TechCrunch is a news site covering new technologies and startups. Additionally, TechCrunch hosts events called Startup Battlefield, where entrepreneurs present their ideas to investors for consideration by investors. At the same time, Crunchbase operates as an investor database of tech companies and their investors.

TechCrunch used Hopin’s Stage feature to bring pitch battle competitors, judges, and moderators together in virtual environments – helping them connect with audiences while increasing page views.

Founded in 2005

TechCrunch is an online publisher dedicated to technology industry news. Their articles span topics like tech news and trends analysis; reports on tech startup funding/startup funding reports; gadget reviews/testimonials; and providing a community forum to discuss technology-related issues.

TechCrunch’s flagship event is Disrupt, known for showcasing revolutionary startups and convening top entrepreneurs and investors. The conference features on-stage interviews, a Startup Battlefield competition, a 24-hour Hackathon, 24-hour Hackathon competitions, on-stage interviews with entrepreneurs and investors, and 24-hour Hackathon competitions. TechCrunch is also home to Crunchbase, which tracks and analyzes tech startups.

TechCrunch wanted a virtual event platform that could replicate an in-person experience and engage their tech-centric audience and found Hopin perfect. Hopin enabled them to connect thousands of attendees throughout their event through video conferencing capabilities and its networking feature for maximum interaction between attendees.

Headquartered in San Francisco

TechCrunch, an online publisher dedicated to technology news, is based in San Francisco and publishes technology-related stories daily. Their website also analyzes emerging trends within the tech industry and startups/funding/gadgets/business-related technology reports and news. TechCrunch monetizes its content through display ads.

Digital publishing pioneer and leader. Businesses conducting research and development work use highly esteemed content as a resource. Also sponsor of numerous events.

The Disrupt conference offers unique startups an international stage to launch their products on. Attracting tech enthusiasts, investors, and entrepreneurs, this event hosts talks from successful business leaders and professionals and an impressive demo area where attendees can see cutting-edge technologies first-hand. Registration for attendance is free but necessary – don’t miss this chance to experience disruption for yourself!

Founded by Michael Arrington

TechCrunch is an online publication covering new technology and Internet companies, hosting an annual conference called TechCrunch Disrupt. Furthermore, Crunchbase operates as an investment database of technology startups; TechCrunch has won multiple awards for its coverage of startup culture.

Michael Arrington is TechCrunch’s creator and former editor, an influential technology news website covering Silicon Valley technology startup communities and broader tech industry trends. It is popular among tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, while Michael Arrington enjoys blogging about technology entrepreneurship topics regularly.

At TechCrunch Disrupt, Arrington unveiled a venture capital fund that would invest in many technology startups that TechCrunch covers. His announcement triggered a debate over journalistic ethics and ultimately caused him to leave TechCrunch and launch CrunchFund instead. However, he has announced plans to purchase back the publication from AOL if he successfully raises enough funding.

Founded by Keith Teare

TechCrunch provides technology media property services, profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news. In addition, the company hosts conferences and events such as Disrupt series conferences and The Crunchies awards ceremonies, as well as meet-ups that serve as community platforms for industry conversation and collaboration. TechCrunch maintains a Crunchbase database of start-up companies and investors.

TechCrunch is an invaluable source of technology news. Still, due to its tendency for editorializing topics, it can often prove contentious – some see it as a business blog, while others see it more as tabloidish content.

In 2023, Hopin will present its 20th edition, with talks, sessions, and panels led by top entrepreneurs and leaders from industries including software development, finance, and management consulting. Attendees should include members from these fields. It will also feature the Extra Crunch stage with content to assist startups and businesses. Hopin will use Hopin Sessions rooms to maximize sponsorship value, creating over 32 sponsor booths; and networking tools like CrunchMatch, which matches attendees for one-on-one conversations between attendees.