How to Find Out When is Next Lottery Drawing


Lottery players know the thrill of watching each drawing unfold with great anticipation, so the Tennessee Lottery App makes this experience all the more exciting. Here, you will have access to all winning numbers and jackpot details in an intuitive, user-friendly format. An exceptionally fantastic fact about Live Draw HK.

Saturday’s Powerball drawing resulted in no winners, yet its jackpot continues to increase rapidly. At present, its value exceeds one billion dollars.


Every lottery player dreams of hitting the Powerball jackpot – an enormous prize with staggering odds: 292,201,338 to 1. However, you can still test your luck by purchasing tickets in state lotteries across the country and matching numbers or collecting smaller prizes by matching smaller quantities of numbers.

The estimated jackpot for the next drawing stands at an estimated $685 million and continues to grow with each unsuccessful drawing. You can watch live drawings online or via local TV stations; tickets are available until 9:45 p.m. local time until each night’s drawing, and up to 15 consecutive drawings can be played using one ticket if marked accordingly on its front slip.

Powerball Lotto(r), created and introduced in 1992 as an alternative to the Lotto*America lottery game that was in operation at that time, can be played across 45 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Managed by the Multi-State Lottery Association with two options for jackpot payout: annuity or cash.

The minimum jackpot for this draw is $20 Million, and sales of games and interest rates determine increases. Prize amounts may differ based on sales figures – please check official results after every drawing to make sure.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is a multi-state lottery game offering estimated annuity jackpots starting from $20 Million. Tickets cost $2 each or $3 with Megaplier included; to participate, mark five numbers and one Mega Ball on a play slip or request Quick Pick; results are announced every Tuesday and Friday evening around 11:00 p.m.

The drawings take place at WSB-TV studios in Atlanta, Georgia, and are hosted by John Crow, Carol Blackmon, and Adria Wofford. Crow usually opens each drawing by saying, “Let’s see if we can make you a millionaire tonight!” Blackmon is known for her quick wit and impressive memory for statistics; Wofford announces both white ball numbers and jackpot amounts.

Every drawing is conducted using two machines: the Criterion II from Smartplay International of Edgewater Park, New Jersey, and the Mega Ball Machine, which selects random combinations of balls before releasing five white balls and one Gold Mega Ball into a pool for collection by the machine and finally outputting winning numbers to be displayed on the Official Mega Millions Website.

Mega Millions prizes are pari-mutuel and vary based on ticket sales and number of winners, as well as state and federal taxes. New Jersey players may opt to collect their winnings either as cash or an annuity payment option; Texas residents must declare their preference in advance.


Cash4Life, a multi-state lottery game launched on June 13, 2014, to replace Decades of Dollars, offers an incredible top prize of $1,000 daily for life as well as weekly second-tier prizes of $1,000 weekly for life! Available across New York, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Tennessee, it has seen success ever since it first debuted!

Players must select five numbers between 1 and 60 and four Cash Ball numbers between 1 and 4. Each play costs $2; players have the option of adding EZ Match for an additional $1 per play. They can select their numbers in various ways, including verbally communicating them to retailers, filling out paper or digital payslips, or selecting Quick Pick through a Draw Games terminal.

The top prize is considered a “split-prize liability,” meaning it can either be distributed as a lump sum or through an annuity that will pay out over 20 years. Each state varies, with New Jersey mandating that winners of both first-tier and second-tier prizes choose whether they prefer cash or an annuity payment option.

To claim your winnings, it is necessary to present both the original ticket and prize claim form. Prizes of $600 or less may be collected at licensed lottery retailers, while prizes exceeding this amount must be submitted directly to your state’s prize claims center.

Lotto Texas

Texas is well-known for its delicious barbecue and cowboy hats, but Lotto Texas prizes can also be sizable. Players pay $1 per play to select six numbers between 1 and 54 from the 1st line Quick Pick option; matching all six will win. There is an Extra! Feature, which increases winnings, or the Cash Value Option, provides one lump sum payout over 30 annual payments.

At the close of fiscal year 2019, transfers to the Foundation School Fund had exceeded $1 billion, and GTECH Corporation won a nine-year contract from the Lottery Commission for operations and services. All or Nothing scratch-off game was released with its top prize being $250k, with jackpot prizes increasing each time tickets are bought. Terminal Tones were also introduced, which allow players to hear recorded messages when their winning ticket has been found.

The Lottery hosts its flagship Lotto Texas draw every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 10:12 p.m. CT from an authorized retailer. Drawings are broadcast live on local television and radio, and winning numbers are posted online by the Lottery shortly afterward. Drawings Studio was explicitly created to optimize public viewing while still maintaining high-security standards during the production of drawings.

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