Proviz Jacket Review


The Proviz Reflect 360 jacket is an excellent choice for commuters looking to stay visible while they ride in the dark. It also keeps you warm on colder rides, thanks to a fleece-lined collar that sits comfortably against your neck.

The fabric is laced with millions of tiny reflective glass beads, creating a dazzling cloak of hyper-visibility when car lights hit it.

Reflective Material

Proviz has built a reputation on reflective clothing that keeps you seen in low-light conditions. Its new Platinum jacket takes that ethos to another level with a technical design that delivers modest weatherproofing benefits.

To achieve that, Proviz uses a particular film fabric covered in millions of tiny reflective glass beads. When a vehicle’s headlights hit the jacket, those beads reflect the light to the driver so that they can identify you further in advance than usual and maneuver accordingly.

The result is a highly technical product that looks incredibly stylish during the day but provides ‘astonishing reflectivity’ at night (quote: Cycling Active Magazine). It’s also CE EN 20471 certified, ensuring the highest levels of safety and visibility.


Proviz has an extensive range of men’s cycling jackets with various features to cater to every rider. Whether you’re looking for protection from the rain or want to keep warm on an adventure, there’s a jacket here.

The Proviz Reflect 360 CRS Cycling Jacket is one of the newest additions to their line and is a genuine contender for putting your mind at rest during those night hours. Using millions of tiny glass beads to create a reflective surface, it is designed to make your ride safer, brighter, and more visible.

The jacket also has a couple of cool-looking ventilation features. The most impressive is the back octave, a large one-way zippered flap with a mesh lining that makes it easy to remove when breathing. It’s a great way to keep cool while riding in the rain, and it’s the most impressive feature of this jacket.


Proviz has an extensive range of cycling jackets designed with comfort and safety in mind. They are suitable for road cycling, MTB riding or even urban commuting and come in various colors to suit your style.

If you’re looking for a highly reflective jacket that’ll help you stand out on the roads in the dark, you may want to consider the REFLECT360 Plus Platinum E-Bike Jacket from Proviz. The jacket uses a material with millions of tiny glass beads reflecting the light when it hits it, making it a brilliantly visible piece of clothing at night.

The REFLECT360 jacket is an excellent choice for commuters and general cyclists who need a highly reflective coat that’s also practical and lightweight. The jacket has plenty of features a cyclist will appreciate, such as two external chest pockets and an internal pocket that can hold your phone.


Proviz is known for producing highly reflective clothing that will keep you safe in low light conditions and at night, helping other road users to identify you. Its new Platinum jacket is a step further and aims to add an extra safety element by keeping you warm.

The main body of the jacket is made from Repreve PET, a polyester-like material made solely from recycled plastic bottles, wrapped around a flexible thermal fabric that moves with you as you cycle or run. This allows you to adapt your position on the bike or run as you move forward while maintaining a snug fit for optimum comfort and safety.

The jacket is a very lightweight option, and the design features several practical pockets. There are two external chest pockets, a generous rear pocket, and a small phone-sized interior pocket.