How Tall Is Lola Brooke?


Lola Brooke is a Brooklyn-based rapper known for her unique vocals and undeniable style that set her apart in hip-hop.

She began her career as a residential aide before quitting to focus on music full-time in 2017. Since then, she has signed with Team 80 Records and Arista.


Lola Brooke is an exceptional rapper who has gained prominence in hip-hop. With her unique sound and style, Lola draws crowds to her performances and makes an impactful impression during each performance.

Lolo hails from New York and was raised by her single mother in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Her upbringing and experiences shaped her music. A self-taught artist since she was eight years old, Lolo’s songs reflect her thoughts and emotions in ways that connect with listeners.

Her songs often deal with her trials and triumphs, making them relatable for an audience. She is a strong and independent woman who does not let anything stand in the way of realizing her goals – this determination and hard work have allowed her to climb up the ranks in the hip-hop industry.

Brooke has worked with various acclaimed rappers and celebrities such as DMX, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Nicki Minaj, and Busta Rhymes. He is signed to the Team 80 record label and has released multiple singles.

She has taken part in various rap battles. Aside from rapping, she also works as a model and remains active on social media platforms such as Instagram, with over 342,000 followers, and Spotify, with 3.3 Million monthly listeners.

Lola Brooke boasts an exquisite physique and is well known for leading an active, healthy lifestyle. She features a slim figure with an indented waist. At 5 feet 3 inches, she adds grace and beauty.

Travel is her passion, and she has visited various countries. She has an engaging sense of humor and enjoys meeting fans; however, she remains single at this time and focuses on her career rather than any relationships or dating history that might exist between herself and anyone. Dedicate herself to their craft: music has been at the heart of everything they have worked on for seven years.


Lola Brooke may be petite, but he packs quite the musical punch in the music industry. Her powerful voice perfectly conveys Brooklyn style while her lyrics pack plenty of bite. As a rapper on the rise, she is rapidly amassing fans who appreciate her infectious tunes.

Brooke began writing music at eight, beginning her journey as a rapper at eight. Raised by a single mother in the Bedford-Stuyvesant district of Brooklyn known as Bed Stuy (also referred to as Bed Stuy), she found her niche in hip-hop after being inspired by artists like JAY-Z, 50 Cent, DMX, and Busta Rhymes.

Lola Brooke quickly found her voice and released singles and music videos. “Don’t Play With It” quickly gained momentum on Twitter and TikTok before being followed up with other hits, including “Options” and “Back to Business.” Today, Brooke boasts over 681k followers on Instagram, with 1995 posts to her name.

Lola’s success has catapulted her career forward, landing her a contract with Team 80 Productions and Arista Records and performing at events like Rolling Loud NYC and Break the Internet Fest. Lola is also beloved among hip-hop legends, having received cosigns from Lil Kim, Missy Elliott, and Foxy Brown.

Lola Brooke has kept her personal life private and focuses on her music career rather than dating. She remains close with her family, often acknowledging their support in her songs and interviews. No one has been linked with Lola; instead, she prioritizes building her reputation over romantic pursuits.

Lola Brooke must choose her clothing carefully, given her petite frame, wearing dresses that typically range between size 4 (US) or 8 (UK), with her shoe size estimated as being 6.5 (US). But the Brooklyn-born rapper isn’t shy to accessorize with bold accessories and make-up to draw out her features and is also known to pair show-stopping dresses with heels of size 4 (US), 5 (UK), and 37.5 (EU). Lola has a distinctive style that shines through regarding her clothing choices – evidenced by how she dresses!

Body Measurements

Lola Brooke is a groundbreaking American rapper making waves in hip-hop with her unique style and lyrical prowess. Known for her boisterous personality and tall stature – one of only one tall female rapper globally! – Lola was born February 1, 1994, and currently turns 29 years old in 2023.

Brooke hails from Brooklyn, New York, and is of African ethnicity. After her father passed away when she was young, she raised herself as a single parent. With such an unbreakable link to her heritage evident throughout her music – such as her groundbreaking single “Don’t Play with It,” released in 2021 and instantly becoming viral across Twitter, TikTok, and SoundCloud, even receiving endorsement from legendary rappers Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott, and Foxy Brown!

Lola Brooke stands out not only due to her remarkable rapping skills but also for her stunning beauty. Her slim figure and healthy lifestyle are evident in her body measurements: five feet and eleven pounds, respectively. With gorgeous curves like those seen here, Lola makes for an irresistibly seductive stage presence.

Lola stands out with an inviting smile and stunning voice, sporting light brown hair and brown eyes. Her shoe size is 6.5 (US). Additionally, Lola boasts an hourglass figure, which she likes to show off during performances.

Lola loves cooking, spending time with her friends in her free time, traveling the world, and loving animals and fashion. Lola is an exemplary example of hard work and dedication leading to success – she has shown it by becoming one of the top rappers. We can’t wait to see what Lola has in store next!

Net Worth

Lola Brooke currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million, amassing it through her rapidly expanding professional music career and hard work and dedication that has seen her recognized as one of the hottest female rappers in her field. Additionally, Lola has generated additional income through endorsements and sponsorships.

Lola’s interest in rapping has been evident from her early childhood, and her natural talent and ability to craft catchy melodies have made her an instantaneous hit among fans. At age 8, Lola began writing music, which soon encouraged her to pursue it professionally after participating in local shows; her songs reflect experiences and thoughts, making them relatable for many people.

Lola hails from Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, famous for its hip-hop culture and history. Lola was inspired by artists such as Missy Elliott, Eve, and 50 Cent, which helped her form her unique rapping style. Her debut single, “Don’t Play With It,” released in 2021, was an instantaneous success that catapulted her to become an influential rapper within the industry.

Since then, Lola has released several hit singles and is steadily climbing the success ladder in rapping. She recently signed with Arista Records to further extend her music career and gain mainstream recognition. As a dedicated artist, she has managed to keep her personal life separate from her musical journey, which helps maintain her clean image in the public eye.

Lola also maintains an online presence on social media, regularly sharing photos with her followers and friends. Her humorous and catchy rhymes have proved popular with fans, earning positive feedback from critics. Lola is an aspiring rapper with the potential to become one of the biggest names in her field, and she is working tirelessly towards reaching her goals.