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Websites Built With Elementor – With this guide, I will attempt to make an effort to explain how you can maximize the destruction of the magician using much-needed resistance combos. I will furthermore cover numerous builds, ideas, and other miscellaneous information to help all players enjoying this character in Flyff.

Many players continue to make a complaint and tell me all the time that will elements are terrible. You may have high damage output spells out, but unfortunately, you have slow-moving casting times. After perusing this guide will find all information. They want to answer all your questions on the subclass of elements.

Elemental Battle Combos

Let’s briefly deal with some of the potential damage signals you can dish out by employing elemental resistance combos.

Open fire strike is a good skill that may decrease water resistance targets simply by 20% for six mere seconds.

Water well and will reduce the targets of electric resistance simply by 20% for six mere seconds.

Lightning shock is another very good skill. This will decrease the goals of earth resistance by even just the teens for 6 seconds.

Websites Built With Elementor – Let’s take a start by using WaterWater effectively as our example of injury calculation. We will always talk to be talking about water well and also electric combo. Let’s employ “W” in place of the damage anyone inflicts to monsters through your WaterWater well. And we will utilize the letter “L” for the injury that your lightning attacks because of the same monster without using the 20% increase from your normal WaterWater typically well.

W+4*(1. 2L) > 5L (note how the 1 . 2 represents some sort of 20% damage increase)

W+4. 8L > 5L

W > zero. 2L = (1/5)L

Websites Built With Elementor – Basically, on the last line, this inflatable water well combo will have a higher damage output only if the skill does over 1/5 of the damage of that of your lightning attacks. If your normal lightning attack inflicts about 5000 damage, your WaterWater will have to do more than 1000 damage for the combo damage to have the best output.

Websites Built With Elementor – As a Catch-22. You aren’t often able to execute a field action slot in either PvM or PvP. In essence, you only have a 6-second window to unleash these combos. So, in theory, you will not always inflict the damage you see above. The best thing you can do with this information is to try out your damage output and see what works for you. Here are some more combining and formulas that you can review.

1 Water Well as well as four lightning attacks compared to 5 lightning attacks:

T > 0. 2 LITRE = (1/5)L

Water Effectively must do more than one-fifth of the destruction of your lightning attack.

Former mate: Lighting attack of 5k -> WaterWater Effectively must do 1000+ damage

one particular Water Well followed by three lightning attacks vs four lightning attacks:

W > 0. 4L = (2/5)L

Water Well must do more than two-fifths of the damage of your lightning attack.

Ex: Lighting attack of 5000 -> Water Well must do 2000+ damage

1 Water Well followed by two lightning attacks vs three lightning attacks:

W > 0. 6L = (3/5)L

Water Well must do more than three-fifths of the damage of your lightning attack.

Ex: Lighting attack of 5000 -> Water Well must do 3000+ damage

1 Water Well followed by one lightning attack vs two lightning strikes:

W > zero. 8L = (4/5)L

Normal water Well must do more than four-fifths of the damage of your lightning assault.

Ex: Lighting attack associated with 5000 -> Drinking water Well must do 4000+ destruction


Websites Built With Elementor – Since most participants in Flyff solo for experience, elements are no diverse. The best way to gather your creatures is to use a wind field. It provides you with a great chance of slowing the target so that you can gather a lot more monsters and then later are on them. You can also use a superstorm or meteor bathtub, it’s really up to you, but I love to save those for the total aoe and wastes fewer pots.

Websites Built With Elementor – An ideal partner could be another element I like to do playing this identity since both you people can work off each other to get the maximum a producing experience. Make sure you’re in the circular pattern purchase you get too far away from often the monsters spawn they will disappear, and you’ll lose your acquire.

Websites Built With Elementor – Here’s a trick that you should use when you’re killing your accumulated monsters. There is a thing identified as position lag from the webserver, which can be alleviated by moving. I encourage you to possibly be jumping during the whole total process of gathering and eradicating as this will reset yours on the server.

Websites Built With Elementor – Now take a look at kill those gathered enemies. It would help if you kept your wind mastery and water excellence active at all times. Probably the fastest way to deal damage to your monsters is to use the wind industry twice. Then you follow this specific up with poison cloud. Toxic cloud will give you nice destruction over time effect, and you can virtually rinse and repeat this procedure.

