Top 5 Players in the Fantasy Premier League


Fantasy premier leagues are a fun way to enjoy the sport of football. There are a wide variety of teams to choose from, so you can be sure there is something for everyone. The main focus is to have players who can perform well in various positions. However, there are also rules that you will want to remember.


If you’ve been following Fantasy Premier League this season, you’ll know Erling Haaland has been a revelation. He’s posted 117 points in the first 16 games of the campaign, with a hat-trick in the Manchester derby.

Haaland has played for Borussia Dortmund for the past two and a half seasons and scored 62 goals in 67 Bundesliga matches. This makes him one of the top scorers in the league.

When he joined Man City, Haaland’s price was surprisingly low. It was well below what he was worth at the time. However, he has been struggling with injuries, and a knock against Borussia Dortmund is set to knock him out of the EFL Cup match against Chelsea on November 9.

Hopefully, Haaland’s form has recovered, and he’ll be ready for a big game against Leicester on Saturday. Regardless, he’s a risky proposition for owners. He may not get the start; if he does, his minutes may be limited.


Harry Kane has been a popular pick for Fantasy Premier League managers for years, and he’s still performing at an excellent level. He’s been one of the most consistent FPL players of recent years, and he’s also been a reliable captaincy option.

After a decent start to the season, the Tottenham Hotspur captain hasn’t looked as consistent as he used to. Two of his last five matches have been disappointing. However, he’s been in good form over the international break, scoring four goals in two games. That means he’s well on his way to a big game week.


There is no debate that Gabriel is the current king of the fantasy premier league. Despite his hefty price tag, he has made a name for himself. Some have compared him to Harry Kane, while others have compared him to Ronaldo. However, he has a knack for the elusive mammoth and has been a consistent scorer in the most high-profile games.

An excellent example of the Gabriel phenomenon is his two-goal performance against Leicester City. This was the most enticing performance in years. On the back of his impressive goalscorer, the club has been a roaring success in the past few months. It was a good thing for both the players and the fans.


Doherty has been one of the more consistent players in the Premier League this season. After a shaky start, he has won five matches in a row, and his performance stats are impressive. He has also been one of the league’s most consistent performers in terms of chances created. Averaging nine points per game against the top six teams, Doherty is a solid option for any fantasy team looking to build on the impressive foundations laid last season.

Of course, Doherty hasn’t had the easiest time establishing himself at Tottenham in his first two seasons. While he started the season well, he struggled to earn consistent gametime until the World Cup. However, his tally has improved significantly recently, and his performance against Aston Villa on Gameweek 26 was awe-inspiring.


It’s a given that Jordan Mount is a solid option. He has shown that he is one of the most productive midfielders in the league and is a dependable source of FPL points. His form is usually reflective of the rest of the team’s. However, he hasn’t been in great form in the last few games and will probably be sidelined for the Manchester City game on Thursday.

Alex Mount is another durable option. His numbers have fallen, but he’s still a solid bet. After all, he has the requisite tenacity to get into the thick of things. The midfielder may not be as productive as his fellow captains, but he’s still a dependable source of FPL points.


Fantasy football in the UK is a phenomenon. Since its beginnings 30 years ago, it has become a hugely popular hobby for millions worldwide. Originally a draft game, it has since evolved into an interactive and social community where fans can tinker with their teams and talk to other players in real-time. Andrew Wainstein developed the first version.

He was inspired by the US version of fantasy football and created a database of top players to play the game. He also devised a points system and an auction system to add extra value to the game.


Fantasy Premier League is an online fantasy football competition requiring players to obtain maximum points weekly. Players score points for real-life Premier League performances and good things, such as a clean sheet. Likewise, they are penalized for bad things.

There are several rules for the game, including the use of game chips, which allow users to boost their team’s performance. It is also possible to make transfers before each game week.

Each manager can choose up to three players from each Premier League team. In addition, they must choose a captain and one goalkeeper and have at least three defenders in their squad.