PR Newswire and Business Wire


There are various services for getting press releases out. Still, PR Newswire and Business Wire stand out as two of the more reliable options, offering extensive distribution networks and comprehensive reports.

Business Wire is an American news release distribution service owned by Berkshire Hathaway that serves investors, financial markets, disclosure systems, and information websites with full-text news releases as a trusted source for reporters.

PR Newswire

PR Newswire is a press release distribution service provider for businesses. Their website offers various packages designed to fit multiple budgets. Furthermore, PR Newswire also provides services like media contact database management, online syndication, and translation and helps monitor media coverage with its media monitoring tool.

PR Newswire also provides several specialized offerings beyond traditional wire services, including social media marketing and video distribution. These specialized offerings can help companies reach a broader audience and increase product or service awareness while meeting regulatory requirements.

PR Newswire services are accessible to businesses, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Their service allows firms to submit press releases and photos directly to journalists, saving time and money while helping ensure your press release reaches the right target audience. Their website even features a search engine so users can find the news they want.

PR Newswire was established in 1954 as a way for companies to communicate electronically with news organizations. At first, this service used teleprinters to transmit press releases. Later, new services such as NewsFax offered cost savings when sending releases directly to reporters. In 1991, they even created US Bankline, now providing transcripts of congressional banking hearings to journalists.

Service has an expansive global footprint and is trusted by numerous energy, manufacturing, and technology businesses. Customers have access to select publications where their releases can be distributed, as well as target specific demographics with ease. Furthermore, this company boasts an excellent track record with media outlets, giving your business the credibility necessary for success.

As well as wire services, this company provides social media management and search engine optimization. Their user dashboard is intuitive and easy to use; their media monitoring tools excel. Their customer support staff is helpful and responsive. TrustRadius reviews tend to be positive, while some reviewers have noted their steep pricing structure.

Business Wire India

Business Wire India provides businesses and individuals with a news distribution service that enables them to send press releases and news announcements directly to the media. This can help companies to increase exposure and sales by reaching journalists worldwide; additionally, it may help comply with corporate disclosure regulations.

The company provides various services, such as business-to-business news, financial reports, market information, and full-text updates in real time to investors, media outlets, and interested parties around the globe. Their distribution network includes print, electronic, and Internet-based news systems; news releases can be accessed by journalists in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America and presented as multimedia presentations.

Business Wire Inc.

As either an established brand or a newcomer, it is vitally essential for any business to develop an effective public relations strategy. Various vendors can assist in this regard – for instance, a press release service can distribute news of your products or services to media outlets, journalists, and consumers while providing valuable insights about financial health and future growth – increasing visibility and gaining new customers.

One of the premier providers of this service, Business Wire has built up an impeccable reputation and vast reach for its press release distribution services. They can target local, national, and global media outlets and online/social media sites for your press releases to be distributed via multimedia impact reports and social media analytics – even offering mobile app functionality so you can share news directly from your phone!

Berkshire Hathaway-owned Press Release Distribution Services provide full-text press releases from thousands of companies and organizations around the globe to news media, financial markets, disclosure systems, investors, information websites, databases, bloggers, and social networks worldwide. Established in 1961 as a wholly-owned subsidiary, it operates across 29 countries worldwide.

BusinessWire provides more than newswires; their services span investor relations, financial disclosure, measurement and analytics, event news coverage, media and journalist tools, investor relations solutions, and investor outreach. All are designed to help businesses connect with their target audiences while meeting regulatory reporting requirements with offices in San Francisco, California, and a staff of over 4,500 employees.

BusinessWire employees generally feel content with its culture and management; however, newcomers may find the environment challenging due to high expectations and intense work pace. Furthermore, employees feel as if their benefits are undervalued.

The company seeks an enthusiastic Senior Engineer to join its growing Platform Operations team. This position will be responsible for the development and support of SaaS-based applications as well as identifying infrastructure improvements that improve performance. In addition, this position requires excellent knowledge of Linux system administration and Java application technology stacks.

Business Wire Europe

Business Wire Europe provides businesses and organizations with press release distribution services that help them publicize news announcements to the media. Their services include news editing, multimedia capabilities, and social media sharing – their network reaches investors, journalists, and business professionals, and regulatory disclosure services such as 8-K filings.

BusinessWire Europe’s high-speed network ensures that news is distributed simultaneously to investors, financial markets, media outlets, information systems, and leading European archival databases. Furthermore, its services help companies meet regulatory disclosure requirements in multiple European countries.

BusinessWire Europe boasts an excellent 4.1-star score on G2, with more than 180 reviews and a superior user reputation. However, its pricing information isn’t readily available online, and this provider offers no press release writing services.