Custom Canvas Prints


Custom canvas prints are an easy and exciting way to bring any wall alive with beautiful imagery. Available in various sizes and decor themes, custom canvases make thoughtful gifts for friends and family members. Pick out the Custom canvas prints.

Standard photo prints have their size limits, while digital printing allows you to enlarge them without losing quality. Customize your print by adding a frame for added visual interest.


Canvas photo prints are an easy and cost-effective way to update the aesthetic of any room, perfect for modern or rustic home decor styles alike. Plus, you can personalize them even further by including text or other custom designs to commemorate a significant event or person in your life! They make lovely gift ideas and are an expressive way of showing who you are!

When purchasing canvas prints, it is important to consider both their color scheme and how well they match your furniture. Furthermore, select your frame of choice: rustic wood frames can create an authentic charm, while unframed canvases provide a more minimalist aesthetic. There are various sizes available, such as portrait and landscape canvases—these should all be considered when purchasing artwork!

Framed canvas prints are an ideal way to preserve memories and add visual interest to any living space. Tracer offers beautiful wooden frames made with sustainably harvested wood from the Southeastern US; for every tree cut down by this product 2.5 new trees are planted as compensation to offset its environmental impact.

Canvas prints are so beloved because of their versatile nature; from using it as an individual piece or in collage displays on walls. Furthermore, you can add text elements for an exclusive piece of home decor.


Custom canvas prints make an excellent home decor addition, as they can complement any style or aesthetic. Plus, they’re easier to hang than framed photos or art and perfect for creating gallery walls—the most popular size is 16″ x 20″, which works well alone or as part of an installation.

Canvas prints make an excellent addition to the business decor. Their visual representation can boost brand recognition among customers and employees alike. Display corporate identities, product photos, and more with custom canvas prints!

Canvas prints often come with premium frames that have been stretched taut for an elegant and timeless appearance. Choose between a white border wrap that mimics the edges of your photo while leaving its entire image displayed front-and-center or sleek black edges for a more understated appearance.

Text can add depth and sophistication to a canvas print, making it the ideal way to display family rules, motivational quotes, or a heartfelt message. Text can even help mark a momentous occasion or remember those you hold dear—it creates a sophisticated style sure to wow guests and visitors!

Easy to hang

Doing a DIY wall decor job has never been simpler with Paintly’s user-friendly platform and superior customer service, creating custom canvas photo prints in minutes for any space in a matter of minutes. Plus, unlike automated print shops that only provide automated customer support (i.e., 1-800-robot), here, you’re always connected with a natural person for questions or issues!

Before hanging canvas art, it’s essential that all necessary supplies are available—this includes a tape measure, hammer, spirit level, and wall protector pads to avoid damaging walls during installation.

Large canvas prints typically include sawtooth hangers or hooks to make hanging easy, and using the j-hook method by marking out where to nail with a pencil is an easy option as well. Hammer your nail into its spot without going all the way in, as this can damage drywall.

When hanging multiple canvas prints or framed or unframed art prints on one wall space, it’s crucial to take note of spacing. Spacing should correspond with available wall space and how many frames are being displayed – for instance, if hanging two framed prints together as a triptych, leave 2-5 inches between frames in order to create visual balance and ensure visual equilibrium.


Custom canvas prints are an ideal way to preserve and commemorate life’s precious memories. They are made by printing digital images directly onto canvas and then stretching or gallery-wrapping them. They can be displayed anywhere, from homes and offices to other places.

Paper prints don’t last nearly as long or retain their colors and details as digital photos do, but they allow you to pass them down through generations and relive memorable adventures or milestones.

Canvas prints add sophistication and style to any room in the house or office, whether they feature family photos, wedding montage images, or breathtaking landscapes. For optimal results when selecting images for canvas printing, select high-resolution images with print sizes that correspond with frame dimensions; additionally, check the print quality/DPI to make sure it will print clearly at any size.

Canvas prints can also be an effective way to promote specific products or brands, helping build an identity and increasing sales. They are often found hanging in restaurants or bars for an elegant touch, and they can also be displayed in hotel rooms or offices as an effective promotional strategy for products and services.

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