Wadsworth City Schools Calendar


Wadsworth City Schools are one of the highest-rated districts in Ohio. Their college readiness rating is solid if students opt for honors and AP programs; additionally, there are an array of sports teams and clubs available within this district.

This year, the school has added another resource officer to help keep all its students safe. This addition is most welcome.

School Closing Dates

Wadsworth City Schools District serves the town of Wadsworth in Medina County in Ohio, with over 4,529 students attending one of its nine schools, which is led by a five-member board of education. This page offers details regarding its members, election rules, finances, academics, and policies.

Wadsworth City schools follow the holidays announced by the state government of Ohio for closing dates, which include both public and national holidays as well as religious ones. Furthermore, this school district follows all guidelines set forth by Ohio in terms of snow days.

The Wadsworth Y’s second 24/7 facility opened on Labor Day 2023. Members (18+) can sign up for 24/7 Access as an added no-cost benefit, giving them access to our Fitness Center, Walking Track, and Field House after typical business hours as well as on holidays! Find out more by stopping by the front desk or speaking to one of our Membership Directors; this unique collaboration between us, Wadsworth Schools, and Summa Health demonstrates just one more way that the Y is committed to building strong communities!


Wadsworth city schools provide their students with many advantages. Their academics offer a solid foundation for college life, especially if you choose the honors, AP, or CCP pathway. Their teachers care deeply for their pupils’ success; facilities are clean and spacious; there are various sports teams and clubs.

This school calendar for Wadsworth City Schools for 2022-2023 contains all major holidays. Please be aware that these dates may be altered/modified by the State Government of Ohio at their sole discretion, and for more information, you can visit their official website – where there are also activities such as Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Sprink, and School Closing Date.


Hailey Harris, a junior at Wadsworth High School and track team member, has set her sights on breaking records in the high jump for her track team. Currently the number one high jumper in the suburban league, Hailey hopes to continue her success throughout this season.

Wadsworth City Schools Board of Education consists of five members elected for four-year terms who collectively fulfill an array of responsibilities such as setting district policy and finances and monitoring student academics and activities.

Spring Break

Wadsworth City Schools students will get to take a well-deserved break this spring! All activities, from athletics to academics, will be postponed from April 22 to April 26 – an excellent chance for parents to spend quality time with their children!

Hailey Harris is a junior at West High who strives to achieve her goals on the high jump team. Recently, she set a new personal best in her league and hopes to keep progressing within this sport.

This page includes the Wadsworth City Schools calendar 2022-2023, which features various events. These dates may also include holiday dates and Sprink. Please be aware that these may change according to Ohio state government requirements.