Thrivent Mutual Funds


No matter your investment goal or portfolio needs, Thrivent Funds provide solutions tailored to each investor’s strategy and risk tolerance level. There’s sure to be something perfect for every type of investor!

Thrivent recently moved its investment division into a larger space, which has proven beneficial for its funds which have received some top rankings from Zacks.

1. Thrivent Small Cap Stock Fund Class A AASMX

Thrivent Small Cap Stock Fund Class A AASMX seeks long-term capital growth. It specializes in investing in common stocks and securities convertible into small company common stock, while up to one-quarter of its assets may be allocated as debt securities by its Adviser. Over three years, its annualized returns were 15.3%, with TTM Technologies Inc as its top holding.

The Thrivent Small Cap Stock Fund boasts an annual expense ratio of just 0.74%, well below the average for funds in this category, showing it has successfully managed costs. Furthermore, its Sharpe ratio stands out as an indicator of risk-adjusted performance, with 0.21 being an excellent result.

Thrivent Investment Management, Inc. is an industry-leading financial advisor managing billions in client assets for individuals and institutions, including retirement plans and charities. Their fee-based firm structure means some advisors may earn commissions when selling financial products to clients while fee-only firms eliminate potential conflicts by collecting advisory fees directly from clients without commission payments or referral fees.

When selecting a mutual fund, fees should always be taken into consideration. Investors frequently use low-fee funds to reduce investment costs; however, some have poor performance records and should be avoided.

Thrivent Small Cap Stock Fund stands out with a low expense ratio of just 0.74%, below the category average of 1.12%. Furthermore, its Sharpe ratio indicates excellent returns, given its level of risk.

Thrivent Financial is a Fortune 500 not-for-profit financial services organization. Over its history, Thrivent has earned some of the highest industry ratings for financial strength and reputation and Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Companies for ten consecutive years. Through its philanthropic mission, Thrivent provides millions of grants each year to charities and community organizations around the globe as part of the Thrivent Builds Worldwide program, allowing volunteers to travel around working on Habitat for Humanity homes in the world as part of its philanthropic mission.

2. Thrivent Limited Maturity Bond Fund Class S THLIX

The Thrivent Limited Maturity Bond Fund Class S (THLIX) allows investors to generate income with only moderate risk exposure. This fund typically invests primarily in investment-grade corporate bonds, government bonds, municipal bonds, asset-backed securities, mortgage-backed securities, and collateralized debt obligations; foreign securities may also be included within its holdings as possible investments. Its average effective maturity period should range between one and five years.

As an actively managed mutual fund, its share price may fluctuate due to interest rate risk associated with fixed-income investments as interest rates rise and other risks such as credit risk, corporate issuer default risk, and general market fluctuations.

A high turnover fund occurs when its portfolio managers frequently buy and sell positions within it, leading to higher trading fees for the fund.

Thrivent Financial and its members give back over $200 million yearly to local charities and communities, offering retirement services and other financial products for its members. AM Best rates them highly with an A rating.

Thrivent Asset Management LLC offers a suite of solution-oriented mutual funds known as the Thrivent Investment Options. These aim to meet investors’ individual needs and risk tolerances with long-term investment choices that best match them. They may be found through various brokerage firms and may suit even small account balances.

Investors should carefully consider Thrivent Mutual Funds’ investment objectives, charges, and expenses before investing. Before making an investment decision, all relevant information may be found in their prospectus – available by visiting or calling 800-237-7977. These shares are distributed by Thrivent Distributors LLC, a registered broker-dealer and a member of both FINRA and SIPC.

3. Thrivent Income Fund Class S LBIIX

Thrivent Income Fund Class S LBIIX invests in investment-grade corporate bonds, government bonds, asset-backed securities, mortgage-backed securities, and other debt securities to generate high current income while protecting the principal. It may also seek long-term capital growth. Thrivent Financial offers over two million customers an array of actively managed solution-based mutual funds with their team of 125 investment professionals providing expert management.

This fund stands out by having a meager expense ratio, one of its main draws. Its portfolio primarily consists of investment-grade corporate bonds; however, the fund may also invest in other bond issues. Foreign issues may be included in up to 20% of its assets.

Thrivent Asset Management, LLC oversees this fund. Kent White has served as its manager since 2017. Cortney Swensen joined Thrivent as an analyst in 2011 before transitioning into portfolio manager status in 2016.

Thrivent Financial is a non-profit organization offering life insurance, annuities, retirement planning solutions, credit union products, money management services, brokerage services, and charitable giving solutions nationwide to its members. Together with their members, Thrivent and its members donate over $200 Million each year in support of local charities and communities nationwide; additionally, members volunteer their services through Thrivent Builds Worldwide in Romania, Poland, New Zealand, Mexico, as well as any other locations where Habitat for Humanity programs exist.

Thrivent Investment Management, the firm’s investment advisory arm, oversees billions in client assets under their watchful eye; commission-based firms may generate income when selling certain products to their clients; this may present conflicts of interest and be preferable for investors seeking fee-only firms that bypass commissions altogether and collect advisory fees directly from clients. Thrivent’s clientele consists primarily of individual customers, but some institutional investors also invest with it; their goal is to help individuals realize their financial goals while optimizing wealth accumulation.

4. Thrivent Total Return Fund Class TTRX

The Thrivent Total Return Fund Class TTRX invests in companies that offer current income and capital growth, such as medium-sized U.S. companies whose market capitalization corresponds to S&P MidCap 400 Index or Lipper Inc classifications for midsized U.S. firms. Additionally, debt securities and other income-producing asset classes and strategies may be considered investments within this Fund.

Thrivent Investment Management, the Fund’s Advisor, is an SEC-registered investment advisory firm managing billions in client assets for individuals with and without high net worth. Their clientele is diverse; clients may include mutual funds, ETFs, retirement plans, or individual annuities as investment services are provided.

Thrivent Financial is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals use their resources wisely to pursue their goals and dreams. Through local chapters nationwide, Thrivent provides life insurance, annuities, credit cards, money management products and other financial products and services; its members annually give back more than $200 Million to the community!

Through the Thrivent Builds alliance, members can volunteer on one or three-week homebuilding trips in countries where Habitat for Humanity has an established program – such as Romania, Poland, South Africa, or New Zealand. Our members have already contributed in this capacity!

Thrivent Financial, a Fortune 500 not-for-profit financial services organization, serves millions of members and supporters through local chapters, direct-to-consumer products, and various distribution channels. With some of the industry’s highest financial strength ratings and a reputation for soundness and stability, its products include life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, pre-paid funeral plans, credit union products, and spiritual, educational, and volunteer-based programs.