When you Achieve Success, Find Out Why, So as to Reproduce It



This kind of message is mainly for people from the society I live and work throughout. I frequently get cantankerous when I hear someone My spouse and I consider an authentic success/celebrity (sports person, entertainer, etc) reply the question about the top-secret of his/her success by simply saying something along the lines of: “well, its due to a lot of efforts and especially God’s support”. I think, there is very often a lot more on the success achieved by seeing your face than THAT!

I would admit for a person who believes in Lord, it only follows that everything s/he achieves that is useful would have been with The lord’s support. But the fact is still that NOT all those who claim they worship the same Lord are able to produce the forms of performances that will make them grow to be successful/celebrated personalities. And that is since there are so many specific actions/steps successful persons take which those NOT as successful never take as frequently and/or while diligently.

When The Right Inquiries Are Asked, More Valuable Answers Emerge

I believe a large number of the interviewed authentic famous people I refer to would have liked to give more insight straight into HOW and WHAT made these people succeed, if the right forms of “probing” questions had been inquired of them. Unfortunately, often times their very own interviewers are not alert to the call to do this for the enhanced advantage of their viewing/listening audiences.

Those who have read transcripts of the well-known “Conversations With Millionaires” will certainly understand what I mean when I discuss know how to ask “probing” queries that get answers FROM successful persons, IN A WAY that provides listeners more accurate understanding of HOW and THE REASON WHY the celebrities succeeded. “Clearer Answers” would then manual those aspiring to follow exactly the same, proven path, even if along with modifications or adjustments. As the saying goes, “Success leaves a path… ”

Our celebrities have to be “helped” to “remember” what they did to you (& how), in the manner I recommend above because many of them never truly sat down (after getting succeeded) to THINK about what they really did to get the results these people wanted – and for that they subsequently became celebrated.

Do not Currently Investigate & Record Achieved Success ENOUGH

Within our society, if we want achievement to happen for MORE people, More often, we need to establish and carefully maintain systems to INVESTIGATE as well as DOCUMENT what makes celebrated people of society succeed, to ensure that others who aspire may use the information recorded to achieve comparable or greater successes — FASTER and with LESS WORK. One overriding advantage is that society will consequently develop faster, contributing to a much better world.

The problem is that within our society, we are too much of “DOERS”. Each person is so self-focussed that s/he hardly ever gives a consideration to how s/he can make the actual journey shorter, and less hard for those who follow.

Tell him/her to GO for a particular goal, as well as s/he will. But most frequently it will be done in an incomplete manner, and with little or no work to ANALYSE experiences as well as document lessons learned intended for future reference/guidance.

The Result Is: Weak Repeatability & Reproducibility Involving Achieved Successes

Following, to sum up, when things fall in an area, s/he takes it throughout his/her stride without sparing a thought for Learning to make those same things fall in an area like THAT again in future rapid repeatedly.

A direct consequence of this inadvertent oversight is that any time things eventually go WRONG (i. e. for a person who ceases to investigate and UNDERSTAND why they succeed), s/he once again explores the trial and error approach employed in the past, and keeps with it until, if s/he is lucky, ANOTHER bust through occurs.

For many who employ this haphazard approach, it quite possibly works often. However, when compared to the alternative proposed in this article, it might be quite costly in terms of the time period, effort, and even money.

Conclusion: Below I list a few (3) reasons to AVOID using which approach:

1 . The stress/strain that will arise from coping with the problems occasioned by the use of a shot and error approach wear you down – which makes the “journey to success” far more PAINFUL than it should be.

installment payments on your You will be inefficient – as it takes you LONGER and fees you MORE time, effort, assets, etc, to get the same effects.

3. You won’t improve substantially – meaning you may never ever become good enough to overcome your own “Personal Best”. Consider it this way: Only a sprinter who also measures and knows the woman’s best 100-meter moment is 9. 99 mere seconds can AIM to run faster and thus cross the line at Lower than that time. To achieve that goal, she’ll then have to CHECK just what she can do better or perhaps differently to INCREASE her jogging speed, then TRY it out, RIGHT UP UNTIL she succeeds.

The above probably negative outcome of failing to look at and understand why you do well is that you will LACK the particular means to EXPAND or INCREASE. This could end up giving pundits and/or cynics an opportunity to “question” your success.

Evidence to ensure that what I have said in the following paragraphs is true can be readily located when one looks at the quantity of World Champion Long Distance athletes that have come out of a Camera country like Kenya. Practically yearly, that country creates World Class level athletes who also gain quick prominence inside international circles. Kenya possesses a SYSTEM in place that enables the item to REPEAT and MULTIPLY its athletic successes. There are listening to interviews conducted having athletes from that country, along with the answers they gave to help questions asked to confirm that.

If you were to look at yourself, your organization, your contemporary society, or your country from a very similar perspective, is it possible that there are locations the success(es) achieved before now appear to have been a “flash(es) in the pan”? IF SO, maybe it’s time you actually (and/or others concerned), comment down to INVESTIGATE and DATA why you succeeded back then so that you could REPRODUCE it NOW in addition to into the future.

Self-Development/Performance Enhancement Consultant – Tayo Solagbade instructions works as a Multipreneur, helping individuals/businesses develop and implement tools/strategies to achieve their goals, speedier and more profitably.

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