How to Breed Riff in World of Warcraft


Riff is an affordable Fun Monster with decent coin production, making him perfect for beginners until they acquire higher coin-producing monsters. His breeding can include any combination of monsters that provide all four elements – Cold, Air, Water, and Earth without repeating any.

Positioning monsters and structures properly on your island will improve breeding results. Breeding Riff may take multiple attempts; be patient and keep trying!

Elemental Alignment

Elements form the backbone of all life and reflect various parts of you as an individual. Additionally, they act as sources of healing energy, which can help heal or energize. Your core elemental alignment is something you are born with – an integral component of being Matoran!

Your core elemental alignment will determine your primary and secondary elements. For instance, an Air-aligned character would focus on intuition and thinking outside the box to solve problems creatively and make wise decisions while learning quickly and remaining open-minded. At its extremes, this alignment may become disruptive and lead to reckless and distracted behaviors.

Earth, Water, and fire are also core elements that Al’Madoon used to build life in this world; using them, he created all that exists now. Because these four elements contributed to making everything living, those aligned with these elements enjoy respect and loyalty from society; however, you may choose alignment neutrality – an alternative option from moral alignment systems that focus on good, evil, lawful, and chaos alignments – which allows one to remain neither good nor bad.

Leveling Up Monsters

If you want your monsters to generate more coins for you, they must level up. As they gain levels, they also gain XP and become more prominent within their island spaces – once they reach level 20, they can produce premium currency!

Monsters require food to live; you can feed your monsters by purchasing food from the in-game store and the necessary meals. As they consume more, their levels will rise faster and quicker until too much food has been destroyed, resulting in sickness and not yielding any XP earned.

Breeding two monsters that share the same element is the fastest way to level up monsters simultaneously, such as pairing a fire element monster with another such monster; both creatures will level up simultaneously! This also applies to earth and air elements.

Note that MSM breeding can be a time-consuming process. Therefore, using the in-game store to purchase breeding materials and speed up breeding times will enable more combinations to try out and increase your odds of finding Riff.

Once players have acquired the riff, they can explore other features in the game, such as Composer Island, allowing players to create music and teach it to monsters so they can sing it back – a great way to unleash your monster’s potential and make it more unique!

Monster Power Machine – an effective way of earning extra XP and increasing the odds that they produce premium currency. Additionally, this structure can increase the tempo of your monsters’ music while helping them showcase their musical talent! You can purchase one for 7,500 gold or seven shards under the structures tab in Market.

Disposing of Monster Eggs

Riff is a quad-element Epic Monster that can be bred on Air Island. To successfully generate this monster, players require an understanding of rhythm and melody along with high levels of energy for breeding – with this process lasting one day and 15 hours on average.

When breeding an Epic, two monsters with similar elements are necessary to increase your chances of obtaining what you desire. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be challenging to find this combination; therefore, it is recommended that the breeding structure is used as often as possible – this will increase your chance of creating precisely the Monster you seek!

Monster eggs can also be obtained through Monster Dens, though only limited numbers will remain once this cap has been reached. You can access additional eggs through Consumable Merchant in Keepers’ Stronghold or Randomizer events.

These events typically occur during certain seasons and offer increased odds of breeding Rares, Ethereals, or Epics. Monster egg events are an easy way to add rare monsters and increase your chance of getting new items! To participate, open the Breeding Structure and choose two monsters you wish to breed together.

Your monster eggs can also be shared with other players by logging in and selecting the “Meet Other Breeders” tab. Here, you can browse for users with monsters you want or offer yours for sale. However, be wary when trading eggs with other users, as it could lead to unbalanced and unfair gameplay if swapping with someone who does not understand how the rules of the game work – doing this could compromise your gaming experience entirely!

Using Rare Monsters

You can take a few steps to increase your chances of breeding Riff. First, ensure you use appropriate breeding compositions; Drumpler and Quibble monsters have proven most successful at producing Riff. Furthermore, speed up the breeding process using in-game currency or items; this will shorten its duration and give more opportunities for experimentation with various combinations.

Increase your chances of breeding Riff by placing him near other monsters he likes. Every beast in My Singing Monsters has its list of objects it wants; when placed near another one of these items, that monster will earn more coins per minute when its Happiness level increases; similarly, how much money they make depends on both factors.

Another great way to increase your chances of breeding Riff is by taking advantage of Seasonal Shanty Islands, accessible through breeding certain monsters. Seasonal islands often contain rare monsters not available anywhere else in the game and thus represent an excellent way to generate Riff and other valuable items.

Once you’ve created a Riff, feed it regularly to maintain its happiness level and increase its chance of producing more monsters it prefers. Furthermore, feeding any given monster will increase its coin earnings per minute.

Once you’ve captured the Riff, consider putting them on Air Island – an exclusive location unlocked after reaching Level 15. Here, rewards and features are designed to enhance the Riff experience; breeding the Riff will use its distinctive music!