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Aphmau is an American YouTube star and gamer known for creating Minecraft content on her YouTube channel. She boasts a large and loyal following on social media, with positivity and creativity as the foundations for a flourishing career as a content creator.

Launched in 2012 with lofty goals, the channel is now the 816th most subscribed-to channel on YouTube and the 291st most subscribed channel in the US.

About Aphmau

Aphmau (Jessica Bravura), an American YouTube gamer best known for her Minecraft videos, also creates roleplay series in Roblox and Among Us games – her YouTube channel boasts over 18.3 million subscribers, and she enjoys an enormous fan base on other social media platforms, including TikTok.

Aphmau first debuted its gaming channel in August 2012 under its current name, Aphmau, and has accumulated over 19.3 million views since. Originally called Challenge Accepted Inc., she changed it in October with help from Cole, Jason, and Calvin, renaming it Aphmau – this proved hugely successful, becoming one of the most-watched gaming channels on YouTube today!

Aphmau is a self-declared geek who finds great pleasure in creating and playing video games in her free time. She takes great pleasure in making people laugh, which has resulted in her creating an impressive following on YouTube. Aphmau regularly connects with her fans through question-and-answer sessions, which has allowed them to develop strong bonds with her. Aphmau strives to help others in any way she can while being honest in her gameplay and caring in her gameplay practices.

Not only does she produce YouTube content, but she also runs an online merchandising brand that sells unique accessories and apparel for adults, teenagers, and children. Merchandise includes T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts – with her aim always being to surprise and excite audiences through creative endeavors.

Aphmau shows her appreciation of technology through gaming videos that showcase her incredible skill sets and make audiences laugh, a skill set for which her videos have garnered positive responses. Furthermore, Aphmau is known to help others and offer them the best experience possible, making her someone to keep an eye out for within the gaming world. With so much potential ahead of her, she could become an even more popular streamer over time.

Biographical Information

Aphmau hails from Houston, Texas, and is an influential YouTube content creator and social media influencer. Her gaming-themed videos have attracted significant audiences on platforms like TikTok and YouTube; she even runs her merchandising brand selling incredible apparel and accessories for her followers!

Her channel features an eclectic array of gaming content, from Minecraft roleplays to her creative approach – becoming one of the most-watched gaming content creators on YouTube.

Since launching her channel in 2012, she has amassed an audience of more than 18 million subscribers. While much of her content focuses on Minecraft, she also makes roleplay series in other games like Roblox and Among Us – making family-friendly videos with a positive influence on viewers.

Aphmau not only posts gaming videos to her YouTube channel, but she also hosts regular Question and Answer sessions for her audience to interact with her more directly and create lasting relationships with them. Thanks to her positive outlook and committed approach to work, Aphmau has garnered an immense fan base on multiple platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok.

Aphmau always finds time in her busy schedule to answer her fans’ queries during live streams and Q&A sessions, creating a closer bond with her followers while endeavoring to keep them entertained.

Getting in touch with Aphmau is simple – her email and fan mail addresses provide convenient ways for fans to write letters or request autographs from her. In addition, they can follow her social media pages for the latest news and updates about her life.

She is an innovative content creator with an eye for detail. She strives to improve her work and grow her audience constantly.

Contact Information

Aphmau is one of the most prolific YouTube content creators today, and her standup videos featuring Minecraft characters have amassed millions of subscribers. Her content has even been used in movies and television shows! She’s famous for her hilarious roleplay videos featuring these beloved critters!

Although she has become a household name, she remains highly humble and respectful of her audience. Through family-friendly content and positive reinforcement, she has managed to build up an extensive base of fans – many of whom remain faithful supporters even after many years have passed!

Jessica Bravura, known by her YouTube handle Aphmau, hails from Houston, Texas. Over time, she has amassed millions of subscribers. She is well known for creating roleplays and creative content based on Minecraft but also provides videos showcasing other popular video games such as Pixelmon and Spore.

She maintains several social media accounts in addition to YouTube, such as Instagram (where she regularly shares images and videos) and TikTok (under her title name), where you can keep up-to-date on her latest videos and news by following her.

As a YouTube content creator, she is highly active across various social media platforms and enjoys engaging with her viewers. You can reach her via the verified social media links provided below or find more details on her official website.

Aphmau’s YouTube channel has amassed millions of subscribers and over 12 billion views, making her one of the most-watched content creators online. Her most-viewed videos include roleplays such as her Minecraft Diaries series, as well as movies MyStreet and Phoenix Drop High that she produces herself. For her efforts, she has won both Shorty Awards and Streamy Awards recognizing her work.

Social Media Accounts

Aphmau is an award-winning YouTube content creator and gamer with millions of subscribers on her channel. She takes great pleasure in engaging with her fans through question-and-answer videos as well as maintaining an online merchandising store offering different accessories and clothing products.

Aphmau’s YouTube videos showcase her playing a wide array of video games, most notably Minecraft roleplays. Her channel boasts over 4.6 billion views with 3,311 videos that often have humorous yet captivating narratives, such as her most watched “Aphmau – Getting A Faster Car – Loving Caliber,” which has garnered 22 Million+ views so far.

Facebook provides another avenue for fans to interact with her and stay up-to-date with her life and activities, often posting statuses that keep fans informed. In addition, she maintains an official Instagram account where photos from real life appear regularly.

Aphmau was born Jessica Bravura in Houston, Texas, on October 16th, 1989. She has an older brother, and her parents divorced when she was young; their divorce subsequently caused Aphmau to live alone after they divorced. Aphmau’s success on YouTube and Twitch can be primarily attributed to her creative mindset, positive outlook, and dedication to her fans; in addition, she started her own merchandising business, which has helped reach even more people.

Since 2012, she has uploaded over 4.5 thousand YouTube videos with over 19 billion total views to date – not to mention several accolades such as Shorty Awards and Streamy Awards for their content!

Not only does she have her YouTube channel, but she also utilizes Instagram and Twitter accounts to connect with fans – her Instagram has amassed over 3 million followers, while her tweets have garnered 1.5 million likes each. Furthermore, she published “Happiness & Chaos: The Story of a YouTuber’s Life,” detailing both personal and professional struggles she endured throughout her journey as an online video creator.

Fans who would like autographs can send mail at the following address, but please be aware it may take up to three months before receiving a response.