5 Upholstery Shops Near Me For Cars


Repinned is a century-old craft and art of professional custom upholstery, offering expert upholsterers who collaborate directly with clients to redesign furniture. Their inventory boasts quality fabrics for any taste or decor theme.

Most fabrics contain cleaning codes that specify which type of cleaners can safely clean them, so before choosing a cleaning spray for upholstery, always read its label and test on a small section first.

New York Art Upholstery LLC

New York Art Upholstery LLC is an esteemed upholstery shop in New York City that provides various upholstery services, such as furniture upholstery, reupholstery, and window treatments. Their highly trained staff can assist in choosing the perfect fabric to meet your upholstery needs.

Custom Built Furniture specializes in custom work and provides only high-quality furniture at an affordable price. Their service is quick and convenient, enabling any piece to look like new with their use of only top-quality materials and dedicated customer service personnel always striving to meet customer requirements. In addition, there is an impressive array of designer fabrics for you to select.

Professionals at this company boast years of experience reupholstering antique and other furniture pieces, from small chairs to large ottomans and even commercial work. Their work has been featured both by Buzz Kelly Interiors and Architectural Digest.

Jonas of Manhattan is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and top-quality products, producing quality draperies and custom upholstery to meet designers’ needs. Their custom designs have been featured in Elle Decor, Departures, and Interiors magazines.

Redthreads, a recently established business located at Industry City, excels at pattern matching and aligning intricate designs across seams. George Venson of Voutsa sought the help of Redthreads sibling co-owners Yien and Leon Wong to upholster two floral Italian-linen slipper chairs at his 200 Lexington showroom; each cost $275, including both seat and back upholstery services.

Broadway Upholstery

Upholstery adds a soft, comfortable atmosphere to any room while creating a cozy, homey ambiance. Furthermore, its aesthetic enhancement also highlights the color and design elements of any space. When considering hiring an upholstery company, it’s essential to do your research first – check whether they are Better Business Bureau accredited, as this ensures they have met rigorous customer service and transparency standards as well as having fair prices that ensure quality service is provided with reasonable rates.

Since 1973, this business has provided its services in San Antonio. Their expert staff can assist with furniture repairs, reupholstery, custom window treatments and draperies, and customer support by phone or online. Customers rave about them, earning the company an exceptional reputation from both clients and industry peers alike.

Kim Kennedy has taught upholstery in the Boston metro area for over three decades. Her passion lies with teaching others the craft; her membership program offers classes along with a Facebook group and weekly Zoom calls where students can ask their questions directly.

National Upholsterers Association (NUA). This long-established professional group provides excellent networking opportunities. Their monthly webinar covers everything from marketing and Quickbooks training to how-to demonstrations on making French mattress cushions and tools and gadgets reviews.

Steve Cone has written an insightful book called Upholstery Tricks, that is a valuable source. Steve taught upholstery through Minnesota’s Trade Program for many years and provided invaluable lessons from master upholsterers he knew personally. His book offers insightful advice from him directly.

Howard’s Upholstery

Howard’s Upholstery has been an industry leader for four decades. Their commitment to customer service remains strong even as the firm grows and expands over time, and they specialize in custom fabric slipcovers, window treatments, draperies, bedding, and table pads, as well as upholstery/drape cleaning and furniture refinishing services.

John Howard founded this cabinet maker’s shop at 24 Leman Street, London, in 1820, advertising his services as a cabinet maker at that address. Over the following decades, however, business flourished rapidly, requiring larger workshop spaces nearby in Tottenham Street, Fitzroy Square, and Charlotte Mews, winning multiple awards at events like the Crystal Palace Exhibition and Exposition Universelle de Paris during that era.

BESPOKE by Luigi Gentile

BESPOKE by Luigi Gentile offers luxurious custom upholstery. Working closely with designers to bring their client’s visions to life, BESPOKE specializes in sofas, daybeds, headboards, and chairs and provides fabric/leather choices in their selections for sofas/daybeds/headboards/chairs as well as logo engraved hardware details that make their pieces indeed luxurious – such as round edges and logo engraved hardware on elements with elegant details like rounded edges or logo engraving on hardware – BESPOKE by Luigi Gentile are one-stop shops for all your upholstered furniture needs; turning anything into something extraordinary!


Repinned is a Des Moines-based furniture upholstery business founded in 2013 and managed by Riana LeJeune-Copeland and her helicopter pilot husband, Tom Copeland. Specializing in centuries-old skilled trade of professional custom upholstery, Riana works directly with her clients to redesign pieces they own or find pre-owned articles and transform them into their dream furniture pieces; she also retails countless high-quality upholstery fabrics so clients can customize their projects further.

Izzy, their 10-year-old daughter, assists them by spreading word of their business and handing out cards. The couple plans on hiring five employees this year – some to assist Copeland with refinishing pieces while others help with upholstery work – with Copeland taking charge of refinishing while the others help out with upholstery tasks and shipping their work around the country and overseas.

When selecting fabric for any piece, it’s essential to take its use into account. For instance, an armchair that rarely sees use may warrant less durable material; on the other hand, dining chairs where people eat daily require stain-resistant options that resist spills and spills.

Before forming her own company, LeJeune-Copeland worked for Firefly Unlimited – a skydiving jumpsuits provider in Des Moines – where she learned basic upholstery principles while taking apart skydiving jumpsuits for alteration purposes and carefully taking them apart for repairs. After that experience, she searched out local upholstery workshops and online forums.

Soon, she found that most companies in her industry did not take on apprentices, so she took it upon herself to hire one. With support from her husband and community helpers, she soon established herself within it – finding herself making friends quickly within minutes of starting up this new endeavor! Before long, they started to see returns on investment and expanded their business until eventually becoming one of the leading upholsterers in their region and developing a loyal clientele base.