How to Download Video From YouTube


If you’re searching YouTube videos, downloading them may be helpful if your internet access is limited or if you wish to reduce data usage. Multiple download methods are available to minimize data usage while watching clips online.

Locate and copy the URL for the video you wish to download.

How to download videos from YouTube

Downloading videos from YouTube is easier than ever, thanks to apps for mobile devices and browser extensions that provide multiple ways of downloading them, including selecting resolution options or controlling how much space the files take up on your device. But keep in mind that downloading is against Google’s terms of service and violating local laws – possibly leading to lost ad revenue for YouTube channel owners!

You can use your YouTube Premium subscription to access and download videos for offline viewing through the YouTube app. Find a video you want, select its three-dot menu below the video, select “Download video,” and “Start downloads.” Once complete, your video can be enjoyed whenever without an Internet connection – ideal if traveling or needing to keep children occupied without using up all your cellular data!

One popular way of downloading YouTube videos is using a website dedicated to this process. These sites are easy to use and work across most web browsers but do have certain limitations – most only offer limited options such as selecting video quality or format; additionally, they may not produce high-resolution downloads and may contain advertisements and malware.

Another option for PC and Mac users is using a video downloader that works within their web browser and requires no extra software installation – popular ones include 4K Video Downloader, Open Video Downloader, and Free Online Video Downloader – these downloaders typically work well across most computers and browsers but may take longer.

For Android devices, TubeMate is one of the most popular third-party YouTube downloaders available on the Google Play Store. While safe to use, this version does have some minor drawbacks and may not support all devices, such as Nexus 5 and Pixel C; nonetheless, it may still prove worthwhile for simple YouTube video downloading on Android devices.


YouTube is a trendy video-sharing website; learning how to download videos from it can be invaluable. Downloading may be helpful when traveling or your internet connection is poor – or perhaps for educational purposes such as tutorials. But before diving in headfirst and downloading, be aware of any legal considerations.

YouTube prohibits downloading copyrighted work without permission; however, third-party apps often remain safe ways of downloading videos from their platform. When selecting a YouTube downloader app, ensure it can convert videos in multiple formats without requiring additional software installations or registration processes.

Many free online tools can help you download videos from YouTube, but many are ad-supported and may not offer the highest quality. Some good options for you include 4K Video Downloader, aTube Catcher, and TubeMate – these programs allow you to select the format, resolution, and file location of downloaded video easily while being simple and requiring no installation!

Another option for saving YouTube videos to MP4 or MKV format is downloading a converter app for both Windows and macOS, which supports saving videos from various websites, including 8K HD videos. Furthermore, these applications can download separate audio/subtitle files and trim and clip videos – the possibilities are limitless!

Many YouTube videos are geo-restricted, meaning they are only viewable within particular countries. A VPN with country selection capabilities can help bypass this limitation and protect your privacy and security.

An effective YouTube downloader is a fantastic way to watch and share YouTube videos, download clips and screenshots for educational use, or use in editing applications – however, it only supports specific video formats.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an effective and free program for downloading YouTube videos to your PC, with features such as converting them to different formats and editing/removing audio tracks from videos. VLC Media Player can be especially beneficial if your internet connection is slow; it is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

To use the program, first copy and paste your video URL from YouTube into VLC Media Menu > Network Stream, paste it into the network stream box, and click Play. The video should begin to play automatically while a long URL is displayed at the bottom of the VLC window for your convenience; copy it and paste it directly into the browser for playback.

Once streaming begins in your selected format and quality, like where you would like to save the file before clicking the green download button – this process may take a few minutes, depending on its size and internet connection speed.

Once downloaded, the video will be stored as an MP4 file on your computer and appear in the folder specified by you, with its default filename being “video playback.” To watch your newly downloaded video, double-click it!

There are various ways to download YouTube videos, but you should be mindful of the potential dangers online downloaders pose. They could install malware onto your device and security or performance issues that arise with them. If safety concerns arise from online downloaders, consider switching to desktop downloaders for this task.


MediaHuman is a freeware application that makes downloading music from online services such as YouTube and Vimeo simple, supported by a range of audio formats, and capable of saving an entire video’s soundtrack as a single file – making it ideal for people wanting to add the perfect soundtrack to their videos or want offline listening opportunities on portable devices.

This program works by copying a video’s URL in your web browser and pasting it into the program, where it will then be converted to your desired output format and quality level (the higher quality setting results in larger download files). Furthermore, its simple user interface makes this software suitable for most operating systems and gives users maximum control.

Downloading videos without the permission of their creator is against Google’s terms of service. However, there are ways around this problem, including VPN services or changing browser settings. Another solution would be purchasing a YouTube Premium subscription, which will allow unlimited downloading with offline viewing capabilities.

Though many video downloaders claim to be safe, some may contain viruses or malware that could expose your personal information to hackers and lead to identity theft or other issues. They could also use cookies or trackers that monitor your location and further details about you; furthermore, they could include ads or bundled software, which is difficult to uninstall.

iTube Studio is a popular video downloader that supports over 10,000 sites. Designed for easy use and featuring various download options, iTube Studio works across significant browsers and features its own media player to allow HD viewing of videos downloaded through this program.

iTube Studio stands out from its competition by being able to download YouTube videos and the additional features that distinguish it. These include being able to automatically split an album into individual tracks and convert them to various formats automatically; managing duplicate files by creating new names while keeping their original folder structure; batch conversion capabilities and setting how many processors are being utilized by this software; batch encoding capability as well as supporting batch conversion processes are among its more notable attributes.