The Best Donuts Near Me in NYC


Though we can debate which word is more correct for donuts or doughnuts, one thing is clear: everyone enjoys starting their day right with something sweet! From Brooklyn spots specializing in Filipino flavors to physical locations of online bakeries – here are the best donuts near you in NYC.

1. Daily Provision

Daily Provision offers delicious donuts that make every morning better! Not only are they affordable and taste great, but their vast variety will satisfy even those who don’t eat donuts for breakfast. So whether or not donuts are on your breakfast agenda, Daily Provision has plenty of delicious donuts you can indulge in after lunch or dinner if that makes your day start right! To satisfy your sweet tooth craving and satisfy that sweet tooth – visit them! They have delicious donuts every time – the perfect place!

At Chelsea Market, this donut shop boasts 35 varieties. These options range from mini donuts to chocolate-forward and caramel-drizzled treats – even more unique flavors such as maple bacon and Samoa! Their fluffy donuts offer lots of flavor; you can customize them even further by choosing toppings and powders explicitly tailored to you!

Rockwell Group designed this cafe as Danny Meyer’s gift to his neighborhood and features pastries and bread baked on-site, egg sandwiches, roast chicken sandwiches, coffee, and easy-to-grab snacks – creating an intimate boite experience where people could relax with a good book or meet friends over coffee and snacks.

The cafe has expanded to four Manhattan locations, including its latest opening at Brookfield’s Manhattan West in Hudson Yards. Although smaller than their flagship restaurant in Midtown East, seating 25 indoors and 30 outdoors. Like its counterparts in other branches of this chain, its atmosphere is welcoming and friendly, with staff always available to answer questions or assist customers in finding what they are searching for – vegan- and gluten-free options are available, too. Popular items on their menu include cruffins – an irresistibly airy cross between a muffin and croissant filled with layers of light goodness filled with Nutella center!

2. Supermoon Bakehouse

Supermoon Bakehouse in Manhattan has won Instagrammers over with its vibrant rainbow jelly croissants and soft serve cruffins. Created by the masterminds behind LA’s Mr. Holmes and San Francisco’s Mr. Holmes, this now Insta-famous shop is known for its pastry-forward viennoiserie – including donuts and doughnuts filled with delectable fillings, as well as croissants/cronuts filled with velvety cream filled with intricate garnishes like fruit/chocolate shavings, etc.

Nutella Cruffin combines elements from muffin and croissant, promising an indescribably delicious treat! Its crunchy exterior encases airy layers of flaky pastry laced with cream-filled layers. Also tasty are their peanut Butter and jelly Sandwich Donuts filled with homemade jam and creamy frosting that are guaranteed to bring delight.

For the savory-sweet enthusiasts at your party, they offer maple bacon and samoa croissants to satisfy every sweet-savory craving. Cakey donuts such as carrot cake and peanut-butter-and-banana varieties are popular choices; plus vegan-friendly options such as beet-with-ricotta donuts are available too!

Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC offers one of the premier donut experiences. Famous for its iconic cronut, a hybrid between croissant and donut, it has gained immense popularity with residents and visitors. The bakery rotates flavors every month, so each visit offers something new.

The bakery offers creative and traditional donut options, like curd-filled varieties that pair perfectly with their deliciously crunchy dough.

Chelsea Market Food Hall boasts 35 vendors offering an abundance of delectable treats. While their elegant atmosphere and impeccable service may draw the crowds in, their succulent treats make this spot worth visiting again and again – cinnamon sugar, maple cinnamon, and passionfruit coconut are always on offer. Still, every season brings new offerings, such as gingerbread during holidays and lemon poppy seed in spring!

3. Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

Peter Pan Donuts in Greenpoint has been offering classic donuts to locals for over 60 years, opening daily at 4:30 a.m. for breakfast services and serving coffee served by wait staff wearing retro pink and green uniforms. From classic glazed donuts to blueberry buttermilk varieties and even their famous crullers that have been used as Halloween costumes, no matter your choice, you can’t go wrong when choosing Peter Pan!

Greenpoint Donut Shop may not boast the sophisticated tastes found at some other donut shops around NYC, but that doesn’t matter; its simplicity and classic aesthetic speak volumes – this landmark remains as popular now as when its original owners opened it over fifty years ago!

Greenpoint’s delicious vegan donut selection can also be found here, alongside their traditional selection. Their handmade sourdough dough provides light yet airy bites of chewiness – an irresistibly delectable treat you won’t want to stop munching!

Chelsea Market donut shop is a must-visit for some of the city’s best donuts. Since their freshly made donuts are produced in small batches, you’re assured of enjoying something sweet every time! This establishment is unique as one of the few that provide gluten-free donuts.

Moe’s offers deliciously light and fluffy fried dough that pairs perfectly with your morning cup of coffee. Additionally, their menu offers a variety of toppings and frosting choices, so you’re bound to find just the proper donut!

Moe’s Donuts offers unique flavors like the hibiscus donut – it combines sweet and tart with subtle notes from hibiscus flower. Seasonal offerings vary, too! Plus, they’re very affordable; you can grab an order of twelve donuts for under $10!

4. The Donut Pub

Donut Pub stands out in an area crowded with Dunkin’ Donuts as an old-school favorite. Open 24 hours a day on 14th Street; this classic soda fountain harkens back to vintage soda fountain joints of old with black-and-white tiles, marble counters, and stool seating, an authentic piece of nostalgia created by Buzzy Geduld himself.

Donuts at Dunkin Donuts are much lighter and fluffier than dunkers and much less sweet. Their flavors range from apple crumb cruller to vanilla creme! Try one today.

Donuts from Donut Hole are delectable, and the staff is welcoming while offering a wide selection of coffee and other drinks and vegan options, so you don’t need to worry about your diet when picking one up! They may be slightly pricey, but it is well worth experiencing their delicious offerings!

The Donut Pub in NYC is an essential stop for craving delicious donuts. Their light, fluffy glazed donuts offer incredible flavor with choices like chocolate peanut butter, apple cinnamon crumble, and red velvet. In addition to donuts they offer other tasty treats like breakfast sandwiches and iced coffee.

A great donut shop should be clean, and this shop certainly meets that criteria. With plenty of seating and fast service, fresh donuts made daily are served fast!

The Donut Pub offers some of the finest donuts in New York. Their fluffy donuts boast light and delicate exteriors; flavors are unique, and coffee tastes good; plus, there are plenty of topping options, such as chocolate sprinkles and coconut shavings. Ordering online lets you schedule delivery – an added convenience!