Best Base Town Hall 8


Town Hall 8 Wizard Towers become more functional, dealing splash damage against air units while protecting from mass Hog or Balloon attacks.

This TH8 war base was explicitly created to ward off ground troops such as hog riders and dragons, using numerous small compartments to slow them down before funneling them toward traps.

Flower-shaped base

This Town Hall 8 base design for farming and warfare is an outstanding solution. It features both air and ground defenses to ward off both hog riders and dragons, as well as spring traps and giant bombs placed strategically to stop attacking troops from reaching its core, as seeking air mines placed near air defenses to deter attacks by Valkyries or Golems, it stands as an effective strategy.

This town hall eight base layout features a flower-shaped structure. At its core lies a central section containing part of the town hall, archer queen alter, air defense systems, and clan castle. Surrounding this section are numerous defense army cells shaped into compartments resembling petals; each box houses essential structures that protect this base against enemies.

Defenders enjoy being protected by multiple walls and elixir storages, with plenty of extra room for labs and dark spell factories if needed. With plenty of resources to max their heroes quickly, defenders have enough time and elixir to upgrade future heroes more efficiently than any other faction can.

Upgrading to level 8 unlocks many new constructions, such as 50 additional wall units, two spring traps, and an extra elixir storage. This makes the base more difficult to attack from lower tiers.

This base is an excellent option for Th8 War, as it can withstand mass PEKKA, Valkyrie, and Hog Rider attacks. Specifically designed to make it hard for attackers to achieve two-star attacks with slow troops such as Dragons or Valkyries; additionally, plenty of collectors prevent loot from being taken over by attackers.

Ring-style layout is another highly favored Town Hall 8 farm base design, as it can help farmers and CWLers counter aggressive attacking strategies that are common today. Separated perimeter compartments act as bulkheads to deflect attacking troops for extended periods, providing extra defense from an attack. Furthermore, this base can prepare you for hero and troop upgrades at Town Hall 9.

Farming base

Farming bases are essential to players who wish to maximize their gold, elixir, and dark elixir earnings. But players must beware, as powerful troops like electro dragons can quickly destroy such bases if left undefended. To safeguard against this happening again, upgrade your defenses – the most effective approach is building an impregnable core of guards around your floor; this will stop enemies from looting any resources from you!

This farming base features a ring-style layout with multiple sections that help keep attacking troops away from its center, making it more difficult for an attacker to 3-Star it. Furthermore, storage areas for gold, elixir, and dark elixir have been distributed evenly to make them harder for attackers to access at once and give you better chances of recovering your resources from attackers.

Town Hall 8 has created an adequate farming base here that protects their dark elixir storage in the center of their village, as well as three hidden teslas, two archer towers, two cannons, two mortars, and four elixir collectors. Their clan castle is protected by overlapping defenses, while their town hall stands in a corner for additional protection. They even include an archer queen altar for extra security!

One strategy to build an ideal farming base involves protecting both elixir and dark elixir from attackers since most players use those resources to upgrade their bases rapidly. If they are attacked, however, your ability to upgrade quickly could become limited and hindered as it slows the upgrading of buildings.

This farming base for Town Hall 8 features strategically placed defensive structures to guard its resources and an archer queen altar for clan castle protection. This design is well against most spam attacks and an aggressive TH8 assault.

War base

Best Base Town Hall 8 is an ideal choice for Clan War as its defensive features make it hard for attackers to gain entry. It contains multiple compartments that prevent attackers from accessing its central core: spring traps, air mines, and bombs. Its design makes it hard for attackers to locate its storage; furthermore, it features an archer queen altar in one corner that shields its contents from enemy troops attempting to target it; it even features a Clan Castle! This combination will ensure maximum protection of the storage from being targeted by enemy troops looking for targets!

War Bases are built to withstand all forms of attack, from ground troops and aircraft through small compartments designed to deflect attacks by distracting attacking troops to an outside layer of defense towers that protect clan castles and clansmen’s courts. Furthermore, its central town hall and clever arrangement of air and splash defenses make this base extremely hard for enemies to 3-Star.

This trophy base draws its inspiration from higher Town Halls. The Clan Castle disrupts any potential attacker’s funneling and timing for an efficient attack, providing an effective defense against spam attacks on TH8. Only experienced attackers will be able to three-star this base.

This war base features strategically spread T8 storages to make them harder for attackers to take all at once and encourage a more strategic approach when taking loot from them. This also discourages them from going all-in on their assault, forcing them to use more careful strategies.

One excellent Town Hall 8 war base uses multiple traps and a central storage area with protection from traps and sniper walls to deter attackers from taking your trophies and gold. This will prevent their theft.

This war base is designed to defend your trophies and keep elixir and dark elixir safe from attackers, making it hard for anyone attempting to three-star your village. Use it for both farming and attacking for maximum effectiveness!

Trophy base

Trophy bases in Clash of Clans are built to stop enemy attackers from capturing trophies and climbing global rankings. A key aspect of building a practical trophy base lies in placing strong defensive structures around your town hall – such as traps and walls – not to enable attackers access. Furthermore, your Town Hall layout and storage should also be well protected.

TH8 Trophy Base

When designing a trophy base, one of the key factors should be having an effective wall setup to prevent attackers from accessing your town hall or dark elixir. In addition, an air defense should provide extra protection from ground attacks and dragon attacks.

Another critical aspect of building an adequate trophy base is having an effective defense against hog raiders. This may require air and ground defenses as well as high-level walls; all should be strategically arranged so as to prevent infiltrators from breaching them, with the town hall located centrally within the base.

An adequate war base to safeguard trophies and resources is a ring-style war base, as this works against most attack strategies, including spam attacks commonly employed among TH8 players. Furthermore, as there are multiple dead-zone compartments inside this base structure, it will make entering clan castles harder for attackers.

A hybrid trophy/farming base is also designed to withstand all attack strategies. This base will protect your town hall and storage from dragons to hog raiders while safeguarding dark elixir production, an essential ingredient of successful trophy pushes.

At the center of this base are a town hall, three hidden teslas, an air sweeper, two bomb towers, and a barbarian king. Elixir storage and double cannons can be found at the bottom left, while the top right contains gold storage and air defense systems. Also on the lower left are two wizard and bomb towers, mortars, builder’s huts, archer towers, and gold mines.