How to Get to Neltharion’s Lair From Valdrakken


Neltharion, later known as Deathwing, once made this cavern home. Now, the Drogba has taken it over as their center of society; Dargrul the Underking often rallies his army here before sending an assault against Highmountain.

Highmountain Dungeon returned to Legion and is now open for level 100 players to explore at normal, heroic, or mythic levels. To access it, visit any portal room in your capital city to open access to Highmountain.

1. Fly to Thaldraszus

Valdrakken, in the Dragonflight expansion, serves as the central city hub of Highmountain. Here, you will find each Dragonflight’s enclaves and attractions, such as banks, auction houses, inns, Cooking Trainers, and Transmogrification NPCs – not forgetting a flight path connecting all areas.

Neltharion’s Lair is an exciting max-level dungeon introduced with Legion expansion and is now back into World of Warcraft’s Mythic+ rotation for Season 2. Reaching it is relatively straightforward, though you may require traversing certain zones if your faction’s capital city (Orgimmar for Horde and Stormwind for Alliance) does not provide access to the Highmountain portal.

Once players arrive at the Seat of Aspects, Kalecgos will advise them to travel to Thaldraszus – the home of Bronze Dragonflight. Described as an idyllic version of Azure Archives with vertical lofty mountains and labyrinthine cave systems – Thaldraszus provides a delightful contrast from more unruly regions seen previously.

Once there, Kalecgos will request your help defending the seat of the Bronze Dragonflight against attacks from other Dragonflights and Primalists who have invaded. When all is calmed down, Alexstrasza’s core will be returned for her awakening; during the journey back, you may also assist the Bronze Dragonflight in beating back time anomalies by dismantling or destroying certain elements.

2. Talk to Kalecgos

Dargrul has amassed an ardent army within this ancient lair. If left unchecked, their strength will threaten Highmountain and even Gaia. Earth Warder Neltharion–more commonly known as Deathwing–once called this cavern home and could easily use his Hammer of Khaz’goroth against all forms of life on planet Gaia.

Your journey with Brena and Norukk to rescue Tuskarr from Brackenhide Hollow revealed that Drogbar were using decay magic to spread disease across their surrounding lands, which led Kalecgos to discover one of their repaired ley lines is located right here within Brackenhide Hollow itself!

At Kirin Tor and Kalecgos’ request, you have come to Azure Span to aid them in tracking down the Blue Oathstone. In Camp Antonidas, you fought off Primalist attacks from Primalist factions; located the Azure Oathstone in Azure Archives; assisted Kalecgos and Khadgar in stopping Razsageth from knocking down Vakthros tower, thus disrupting its ley lines, thereby destabilizing Azure Span itself; helped Kalecgos and Khadgar in stopping Razsageth from taking down Vakthros thereby taking down an ancient tower called Vakthros, potentially destabilizing and taking down Vakthros thereby destabilizing all aspects of Azure Span itself; helped Kalecgos and Khadgar stop Razsageth from taking down an ancient tower named Vakthros thus destabilizing and destabilizing Azure Archives while supporting Kirin Tor and Kalecgos assist Kalecgos and Khadgar stop Razsageth from taking down Vakthros causing its destruction while helping Kalecgos and Khadgar prevent Razsageth from taking down Vakthros thus taking down with all its ley lines and also destabilizing all Azure Span as a result!

To prevent Kalecgos from unleashing his catastrophic invasion upon the world, you must travel to Valdrakken – the Dragonflight’s seat of power- to meet with him and the other aspects. Luckily, you don’t have far to travel; both Orgimmar and Stormwind offer transportation links directly to Valdrakken–where the Seat of Aspects lies–for quick flights from both capital cities. From either location, you can quickly fly directly there via either Dalaran hearthstone to Dalaran-then take the flight manager straight there from Dalaran back out if necessary, or use the portals in Highmountain-Quest Hub Thunder Totem for easy questing on any Legion campaign questing campaign questing missions!

