What is Preston Arsement Phone Number?


Preston Arsement maintains multiple YouTube channels, but his main one is TBNRfrags. Here, he posts videos about his military service, which is now focused on Fortnite games. Preston also runs other gaming channels, including PrestonCosmic and PrestonGamez (formerly PrestonRoblox).

These channels showcase various gaming content but have one style of playing. They are trendy among gamers and boast numerous followers.

How to contact PrestonPlayz

PrestonPlayz is an iconic YouTube gamer who has amassed an army of loyal followers through his gaming videos, particularly Minecraft-related ones. Additionally, he collaborates with other YouTubers in producing gaming videos – you can find his contact info below if you wish to contact him directly.

Preston Arsement was born May 4, 1994, in Texas, United States. As a devout Christian, he often references Jesus in his videos. Preston has four brothers and two sisters, with their father being an owner of a home-building company and their mother being a nurse. Preston enjoys playing video games during his free time, vlogging with family members, and having an onscreen girlfriend known as Paige, who can often be found featured in his YouTube videos. Preston resides in Dallas, Texas, near his family members.

Preston operates two primary YouTube channels, TBNRfrags, and PrestonPlayz, where he features himself playing various video games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Among Us, as well as challenging and pranking the viewer base on that channel. His subscribers number over 3 Million, with additional media like PrestonCosmicShorts and PrestonGamez also available to follow him online.

He began by creating a Call of Duty montage that amassed over three million views on YouTube, which helped him realize it was possible to monetize games through YouTube. Since then, he has expanded into other gaming options, such as Minecraft and Castle Crashers; currently, his ‘PrestonPlayz’ channel boasts three million members and continues increasing.

Prestonplayz has many fans who love sending him handwritten letters – these have often been featured in his vlogs and social media updates! To reach him, use either his phone number, email address, or fan mail address.

PrestonPlayz is an established YouTuber who boasts over 2.5 million subscribers to both his personal and gaming channels, with the latter boasting more than 4 million in total. He also enjoys an immense following on Instagram, where he regularly posts pictures of himself; additionally, he uses various other social media accounts to interact with his followers.

What is the email address of PrestonPlayz?

PrestonPlayz, a popular YouTube gamer who uploads his games for his fans to enjoy, boasts millions of subscribers to his channel. Additionally, he maintains a lively Instagram account where he regularly posts images and videos that attract thousands of likes with each post.

Starting his gaming career in 2010 via the YouTube channel TBNR Frags, he showcased his exceptional Call of Duty and Black Ops gaming abilities to online audiences. Within just a couple of years, the track had amassed over 1.5 million subscribers – an unprecedented achievement!

After finding fame through YouTube, he soon expanded into other games such as ‘Stronghold Crashers’ and ‘Long Ways. However, Minecraft eventually became his signature game, and soon after that, his channel became widely renowned for his skill at it and his outstanding criticisms of it.

PrestonPlayz maintains strong bonds with his family despite becoming an internet celebrity, boasting four brothers and one sister with gaming channels on YouTube – his brother Keeley is known to play Minecraft, while cousins Landon and Joshua host their own YouTube vlog channels. PrestonPlayz has become close with other YouTubers, such as Mitch Hughes and Mr Beast, who serve as his mentors.

PrestonPlayz resides in Texas with his family and frequently references Christianity in his videos. His father, a retired police officer, was featured prominently. PrestonPlayz is currently married to Brianna Paige Assessment, who runs the turnthepaige YouTube channel.

PrestonPlayz has become one of the most acclaimed content creators on YouTube, with over two million subscribers across his channels: Roblox and Fortnite. Each channel boasts its dedicated community; together, these platforms boast a substantial following. He is widely considered one of the most mature creators on all three platforms, having amassed an enormous following across all three. PrestonPlayz is known for his honesty and integrity, which have won him fans across his platforms; also, due to his generosity with charitable causes (donating hundreds of thousands to charities/causes), these actions have solidified relationships among his audiences further!

What is the phone number of PrestonPlayz?

PrestonPlayz is an American YouTube video gamer who has become a cult celebrity due to his videos on this popular social media platform. His channels, TBNRfrags and Preston, both specialize in gaming videos and have millions of subscribers each. Furthermore, Preston also maintains Twitch accounts and various business ventures.

Preston is known for his entertaining prank and challenge videos, as well as his skill at Minecraft and Roblox gaming. His fans enjoy engaging with him on his videos, sending messages, or making voice calls directly to him in response to their videos; Preston often responds by answering their queries now in vlogs on his channel.

PrestonPlayz lives a traditional family life despite his Internet fame. He is based in Dallas, Texas, and often refers to his wife and children in his videos and social media descriptions; additionally, he mentions his Christian faith frequently as well. At one point, he intended on becoming a surgeon but has since switched focus entirely towards YouTube fame.

PrestonPlayz can be reached via phone at 713-783-5496 between 1:00 PM and 3:00 AM for voice calls or messages; WhatsApp and FaceTime are also valuable tools for communicating with him – these services tend to be checked throughout the week by him, with more likely response to fan messages during morning than evening hours.

PrestonPlayz is a professional gamer who collaborates with a team to produce high-quality, fan-appealing content. He runs several business ventures – a clothing line and mobile gaming app are two of them – in addition to being an influential member of the gaming culture, having appeared at significant gaming events, partnering with brands to promote their products via his channel, as well as working on several projects to increase his viewership base and build his audience base further. As a pioneer in gaming culture and one of YouTube’s most influential video gamers; PrestonPlayz serves as a role model and inspiration to many young gamers to pursue their dreams – who look up to him and see him as a role model role model!

What is the address of PrestonPlayz?

PrestonPlayz is an eminent video gamer and content creator known for his Fortnite Creative videos, VBucks Challenges, and Fortnite Updates. Over 1.5 million subscribers subscribed to his YouTube channel. PrestonLivez lives in Dallas, Texas; he graduated from Travis High School – two younger half-siblings named Caleb and Joshua are also YouTubers – he also attends Travis Middle School regularly.

PrestonPlayz has built up an impeccable reputation for his genuine gameplay and gaming commentary videos that are both entertaining and informative for his audience. His YouTube channel is appropriate for children as he does not use foul language; additionally, he runs gaming-focused Twitter accounts as well as Facebook pages for extra reach.

PrestonPlayz is married and shares his life with Brianna Paige Arsement, an actress and YouTuber herself. Additionally, PrestonPlayz has a young child named Baby Preston, who also makes appearances in his videos.

PrestonPlayz was born in Dallas, Texas, to an American family. His mother and father divorced when he was three months old; later, they remarried; he has four siblings, including twin brother Daka, as well as younger half-siblings Joshua and Keeley, who all share his passion for paintball gaming and paintball community membership.

Preston began uploading videos to YouTube under the moniker TBNRFrags in 2010, where he would show off his unparalleled Call of Duty skills to an online audience. Over time, this channel rapidly amassed over 1.5 million subscribers within a year or two of being launched. By 2012, he decided to switch tracks, starting PrestonPlayz as an alternate outlet that initially focused on games such as Castle Crashers and Far Cry but eventually drifted towards Minecraft as its focus.

To access PrestonPlayz server IP 3215, launch Minecraft and select Multiplayer mode. From here, navigate to “Add Server,” enter its IP number into the box provided, and click “Join Server.” Note that PrestonPlayz supports Minecraft version 1.8.8