Platinum Trading Academy Reviews


Platinum trading academy is an online trading academy that specializes in forex trading. It has a team of professional forex mentors who guide students through trading forex. The company also offers various services, including a training course, a live trading room, and a television program.

Live trading room

The Platinum Trading Academy offers several trading courses. Some are beginner’s courses, while others are for more experienced investors. They also provide one-on-one training and virtual and live trading rooms. However, their claims of a 78% success rate in trading are difficult to verify.

The Platinum Trading Academy offers a range of Forex learning programs, including technical forex analysis, risk management, and long-term chart analysis. They also provide advanced trading courses, such as the Elite Traders Program, which teaches advanced strategies. If you want a personalized trading education, you may be interested in signing up for their Platinum Mentor Program.

In addition, Platinum Trading Academy has an extensive library of trading materials. This includes videos and ebooks, as well as several different forex courses.

Training videos

Platinum Trading Academy is a UK-based Forex Trading course provider that aims to give you the knowledge and skills to trade successfully. They claim to provide trading education and training to help you learn from professionals and the psychology behind the trade.

To get you started, the company offers a variety of free resources, such as videos, ebooks, and webinars. Eventually, they will connect you with a private virtual mentor to help you achieve your goals.

If you’re just starting, you can take a free Platinum Trading Academy course, which is intended for beginners. The course covers risk management, technical analysis, and trading psychology. You’ll also have access to the Platinum Trading Academy’s live trading room, where you can practice your newfound skills.

Television program

Platinum trading academy is a UK-based company that offers various forex-related services and products. This includes a live trading room and a forex webinar, to name a few. The company also provides various levels of training courses for its signature product.

There is a lot to like about this company, but there are also many reasons to dislike it. Among the most obvious is the lack of transparency in their offerings. While the company claims its products are the best, its marketing materials seem to be be gimmicks regularly. Their infomercial is a good example as is their website. If you are a novice to the forex world and are looking to learn the ropes, it may be worthwhile to try this.

Daily trading sessions

Platinum Trading Academy is a UK-based trading academy that teaches trading strategies and education. It offers online courses, trading videos, and a virtual live trading room.

The Academy’s library is filled with information that helps students understand the financial markets. Several programs are offered, including the Platinum Course, Trading for Beginners, Elite Course, and Master Course. Each course aims to improve traders’ skills, with additional mentoring. However, the Academy’s 78% win rate claims cannot be verified.

During the course, learners learn the basics of Forex trading, such as the different currency pairs and how to identify them. They also study the psychology of trading and the risks involved. Finally, they learn about long-term chart analysis, risk management, and introductions.

Performance claims

Whether you’re an aspiring trader or an armchair aficionado, you’ve probably come across the Platinum Trading Academy at least once or another. It claims to be able to teach you the trading secrets of the world’s most successful traders, and the best part are they deliver. However, the price tag is steep. For your buck, you’ll get access to live trading sessions, a comprehensive set of video lessons, a platinum trading floor, and many other perks. So what’s all the hype?

Besides, is it even worth the price? As such, I recommend sticking with the freebies, aka those above aforementioned. Unless you’re a gold digger with no time to waste. The Platinum Trading Academy isn’t an investment you’ll regret, but that’s not to say you won’t.