Tonya Hartwell – Businesswoman, Mother, and Celebrity Wife


Tonya Hartwell first became well-known when she married Ed Hartwell, an American footballer. They have one child together named Sevynn Elise Hartwell.

She is an established businesswoman with an estimated net worth of $500k. She stands tall with balanced proportions.


Tonya Hartwell’s journey as a professional is an inspirational one for women seeking to balance work, family, and personal pursuits. Her accomplishments in the fashion, gifting, and jewelry industries attest to her hard work, determination, and passion for entrepreneurship, as well as her devotion to her blended family, which also serves as an example.

While not much is known about Hartwell’s early life and education, it can be assumed that she completed primary studies at local schools before traveling to Washington, DC, for higher educational pursuits – currently, she is working towards her degree in finance.

Hartwell rose to fame after marrying Edgerton Hartwell, an NFL player. They dated briefly before deciding to marry in a low-key ceremony, and since then, their marriage has brought happiness and success for both parties involved. Hartwell’s commitment to her blended family, as well as her philanthropy, have become sources of inspiration to many people around her.

Hartwell has managed to overcome the challenges associated with being married to a celebrity and build her own identity as a successful businesswoman and mother. Her various businesses in fashion, gifting, and jewelry have rendered her very wealthy while she supports his career while cultivating positive relations with his stepson – earning much respect in return.

Hartwell’s charitable efforts have allowed her to have an enormously positive impact on the lives of thousands of children, impacting many in ways no other person could. She possesses an uncanny talent for motivating young people to reach their goals and dreams; additionally, her dedication to philanthropy has seen her donate various items to various schools and hospitals as part of her passion for giving.

Hartwell has built up a successful fashion empire through her various business ventures and charitable work. She runs multiple clothing lines, such as Hart 2 Hart Clothing and Closet Freak, as well as her online lingerie store, The Lingerie Shop – her success has made her a household name! Hartwell currently holds a net worth of approximately $500,000 through these businesses, as well as having one daughter with Edgerton Hartwell called Sevynn Elise; also, Keshia Knight Pulliam and Lisa Wu-Hartwell have provided son and daughters, respectively, from previous relationships he had.

Personal Life

Tonya Hartwell has made her mark as an influential celebrity figure both professionally and socially. She is widely recognized as being married to former American Football linebacker Edgerton Hartwell; their marriage resulted in Sevynn Elise Hartwell; however, Edgerton also had two previous relationships that resulted in two children from these pairings – Keisha Knight Pulliam and Lisa Wu Hartwell both have sons from them respectively.

Hartwell is an exemplary businesswoman who has successfully opened several small enterprises. As the proprietor of clothing, gift, and jewelry shops – her entrepreneurial journey serves as an inspiration to many who seek to turn their passions into profitable ventures.

Hartwell is not only dedicated to her career but is a loving mother and wife as well. She takes great pleasure in taking care of her family while always striving to meet their goals. Furthermore, Hartwell remains active within her church by regularly attending bible studies and is involved with bible groups.

Her home and wardrobe are stunning. Her classy style allows her to experiment with new trends. At 5’7″, she weighs in at approximately 66 kg.

Hartwell boasts an expansive social media following. She posts daily activities to her Instagram account, where followers love seeing pictures of her and her daughter. Hartwell serves as an inspirational figure to young mothers who wish to follow their dreams and become successful while remaining supportive partners to their husbands in their careers.

Social Media Profiles

Tonya Hartwell has become well-known as a celebrity wife due to her relationship with Edgerton Hartwell, an accomplished American football player. Tonya’s dedication and devotion have won her the respect and admiration of fans alike; the couple married in February of a given year and currently share one daughter named Sevynn Elise Hartwell.

Prior to her marriage to Hartwell, Tonya worked as both a real estate agent and model. Additionally, she ventured into business ventures of her own, becoming known for establishing herself in the fashion industry. Tonya also enjoys traveling – notably Switzerland!

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their family. They are known for their positive and harmonious partnership, as well as their shared enthusiasm and passion for entrepreneurship.

As they developed their relationship, the couple often posted pictures of themselves on Instagram and other social media channels such as Facebook. Soon enough, the two became engaged and announced their wedding date – May 2015. After they married and gave birth to Sevynn Elise on their wedding anniversary in 2016, Instagram posts often showed the lavish lifestyle and playful banter between them.

Ed Hartwell, a professional American football linebacker who retired in 2012 after playing for the Atlanta Falcons, Oakland Raiders, and United Football League’s Las Vegas Locomotives, has recorded numerous tackles and sacks throughout his career. Since retiring, he has become a television sports analyst.

Hartwell announced her pregnancy to social media in April this year and shared photos showing off her pregnant belly. While they waited to discover whether their new bundle of joy was male or female, both she and her husband were highly excited about its arrival into this world.

Tonya remains extremely private regarding her personal and financial information; however, it is generally understood that she is quite successful financially. She has multiple business ventures, which have helped her amass an impressive fortune; furthermore, Tonya enjoys excellent respect among both peers and community members.


Tonya Hartwell is a successful businesswoman, mother, and wife who rose to prominence after she married football star Ed Hartwell in February 2019. As an entrepreneur, she owns several businesses with solid financial holdings – an inspiration through both her work ethic and commitment to family.

After graduating from high school, Tonya decided to pursue her academic dreams further and earned a bachelor’s degree from a public university in the US – media reports don’t specify which field of study she followed; her commitment to learning reflects both her love for learning and commitment to her career – it also signals the achievement of reaching this important milestone that proves her hard work and dedication in business and finance fields.

After graduating, she ventured into several business ventures, such as opening a fashion and clothing store. Over time, this endeavor expanded to include other stores and gift shops catering to various consumer preferences; she even founded her line of clothing, which has gained immense popularity with customers.

Professional achievements aside, Hartwell is also a passionate mother and wife. She has two children from previous relationships as well as Sevynn Elise Hartwell, who she shares with Ed Hartwell; both share a fantastic relationship as parents. Hartwell makes for an outstanding mother/wife combination!

Tonya Hartwell’s estimated net worth as of 2023 stands at an estimated $200,000. She may be in her late 30s or early 40s, standing 5 feet 7 inches. Tonya is known for having an attractive physique with healthy body features and boasting an optimistic approach towards life.

Tonya Hartwell has made her presence known through social media despite being private. She boasts an Instagram account with over 300 followers, where she regularly shares family life photos and videos; in addition, she can be found active on Twitter and other platforms – though many accounts she uses cannot be verified.