3. Fly to the Seat of Aspects

As an experienced World of Warcraft player, you may have noticed that Valdrakken is yet to open to players in World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Dragonflight. However, gaining entry is far more straightforward with its focus on flight mechanics.

As soon as you reach level 110, you will unlock the ability to fly in Valdrakken’s Dragonflight areas. As soon as you enter Valdrakken city, Kalecgos will call out for you and invite you to meet him at the Seat of Aspects, located to the northwest of Thaldraszus zone in the Azure Archives area – and to reach it, you must travel back through Dalaran Hearthstone portal or one of its capital cities using Dalaran Hearthstone or portals back through Dalaran Hearthstone back through Dalaran Hearthstone or portals back through Dalaran Hearthstone or portals back out into Broken Isles region.

Start by traveling through Stormwind’s portal into Twilight Highlands, flying toward its northern entrance and heading north toward Thunder Totem Village or using flight paths to reach it.

At the Seat of Aspects, speak to Alexstrsza, the Life Binder. She will give you the quest to explore Neltharion’s Lair, a Mythic dungeon that can be completed on any difficulty once level 20 has been reached. Be sure to prepare your party for any challenges, such as Landslides or Magma Wave channels; use a major cooldown during these sections if possible for maximum damage prevention. You may also purchase imprints for your dragon mounts while purchasing imprints here.

4. Talk to Alexstrsza

Gamer Tweak recently posted a guide for World of Warcraft players looking to access Neltharion’s Lair in Highmountain, an engaging dungeon reintroduced from Legion with Battle for Azeroth expansion. This winding, lava-filled maze features exciting encounters and can be reached in several ways.

One way to access Neltharion’s Lair is through the A Creche Divided quest series, beginning with “Hidden Legacies.” You may also access it via Mythic Plus Dungeon Rotation, including Neltharion’s Lair. Furthermore, portals at Thaldraszus and Valdrakken provide easy access via portals and Highmountain Seat of Aspects if necessary.

The new quest chain allows players to build up their Valdrakken Accord reputation. There are currently 30 levels of renown within this alliance, each providing special rewards that players can unlock as they advance in the dungeon.

Once they reach level 30, players can interact with Alexstrasza atop the Seat of Aspects and discuss her concern over an uprising amongst dragonkin. Still, she doesn’t believe force should be the solution. She wants players’ help ending it but believes power shouldn’t be used against rebellious elements. She solicits players’ thoughts on this matter, offering three options for dealing with rebellious dragonkin: giving them freedom and treating them equally (even though they can’t fly or are immortal). Crushing them forcefully would also be possible. After hearing your thoughts, Alexstrasza agrees to send you with Captain Drine and Maldra Flametongue to Steelcliff Rampart to collect rebel propaganda. Once there, she’ll ask you to meet her and Wrathion at the Ruby Lifeshrine to resolve the situation.

5. Fly to Valdrakken

As soon as you reach level 58, you can begin your questing mission to recover the Lost Memories of Tyr from Valdrakken’s Qalashi-controlled Dungeon. When getting to this point, a mage should create a portal. Otherwise, you could fly there when unlocking dragon riding or run through four separate high-level zones to achieve this goal. However, this option should not be pursued as it will require running across four zones simultaneously and may take too long!

Once in the city, head straight for the Seat of Aspects to meet with the quartermaster for the Valdrakken Accord faction and meet the Neltharion lair entrance – you will get your first taste of battle there!

Accord is one of the four primary Dragonflight reputations, offering toys, pets, and mounts from this faction. There are 30 levels to work towards within this rep level, each requiring 2500 reputation points.

As opposed to the other three factions, Accord is unique in that it features sub-reputation levels that can be earned via end-game activities. These sub-reputation levels provide another avenue for rep farming while adding an element of fun.

For you to gain sub-reputation, visit each of these locations and complete its associated quest: Unatos will sell the Valdrakken Accord Tabard while Dothenos offers Technique: Contract: Valdrakken Accord and Pattern: Chronocloth Reagent Bag as rewards; Weaponsmith Koref also has some civilian themed weapon transmogs that you may purchase as bonuses.