How to Make a Race Car Cake


Cars make for an exciting theme for birthday celebrations of all ages. Whether your little guy loves Hot Wheels or Lightning McQueen, this two-tier cake will fit right in!

One savvy mum shared how to make these delightful racing car treats using four Aldi products. Check out how she did it!

How to Make a Race Car Cake

Race car cakes make an impressive birthday or graduation choice, perfect for boys or men of any age who appreciate cars. Their visual impact will amaze all your guests, whether or not they follow the racing closely themselves. First, create a basic frosted layer cake; then, using cookie cutters and sharp knives, cut the shape of a race car from it with cookie cutters; finally, add car cake toppers as decorations before serving your masterpiece to guests!

If the shape of a race car proves challenging to carve, using a template may help. This technique is beneficial if the body is curved. Once complete, place the finished race car in the fridge for at least an hour to preserve its form and avoid crumbling when carving it.

Once your cake has been chilled, ice it with a thin crumb coat of frosting to seal in any crumbs and allow it to set before using any remaining white frosting to frost the entire cake, before chilling again until its texture has established firm.

First, tint 1 cup of frosting with blue and green food colorings to resemble a race track. Spread this green frosting over your cake and use a large star tip to pipe “grassy areas.” Finally, add flat licorice candy, licorice twists, or oval mints as road markings while placing Hot Wheels cars onto the track.

Alternative Method of Cake Creation: For an easier coupe car cake creation, start with making rectangular or round layer cakes, stack them together, trim the edges to form a coupe shape, cover the sides with a thick layer of frosting, and use a ruler and pizza cutter to cut four rectangles out for tires.

Car Cakes for Kids

Kids who love cars will appreciate a cake shaped like their favorite vehicle – especially ones decorated with gum-paste models of racecars, checkered textures, tires, and racing flag elements woven throughout. However, blue, green, or orange may also work depending on your party theme and the age of the guests attending the party.

No matter what their favorite toys are, whether it be hot-wheels or Lightning McQueen – now you can order an adorable two-tier cake online and have it sent directly to their house to commemorate their special occasion. This delicious treat will surely put a smile on their big day!

This stunning cake can serve up to 18-20 guests and be made with chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry fondant. It is shaped like a classic coupe car and features detailed car decorations. Additionally, car-shaped cookies make an adorable extra fun touch and may also be added for added fun!

Make an eye-catching race car cake for your child by sandwiching the bottoms of two cake layers together using 1/4 cup of Creamy White Frosting and cutting an L-shape into each end for the front windshield and hood of a car. Tint 1 1/2 cups of the frosting aqua blue using sky blue and leaf green food colorings; tint another 1 1/2 cups lime green using leaf green and golden yellow colors before spreading each colored frosting layer by layer before frosting top and edges.

Car-themed cakes make great birthday presents for children. Not only are they visually appealing and tasty treats, but they’re also great conversation pieces at parties! At Bakingo, you can find an assortment of car-shaped cakes that will impress and make their birthday memorable!

Car Cakes for Adults

No matter their age or background, a car-themed cake will always bring delight. This can especially apply if they enjoy Pixar movies like Cars or Cars 2, while it would also make the ideal present for young men celebrating getting their driver’s license or their Sweet 16 milestone.

If you need help creating a car cake for adults but are unsure how to begin, take advantage of one of the excellent online tutorials available. Cake Journal provides an incredible picture tutorial for classic car cakes, while Verusca Walker has two helpful VW camper van and saloon-style car tutorials on her website. Alternatively, Rhu Strand’s Monster Truck tutorial may offer practical ideas.

Combine shortening, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and milk using an electric mixer until creamy. Gradually add powdered sugar until the frosting becomes spreadable and tint it aqua blue using sky blue and leaf green food coloring or yellow using lemon yellow and golden yellow food colorings (if desired). Spread onto cool cakes before garnishing as desired with candy-coated fruit-flavored pieces.

Car Cakes for Boys

Car-themed desserts are always a hit when it comes to cakes for boys’ birthday parties. From classic Ford Mustang to modern Ferrari racecar, a car-shaped cake will delight any boy at his birthday bash! There are numerous ways you can design this type of cake and countless online tutorials available for creating it: Verusca Walker has two tutorials for both a VW camper van and a style car; Zuccheri Amo has an excellent Ferarri racecar tutorial, while Jessicakes blog offers an incredible monster truck tutorial!

Make an impressive car-themed cake with a New Jersey race car track dessert. This type of cake re-creates an entire racetrack with cars and a finish line, all made of delicious edible components. These cakes can even be customized directly after your child’s favorite racecar!

Car-shaped cakes can make any birthday special for a loved one by creating unforgettable moments on that particular day. Make their celebration even more memorable with a New Jersey car cake through Bakingo; we offer an extensive range of car-themed cakes in different sizes and designs at very reasonable prices, even midnight delivery if desired! Give someone special the unforgettable surprise they’ll cherish all year; order their cake now from our online store.

Car Cakes for Girls

If your daughter loves the popular animated film Cars, bake her an impressive cake featuring Lightning Mcqueen and other characters – sure to give her an unforgettable birthday celebration! This cake will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression!

To make a car-shaped cake, first create its base. For this step, cut one of the cakes in half crosswise and sandwich its two bottom halves together using approximately 1/4 cup of creamy white frosting. Tint another 1/2 cup with sky blue and leaf green hues to form the car’s body.

Once the body of your car is complete, add details using colors from its wheels. Finish the cake off by using some edible glitter for engine and bumper details and maybe adding small chocolate bars as tires!

Personalize this car cake by writing in your child’s name or age on its side for an unforgettable treat that they will treasure for years.

Baking a car cake can be an easy and enjoyable project that takes only a few steps. If you’re searching for the perfect gift to give someone special, look no further than our online bakery at Bakingo, where our selection includes Audi car cakes, Disney car cakes, barbie car cakes, police car cakes, and many others crafted with love to satisfy every taste bud! With both same-day delivery and midnight deliveries available, we make gift-giving easier.