How to Get the Best Asspics


To create jaw-dropping asspics, it is critical to take well-lit shots.

A selfie is a picture taken with the cell phone camera of your rear end in selfie mode and taken as part of its selfie mode. A belfie can be sweet, sensual, or retaliatory, depending on its angle – here are some tips on taking the perfect selfie.

3. Hip Pose

This classic boudoir photo pose separates your ass and puts each cheek under the spotlight for a flattering silhouette. It is ideal for those with fuller backsides and can help create the illusion of a rounder peach-shaped behind. To achieve this pose, sit reclining on the floor with legs slightly away from the camera or put your feet into a butterfly stretch pose (but make sure knee alignment remains optimal for optimal photos) or try overextending hips if that causes discomfort; use the rule of thirds as your composition guide.