One of the Best Anesthesiologists in Kalyan & Dombivali


Have you ever experienced pain and bleeding in your anal area while walking, sitting, or running? It could indicate piles, an anorectal disease affecting over 75% of Indians.

Kalyan and Dombivali’s top anesthesiologists can help you conquer piles. To book an appointment, fill in the form on this page.

1. Dr. Rohit Patil

Dr. Rohit Patil is an accomplished anesthesiologist with extensive experience in oncology, neurosurgery, orthopedics and obstetrics. A Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Nashik graduate, he has been practicing anesthesiology for more than five years.

Dr. Patil has extensive training and expertise in Cardiac Anaesthesia, having managed numerous CABG, Valve repair, and Redo cases and assisted in minimal invasive cardiopulmonary bypass surgeries. Additionally, he specializes in General and Laparoscopic Surgery using modern medical technology for his patient’s comfort. To learn more about him, check out his Healthgrades patient reviews or call or book an appointment online now!

3. Dr. Melissa Tornero-Bold

Anesthesiologists ensure a patient is healthy enough for surgery and assist in the recovery process afterward. They may use general anesthesia, which puts the individual to sleep; sedation, which renders them unconscious; or regional anesthesia, which numbs an area of the body.

Dr. Tornero-Bold is one of the premier anesthesiologists in Kalyan & Dombivali, having graduated from Northeast Ohio Medical University in 2006 with 17 years of expertise.

Her practice is in Upper Arlington, OH, and she accepts multiple insurance plans. Additionally, she has affiliations with James Cancer Hospital, Solove Research Institute, and Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

4. Dr. Anita Sahu

Dr. Anita Sahu, MD, is one of the best anesthesiologists in Kalyan & Dombivali. She has extensive training and experience as an internal medicine doctor with over ten years of experience. Additionally, she’s certified in all the latest medical gadgets and registered with PECOS, allowing her to purchase Medicare-approved equipment and supplies.

She is a proud member of the AAMC and AAMI and is certified in advanced medical imaging technology. With her clinic in Garhaghat, Hoshangabad, and recognition among the best healthcare providers in her field, you can learn about all her services, credentials, and more by reading up on her profile. You can contact this seasoned healthcare provider via phone or online; sharing care is one of her proudest achievements!

5. Dr. Anita Sahu

Internists, also referred to as primary care doctors treat adults. They provide preventive health care and medical treatment for illnesses while referring patients to other specialists as necessary. Internists typically handle various common ailments and maintain long-term relationships with their patients.

Dr. Anita Sahu is a medical specialist in Bel Air, MD, with another office in Houston, TX. She graduated from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 2013 and has been practicing for 11 years, board certified in Internal Medicine. She accepts several insurance plans and is currently accepting new patients by phone at 410-962-2300 or using the contact form below to ask questions or book an appointment.