Amel 54 Yacht For Sale


The Amel 54 sailboat is an exceptional blue water cruising keelboat designed to offer comfort, performance, and safety on blue water voyages. Lady Charlyette (#101) resides in her current US-flagged/owner-operated status – in exceptional condition! The best guide to finding Amel 54 yacht for sale.

She offers two large cabins aft and an inviting forward stateroom, as well as multiple watertight bulkheads to provide safety and peace. An isolated engine room ensures maximum peace and quiet.


The Amel 54 is the ultimate sailing yacht. Equipped with a full skeg rudder long finned keel, four watertight bulkheads, and engine room midships for safety during ocean cruising, up to six people can comfortably embark on extended trips aboard this boat in comfort – sails can even be managed and controlled from its large, shaded cockpit!

The rig is tailored for safe passage making, featuring built-in lee cloths and ample tankage. Its cavernous lazaretto has enough space to house a dinghy and provides plenty of storage for cruising gear, while the spacious saloon offers comfortable seating arrangements and dining tables to relax or entertain on board.

This Amel 54 has been upgraded with the most up-to-date equipment. New main and staysails were installed in 2023 along with an outstanding hydrant genoa, plus all sails can be furled using electric motors with manual overrides to enable sailing from within the cockpit – an incredible feature on such a vessel and standard among Amels.


Many who purchase blue-water cruising yachts consider their purchase the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. At Chantiers Amel, each boat purchased is treated as an individual project; our employees carefully assess each customer’s specifications before offering solutions that can bring this vision into reality.

The Amel 54 is a center cockpit, ketch-rigged sailboat designed for long-distance blue water cruising. Easy to navigate and shorthanded sailing capabilities make this vessel ideal. All primary sail controls can be managed from its large, protected cockpit.

Amels have become popular with older cruising couples because they allow them to operate the boat independently with ease, even by themselves. Furthermore, many appreciate having access to an easily used captain’s chair with pushbutton controls for convenient sailing.

Amel 54’s standout feature is its robust engine room. Contained within watertight bulkheads and completely isolated from the cabin, no smells can enter through its walls into your accommodation space. Most Amel 54s are outfitted with reliable Volvo or Yanmar engines that can be serviced locally.


Amel yachts are widely respected around the globe for their durability and seaworthiness and their ease of sailing by two people. This Amel 54 yacht for sale provides all of the comfort, safety, and performance features required to explore even remote corners with style.

The Amel 54 features a solid fiberglass hull for excellent durability and resistance to osmosis, while its deck is composed of balsa sandwich construction for increased strength and insulation. Furthermore, this boat was created with safety in mind, with features like deep cockpit seating and a dedicated liferaft locker.

The Amel 54 features numerous opening hatches to provide your crew with a comfortable environment while underway. She comes equipped with an extensive suite of navigation and communication systems, guaranteeing safe passages. Her galley boasts a refrigerator, freezer, three-burner stove, and oven – not forgetting double berth guest cabins featuring ensuite bathrooms for a luxurious cruising experience – not overlooking her owner’s cabin at the aft, which features queen-sized berth with plenty of storage space beneath deck hatches and side ports which let natural light shine in to create a welcoming interior environment!


The Amel 54 was created explicitly for long-distance cruising and features a sturdy construction that makes it perfect for such trips. Its hull is made of solid fiberglass, while the deck utilizes balsa sandwich construction for strength and durability. Furthermore, this boat boasts an advanced electrical system that ensures safe navigation even under challenging conditions.

The Amel Yacht features an array of safety features, such as four watertight bulkheads and high bulwarks. Furthermore, its deep keel offers increased stability during rough weather conditions. In its large galley is a full-size refrigerator/freezer as well as ample space to store food supplies and other supplies.

The Amel’s large engine room is another crucial asset when cruising. Concealed beneath the cockpit sole and protected by watertight bulkheads, its engine sits safely out of sight without compromise to comfort or safety – an advantage over comparable sailboats, which typically offer smaller engine rooms located inside cabin spaces.


Chantiers Amel has been crafting magnificent yachts in La Rochelle since 1968 under their founder’s motto of quality, rigor, and care. Their blue-water fiberglass ketches are known for their comfortable accommodations, ease of operation, and exceptional sailing performance.

Amel is constructed with solid fiberglass hull and deck materials and utilizes balsa sandwich construction for superior strength, durability and insulation. Her four watertight bulkheads and isolated engine room offer unparalleled safety during her 50-foot cruising sailboat voyages.

The 54 offers ample space and privacy in its large owner stateroom aft with an ensuite, as well as built-in lee cloths and excellent storage capacity for passage-making gear.

This US-flagged Amel 54 #101 features a spacious cockpit and stern area designed for comfortable sailing by two people, even shorthanded. Hydraulic controls on both primary and genoa sails, an electric bow thruster, a smartly designed steering station with pushbutton controls, solar arches, dinghy davits, as well as professional maintenance since new make it simple for any couple or single sailor to navigate her comfortably around the globe.

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