Toon Boom Harmony Review


Toon Boom is an industry-standard animation software package used by large studios. This comprehensive solution offers advanced tools for paperless and traditional animation techniques and character rigging.

Animation software like Frame-by-Frame Pro is an excellent solution for animators seeking professional-grade tools without subscription fees, offering frame-by-frame animation with similar camera views as specialized programs and X-Sheet functions.


Toon Boom Harmony is an industry-standard 2D animation software that major studios and independent animators use. Offering users tools for traditional animation, paperless compositing, advanced character rigging options, and character modeling – Toon Boom Harmony has everything needed to produce quality animated projects.

With this program, animators can quickly craft complex characters in minutes by using pivot points and deformers to rapidly create characters that use them to create complex poses without redrawing them, which is especially helpful for scenes requiring lip-syncing.

Toon Boom Harmony allows users to import CG models directly into the program, making it easier to create environments and props more quickly and animate 3D projects more smoothly.

CG Spectrum offers an intensive course on Toon Boom that is an excellent way to gain the fundamentals of this animation software. Taught by experienced instructors and featuring weekly hands-on exercises, this comprehensive program is suitable for beginner and intermediate users looking to learn its functionality.


Rigging may seem exclusive to 3D animation, but Toon Boom also uses this technique excellently. Rigging enables you to quickly animate characters by creating a hierarchy of pegs that influence each other – enabling easy movement without drawing every frame!

Rigging tools allow you to design flat shapes that interpolate between poses, giving a 2D character the appearance of 3-dimensionality. Envelope reformers offer an additional 3D element by enabling you to morph between keyframes.

Toon Boom Harmony is a powerful animation software tool offering users various animation options. From paperless animation and compositing to advanced character rigging capabilities, Prayan Animation uses this software to stay abreast of emerging animation trends while providing every client with quality, original content.


Professional 2D animators rely on industry-standard animation software to craft some of the world’s most beloved cartoons. It offers a robust feature set for traditional frame-by-frame and 2D rigged puppet animation, making it especially helpful when maintaining characters across multiple shots can save time and money.

Toon Boom provides an effective rigging system that enables deforming solid forms, like arms. While more commonly found in 3D applications, Toon Boom has implemented this feature successfully using bones and chains of pivots reminiscent of joints found in those programs.

The program features various drawing and coloring tools that make it suitable for various styles and techniques and an advanced node-based compositing system that lets you add all sorts of effects. Plus, its user-friendly interface offers tutorials to get you going quickly.


Toon Boom offers various editing techniques to help your work stand out, with auto lip-syncing being one of the top methods to ensure characters speak in sync.

Harmony Premium also boasts an array of particle and effects tools for quickly creating stunning scenes, including a nodal compositing system that helps achieve some spectacular-looking effects quickly and effortlessly.

Another incredible feature is the X-Sheet. This built-in dope sheet allows you to keep an eye on how your sequence evolves and allows you to keep an eye on how it develops.

Toon Boom is the industry standard in 2D animation software, and understanding it can open doors to careers in animation, filmmaking, television shows, or video gaming. Learn the ropes at CG Spectrum’s official Toon Boom Authorized Training Centre, where industry mentors can assist.