Hikvision Hik-Connect Review


Hik-connect is a service that allows you to view DVR/NVR and IP camera recordings remotely. Devices can be added by either scanning their QR code or manually entering their serial number (SN). Obtain the Best information about هایک ویژن.

To take advantage of Hikvision’s service, an account must first be set up. After doing so, log in to their app to start viewing your cameras.

Video Management Software

Hikvision’s iVMS-4200 software enables unified management of its products, such as DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, IPDs, iSaft DVS devices, and alarm/access control devices. Real-time monitoring/playback, device parameter configuration/setting up alarm notifications are among its many capabilities; remote recording capability, as well as event notification/alarm management, also fall under its purview.

Hikvision is well-renowned as a producer of standalone Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs), but they also have an expansive line of commercial visual displays explicitly designed for control room environments and other critical applications. Their LED displays boast stunning clarity with zero delay – perfect for control room applications or any critical use case.

Hikvision’s interactive flat panel can enhance collaboration in the workplace by offering intelligent features such as a built-in whiteboard, wireless projection, easy synchronization, and speaker tracking – creating an engaging virtual and remote learning experience.

Hikvision LED displays range in size from 173″ to 21.5″ and can fit into nearly any environment seamlessly, providing HD imaging and an engaging viewing experience in modern workspaces such as lecture halls or lobbies.

Hikvision stands out from competitors by providing an integrated hardware and software solution that’s both simple to set up and easy to use. Their user-friendly software features a web browser interface so users can monitor their video surveillance system remotely; additionally, Hikvision’s system generates detailed reports about events, which allows security personnel to identify problems and address them swiftly and quickly.

Though not as straightforward to set up as other competing solutions, Hikvision’s system works very effectively once configured correctly. Through their web portal, users can register an account and add HikVision devices by entering their SN number (other methods are available elsewhere). Once registered, most Hikvision devices automatically ‘phone home’ to this portal with their current world wide web IP addresses so they can be found online; additionally, newer browsers don’t require ActiveX plugins in order to use this service, making it accessible by both professional users as well as casual users alike.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is an invaluable feature for customers who wish to access their cameras from a mobile phone or tablet from any location in the world. In order to do this, first ensure the device is connected to an accessible network (via VPN or another router on another subnetwork), then download Hik Connect & and get the iVMS-4500 app for free on either Android or Apple devices.

Once installed, this app enables you to monitor live video feeds and view recorded footage from Hikvision DVRs/NVRs or IP cameras that support Cloud P2P technology. Create a free account at the Hik-Connect service website & and add devices using various methods available; barcode scanner support makes scanning quick & and easy, or manually enter their serial numbers for faster results.

The app also gives you the power to adjust camera settings & and set a password, then choose which camera(s) to view while controlling their movement & and positioning with simple touches on your touchscreen screen.

At its initial installation in Douala, over 300 Hikvision HD cameras were connected to a central control room using an internal Cat6a cable & and microwave video transmission. A variety of models, such as the DS-2CD4212F-I 1.3MP Low-light IR Bullet, DS-2CD2722FWD 2MP WDR Vari-focal Dome, and DS-2CD4256FWD 4MP PTZ Zoom PTZ camera were selected as part of this installation.

At the control room, Hikvision Blazer Pro 256-channel all-in-one servers provided recording & and storage capacity while Hikvision’s DS-6408HDI-T series decoders were used to create the high-resolution 20×32″ monitor screen video wall.

The system was designed to expand as per customer request; other sites in Cameroon have already been identified for phase two installations. Based on its success with this initial project, this customer is considering additional Hikvision systems across their business, particularly drawn to its central monitoring and security management capability.

Alarm Notifications

Hik-Connect alarm notifications pushed to mobile phones can notify users whenever a device has set off its alarm system, making this feature useful in various scenarios, including allowing or restricting visitors’ entry and reducing false alarms from animals or falling leaves. The quality is available only to those who have registered their Hikvision device with Hik-Connect.

Once a motion detection alarm is triggered, an instant push notification will be delivered directly to the user’s mobile device – much faster than email notifications – enabling immediate action from anywhere at home or away. This feature works seamlessly with Hikvision IP cameras, NVRs, and Turbo DVRs.

To activate alarm notification on a device’s Settings page, toggle the Alarm Notification switch to ON and set an Alarm Notification Schedule that defines when alarm notifications will arrive via Mobile Client; any that come outside this period will be ignored.

Once their device has been registered with the Hik-connect app, users can quickly gain access to real-time 7s video clips from security cameras and up to 20 photos taken by motion sensors. They can also promptly arm or turn off alarms using just a few taps – making operation effortless for beginners as well as experts alike. Keeping an eye on alarm status regularly keeps everyone informed, whether at work or home; checking alarm status regularly also reduces the likelihood of false alarms while improving overall system performance; for instance, if an external doorbell or PIR triggers alarm input triggers input from camera alarm input users can short-circuit it back out to GND in order to stop unwanted alarms from going off during system performance if any unwanted false alarms occur by simply shorting out an alarm input from being short-circuiting it with GND to prevent future false alarms from going off!

Mobile App

Hik-Connect, created by Hikvision to connect its IP Cameras, NVRs, Turbo DVRs, etc, with iOS and Android mobile phones remotely, is an app developed for connecting its IP Cameras, NVRs, Turbo DVRs with users’ iOS or Android smartphones. Users can then live view and pause playback remotely as well as instant push notification upon motion detection. Firstly, you must add all devices by either scanning the barcode or manually entering the serial number into Hik-Connect in order to use it successfully.

The app also offers other valuable features, including recording video directly onto an SD card for playback on DVR or NVR and monitoring multiple sites with just one account – ideal for managing large properties more effectively with just one software program.

Another feature is using the app with smart locks, making life easier for installers and end users alike. In addition to monitoring door entry systems, the app can also assist in troubleshooting issues and send alert messages if alarms go off.

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