The Finder Cast Announces New Members


Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults; She’s Out of My League) earned a name for himself as an Army Military Police officer thanks to his talent at tracking people and objects – which became his obsession following an IED explosion that injured him severely.

Now based in Florida, he works as The Finder with legal advisor Leo Knox and assistant Ike Latulippe as his support staff. Isabel Zambada from Deputy US Marshals serves on this team, along with Willa Monday (a teenage delinquent).

Geoff Stults

Geoff Stults, an actor who has appeared in various films and television series, boasts an extensive IMDB profile with many credits to his name. However, The Finder proved pivotal to his career; even though its short run ended early and cancellation may have hurt its longevity, it marked a crucial moment in his career and led to other opportunities – all while working towards becoming one of Hollywood’s leading men.

The Finder was initially introduced on Bones as a backdoor pilot created by Hart Hanson, the original creator of this popular crime series. However, due to low ratings and changes in time slots, it was eventually canceled outright.

Although short-lived, the show was well-received by critics and audiences alike. Critics lauded its writing and casting compared to other popular detective series such as Law & Order: Criminal Intent (along with several others). Furthermore, some memorable characters emerged, such as Walter Sherman, an army major who experienced brain trauma during the Iraq War that gave him an extraordinary ability to detect anything hidden by an adversary.

Paranoid, quirky, and eccentric in personality, but gifted at seeing patterns others cannot. He refers to this ability as his “Finder Power,” which has enabled him to amass considerable wealth despite some ethical concerns related to its misuse, for instance, using it to gather personal data about people.

Stults lives a relatively quiet lifestyle and does not share much about his personal life with the media. From 2005-2010, he was involved with former WWE diva Stacy Keibler before appearing on numerous reality shows and MTV prank show Punk’d.

Michael Clarke Duncan

The Finder is a procedural drama featuring Geoff Stults as Walter Sherman, an extraordinary person with the uncanny ability to locate things law enforcement can’t. Walter seeks help from Leo Knox (Michael Clarke Duncan) as an associate lawyer to find people and objects not recovered by law enforcement and Willa (portrayed by Nicole Beharie), a teenage girl with sociopath tendencies who is adept at picking locks.

Duncan makes for an intimidating presence at 6 feet 5 inches and 300 pounds. After appearing as various bouncers or tough guys on television programs like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Married… with Children, and The Bold and the Beautiful, he gained critical acclaim for playing John Coffey (a prisoner portrayed by Duncan in Frank Darabont’s 1999 movie The Green Mile).

Duncan was an adept and sensitive actor despite his large frame. Raised by a single mother and older sister after his father left when he was five, she encouraged her son’s acting pursuit and strived to provide him with every possible opportunity.

Duncan has appeared in several television shows, including two episodes of Zack and Cody and the opening episode of CSI: NY’s first season. Additionally, he guest starred as Mr. Colt on Bones before debuting as his lead character in 2012 in The Finder.

Unfortunately, The Finder was canceled after only one season, but that doesn’t spell doom for show fans; many cast members have moved on to other projects since its cancellation. Below is a list of what some of The Finder’s actors and actresses have been up to since The Finder ended.

Saffron Burrows

Saffron Burrows boasts an extensive film and television resume. Her film credits include Circle of Friends, Wing Commander Deep Blue Sea Gangster No 1 Enigma Klimt Troy, and Boston Legal and Law and Order: Criminal Intent television shows. Furthermore, she recently appeared onstage performing Jackie Unveiled at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

Saffron Burrows hails from north London. When her parents divorced when she was young, her mother raised her, working at “pretty much every primary school in Hackney” for over 45 years to establish authority within the community. Burrows has starred in films such as Dangerous Parking and Hollywood comedy Shrink, Jonas Akerlund’s Small Apartments, and Roger Donaldson’s The Bank Job (among many others). Amy Redford co-wrote The Guitar (cow co-wrote).

Beverly D’Angelo was also featured on NBC comedy Whitney; unfortunately, due to network decisions not to renew the series for further episodes in season four – something to which Beverly D’Angelo’s presence significantly contributed. It is a shame because Beverly D’Angelo made such an outstanding contribution as one of its cast members.

As soon as The Finder debuted as a backdoor pilot a few months ago, it had genuine potential. Yet after viewings began in earnest, it quickly became evident that its presence wouldn’t fit within an already-crowded weekly TV landscape – hence why Saffron Burrows decided to depart the show despite my usual distaste for network meddling; I think leaving was best in this case.

Maddie Hasson

Maddie Hasson is best known for her roles as Romani juvenile delinquent Willa Monday on the Fox series The Finder and Jo Masterson on the ABC Family series Twisted. Additionally, Maddie was one of Malignant’s main protagonists – Willa Monday. Recently, she added to her resume another project called Silvercup, which will star Annabelle Wallis and Jake Abel, with production starting this month.

Young actress Jessica was raised in Wilmington, North Carolina, and attended Cape Fear Academy. At seven, she began dancing competitively for eight years with Fox Troupe Dancers of Wilmington before beginning acting roles with Opera House Theatre Company of her local professional theatre company. She won various awards for her stage productions as a teenager.

Hasson made her film debut in God Bless America in 2011. Her television debut came via Fox series The Finder; since then she has also appeared on Mr. Mercedes and YouTube Premium’s Impulse.

Hasson made her acting debut in 2019 in Impulse, an indirect sequel to Jumper. This sci-fi thriller follows Henrietta “Henry” Coles – an unconventional teenager with rebellious tendencies who discovers she can teleport, drawing closer to her peers but also drawing the notice of those seeking control of her. Sarah Desjardins from Van Helsing/Wayward Pines; Missi Pyle from Gone Girl/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Enuka Okuma from Rookie Blue/How To Get Away with Murder) as well as Craig Arnold from Degrassi/Heartland will join Hasson. David James Elliott guest stars as Henry’s father Lucas/father Lucas.

Hasson is also currently shooting her feature film, We Summon the Darkness, set for release later this year. Additionally, she will appear in Warner Bros’ horror flick Malignant.

Mercedes Masohn

Mercedes Mason, best known for her role as Zondra on Chuck, will take a regular part in Bones spinoff The Finder as Isabel Zambada – a deputy U.S. marshal with whom Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults from October Road) enjoys an informal but close friendship, yet who dreams of becoming Attorney General; their company may pose challenges along their journey to success.

Masohn is no stranger to television, appearing on shows such as Californication, Traffic Light, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Castle as recurring roles or guest spots; she even appeared in The X-Files! Additionally, she appeared in the 2011 film Quarantine 2 Terminal, repped by Greene & Associates and Luber Roklin.

Maddie Hasson will join Masohn as she portrays a “manipulative, cynical, and extremely bright” teen born into a criminal family and exposed to life’s darker side at an early age. Now out on parole, Hasson dedicates herself to supporting Walter (Michael Clarke Duncan) and Leo’s (Michael Clarke Duncan) Ends of the Earth bar operation while providing investigative expertise through con artist techniques she learned at school.

Carmen Ejogo of Chuck has joined ABC’s high-concept comedy Mixology as Maya. This role will see her playing an attorney who doesn’t have time for weepy metrosexual men or “modern girls.” Written and executive produced by the creators of The Hangover, Mixology will premiere in early 2021 with IFA Agency representing Carmen Ejogo.