Websites Built With Elementor – Some enemies will start respawning as you are going. It’s best to avoid them without exceptions as I’ve died many times trying to kill my gather and kill the particular aggroing spawns. When combating with a partner, make sure they don’t cast Winfield near you to angry monsters.

Stamina Centered Builds

Websites Built With Elementor – 50-30 intelligence and also the rest on stamina. You will enjoy this early build that will work to suit your needs well in your reach upwards towards level 90 by using further than that. This usually creates for those who have lag, although grinding, which will help keep you alive in most cases. This might be the easiest build you can get started with and with a ringmaster levelling with you. You can advance through the game fairly quickly.

Thinking ability Based Builds:

Websites Built With Elementor – Thirty to help 50 stamina, and you can do it– put the rest on thinking ability. This build is usually to get players that have a lot of practical experience in the game of Flyff. There is also a higher chance of you colouring while grinding and questing your character and necessity a great reaction speed and smarts to avoid danger.

Least expensive having a good healer and also food on hand just in case anything terrible might happen. It is a great build after stage 90, while Boeing will become slower, and you need more destruction. With this build, you will need to give attention to using the wind field approach. This is called a hit-and-run elementor, and most of the players inside Flyff use this technique for Boeing.

Full Stamina Build:

Websites Built With Elementor – It is possible to put 15 stats inside intelligence. Then you can put the relaxation in stamina. These are regarding players who want to have reduced damage but more survivability. These are generally also the people that delay a lot when they are grinding with monsters. You have a significantly less chance of dying during delay spikes. This build is likewise really popular for members who like PVP. We can do about 2000 deterioration, but I can take a lot of hits.

Full Intelligence Aoe Build:

Websites Built With Elementor – For this build, you allocate 15 stamina, along with the rest you’ll put on thinking ability. This is extremely advanced to make more players try to carry out, but some fail. This is usually utilized by high-level players so that they can are faster. All you need to do is get one ringmaster to do this: all of us gather about 2 to 4 monsters. Make sure your ringmaster HC’s them.

Websites Built With Elementor – Your harm plus HC kill creatures fast. You will only require an exceptional amount of pills along with other candies so you can survive difficult hits as your healers recover. The most important thing to keep in mind when participating in this build is to invest in your armour entirely. You should upgrade high defensive accommodates, spend a ton of money or put up with the consequences.


Here’s a quick explanation of the strengths and weaknesses of the elements against each other.

Flames is strong against Wind flow.

The wind is strong versus Earth.

Earth is good against Electric.

Electric is usually strong against WaterWater.

Normal WaterWater is strong against Flames.


Fire is poor against WaterWater.

The wind is usually weak against Fire.

Globe is weak against Wind flow.

Electric is weak towards Earth.

Water is weakened against Electric.

Hit as well as Run Elementor:

Websites Built With Elementor – You’re asking yourself what this building indicates. A hit-and-run develop usually is a high cleverness build that uses Winfield to slow down the target about killing. This technique will give the essential element or a safe distance to keep slowing and casting periods to the target until it dies. I will provide some good information that each player who plays this particular build needs to know. In case you are good at kiting, you’ll be able to perform this character very well. Nearby get hit by enemies. You will not need hit details or defence.

Full intellect build:

Websites Built With Elementor – It’s pretty simple, placed every point that you receive in the game straight into intelligence. This will give you several massive damages, but you have to worry about being murdered by monsters and other people constantly. Keep in mind that Winfield doesn’t have a completely chance to slow your targeted monster to play like you’re anticipating that your target is not slowed. 40-60 Stamina levels / xxx Int.

Mixture stamina and intelligence construct:

Websites Built With Elementor – This is a build that I at present use and gives you good all-around character for the sport. You don’t have to worry about dying as you have greater stamina yet still improved upon your kiting technique. About levelling, you will have a lot more endurance and the ability to collect lots of monsters without the worry associated with dying. I only truly use Winfield after I have collected all the mobs, and I also start AoEing. You won’t possess quite the amount of damage that the full intelligence build; however, you’ll have more flexibility and die a lot less. 75-80 Stamina / xxx Int.

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