualifications needed for work; finally, arrange a meeting with your supervisor so they may discuss what their expectations will be.

KPMG Student Internships

High schoolers can gain valuable business internship experience through various programs. While these may not offer as prestigious an experience as internships at hedge funds or Wall Street banks, they still provide insight into business operations that may help young entrepreneurs decide their career paths and teach essential skills applicable to any field they may choose in the future.

Many internships are virtual; others take place at physical offices of companies. Students selected to join these internship programs will be exposed to an array of tasks and projects, including helping prepare audit reports for clients. They will be encouraged to take on assignments outside their comfort zones in order to expand their abilities while being mentored by senior employees. Interns should expect to work in teams as they will receive guidance and mentoring from senior employees throughout their time there.

KPMG’s Embark Scholars program targets students from traditionally underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups within the professional services industry. The program features rotations in risk and control, tax, and advisory, as well as workshops focused on career development and professional skills such as networking. Students who do well during their internship will have an opportunity to continue in this program and may even qualify for other KPMG internship opportunities.

Building relationships and developing an effective network are vital for success in business. Internships provide young professionals with an invaluable opportunity to meet many people from various fields and form lasting relationships that could open doors in the future. Students should make sure to take full advantage of these experiences by leaving positive impressions on those they meet; doing so could open doors that lead to better employment prospects and finding the appropriate career fit.

Selecting an internship program that best meets the student’s career development goals is of vital importance for high school students. By carefully researching and applying to only top programs, high schoolers can rest easy knowing they have made an intelligent decision for their futures.

New York City Department of Youth & Community Development

New York City provides many internship programs designed for high school students looking to explore careers in arts, business, or public service. These internship programs allow you to learn skills from professionals in your desired field as well as gain experience that will bolster college applications and form lasting relationships in the industry.

The New York City Department of Youth & Community Development provides high school students with work-based learning experiences through internships, afterschool programs, and career development activities. Volunteerism opportunities at community organizations are also available as are free afterschool programs with homework help, sports and arts activities that operate throughout all five boroughs of NYC.

Beacon Programs give students an opportunity to collaborate with professionals in fields they wish to explore and to gain real-life skills such as interviewing, presenting and networking – not forgetting work readiness training and earning a stipend! In addition, Beacon also provides career guidance and access to paid summer internships.

PENCIL provides professional internships to students with solid grades, vital interests in a field, and commitment to succeed. This program is available to all New York City students; interns will be placed with leading businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

New York City students can gain practical work experience through the NYC Train & Earn program, an intensive year-long initiative designed to assist low-income students in exploring their interests and finding career pathways. Offering occupational skills training, employment services, and other forms of assistance, as well as career counseling and academic instruction services, NYC Train & Earn provides low-income students with an excellent way to find work experience!

The Apollo Theater Internship provides high school students interested in entertainment an excellent opportunity. Working closely with Apollo employees and developing technical skills are part of this internship, which has been held at New York City’s iconic Apollo Theatre for over 100 years – this program is open to sophomores and juniors living there.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art provides an internship opportunity for high school sophomores and juniors who are passionate about art careers. This paid internship is open to high school sophomores and juniors from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and students will be assigned to specific departments with supervision from Museum professionals – such as design, marketing, or editorial departments.