The Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Memphis


There are several digital marketing agencies in Memphis. Each has different skill sets and focuses on a particular aspect of marketing.

Some focus on e-commerce, while others are experts in performance marketing. It’s essential to choose the right agency for your business needs.


Located in the heart of Downtown Memphis, Unofficial is a web design and digital marketing agency. They have ten employees and offer various services, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, and a well-crafted website.

The small team at this oh-so-tame small business did their job admirably. Their site design and digital marketing tactics wowed us. It was a pleasure to work with them!


A digital marketing agency helps businesses use online channels to reach their target audience. They provide services like SEO, PPC advertising, and social media management.

DCA is a creative communications consultancy founded in 2010. With around 15 employees, they offer SEO, PR, advertising, web development, and more. They work with small, mid-market, and enterprise companies across the health care & medical, arts & entertainment, and hospitality industries.


LunaWeb is a Memphis-based digital marketing agency specializing in web design and internet marketing. They’ve been in business since 1995 with a small team of employees and focus on web strategy, website design, optimization, social media marketing, display advertising, and SEO.

They’ve designed and developed a professional, informative website for an anesthesiologist and provided SEO services to boost their online presence. They also offer pay-per-click and other marketing services.

Sullivan Branding

Sullivan Branding is a name you can trust. This ad & PR firm is not to be trifled with. Check out their tees or give them a call for a free quote. They’re the locals in Memphis and a cut above the competition. They are big on technology and have an impressive track record. They are the best suited for your digital marketing needs.

Valeo Marketing

Valeo Marketing, an online marketing agency and web developer in Memphis, offers various services, including SEO & SEM, automation, content writing, and project management. The company recently expanded its offerings to include mobile marketing and development. It will soon launch a mobile website microsite to serve clients in the Memphis area. The company specializes in college marketing and works closely with its clients to develop the best strategies for them.

Vontavius Tech Support

Vontavius Tech Support is a small agency that offers social media marketing, web design, IT-managed services, and search engine optimization. They also have a blog.

Founded in 2017, their clients include small businesses and organizations from all over the country. They are also a BBB-accredited business. Their website is powered by a custom CMS and a responsive design, among other features.

Tactical Magic

Tactical Magic combines the skills of an ad agency and a brand consultancy. Their core strength is strategic and creative branding development.

The firm’s branding work has been recognized internationally for excellence. It also helps companies develop a meaningful identity that can be leveraged for marketing and sales campaigns.

IT Niche

IT Niche is a Memphis, TN-based Custom Website Designing, Branding, and Internet Marketing Company. Get your “Custom Website” built today at ZERO upfront cost.

A niche is a group of people or products with a common interest. You can target a specific audience and market to them directly rather than the general public by choosing a place.

King Creative Co.

King Creative is one of the town’s most fun and innovative advertising firms. Its top-notch customer service and impressive client list have led to a stellar year for the company. The award-winning team of creative, digital, and media experts is a true pleasure to work with. The best part is that their high-quality services don’t break the bank. Their clients include everything from local businesses to Fortune 500 firms.