SparkChess – Puts Fun First


SparkChess is an outstanding touchscreen chess game that puts fun first. Perfect for beginner, casual players as well as experts and masters. Obtain the Best information about Free Online Games.

If Fishy or Kaspy is not enough of a challenge for you, try playing against Cody or Claire instead – or even Alyx, our fully customizable AI opponent!


No matter your experience level – from novice to master, teaching your kids, or looking to advance – SparkChess prioritizes fun first. As the only chess game that puts players in complete control and never feels anything other than rewarding, its user-friendly gameplay makes this an experience to cherish.

Our range of characters provides opponents that feel more like real humans than cold, merciless algorithms. They make mistakes, have mood swings, and overlook details just like you – giving you something fresh to challenge you in each battle! So keep playing for that subsequent big victory.

SparkChess uses websockets for multiplayer play, enabling it to penetrate most firewalls. However, the quality of your internet connection may influence its connection and result in disconnection; use the Multiplayer Service Status page to monitor this and use an HTTP fallback if this occurs, as it may take longer to restore play, and play may not always work effectively.


SparkChess puts fun first for players of any level – from professionals looking to sharpen their strategies against top opponents to beginners learning the game for the first time – offering multiple boards, five AI opponents of increasing difficulty, and multiplayer online play.

The premium version’s coaching tools make it simple and effective to hone your game. For example, a Coach setting emphasizes potential moves, while Analyse tool explains their strength clearly. You can even edit the board to your benefit or disadvantage to test ideas.

Two green bars indicate your network latency, which measures how long a message from your device takes to reach SparkChess’ multiplayer servers and back again. Four green bars indicate a fast and stable connection; one red bar indicates a slower one, which may become unstable over time. Socket connections are preferred, but HTTP fallback may be used if this cannot be established.


No matter where your experience level lies – whether you are a complete novice looking to improve your game, teach your children, or take things to the next challenging level, SparkChess provides something suitable for everyone.

Play against a range of computer opponents with differing strengths, styles, and personalities – start learning the rules with Cody or Claire before progressing to Alyx in the Premium version – fully customizable settings include power, time, foresight, memory, intuition, knowledge, aggressiveness, etc.

SparkChess uses the Elo rating system to assess your chess skill and match you with opponents, providing an intuitive formula used by chess federations worldwide. Our “secret ingredients” make the opponents seem more like real human players – mistakes, mood swings, and oversight of details are common occurrences! Plus, our online community of 100,000 players logs in every month, competing against one another or facing new challenges!


SparkChess was initially known as Flash Chess III and provided beginners, children, and casual players with an enjoyable touchscreen chess experience. Perfect for learning the rules, practicing openings and strategies, and accessing an in-depth database containing many classic games rebroadcast to them, SparkChess offers something to please every level of player – beginners through children to casual players alike!

BotezLive allows users to watch live games, chat with other users and play puzzles while offering many other features – all free for download and play – while certain features require subscription fees for access.

Green socket connection icons indicate a fast, stable, lag-free multiplayer connection between your device and SparkChess multiplayer server (if connected). If a green socket connection cannot be achieved due to network constraints due to specific network requirements, then SparkChess uses HTTP fallback instead. In disconnections, you can check Multiplayer Service Status; generally speaking, SparkChess Multiplayer can connect through most firewalls, but some patients may have difficulty.

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