Bronco Phone Mount


Bronco phone mounts are essential accessories for 2021-2024 Bronco owners. These mounts position your device comfortably for viewing while staying clear of HVAC airflow and reducing any unnecessary distractions.

Peak Design, an industry leader in carrying solutions, has joined forces with OFFROAM to design custom-tuned mounts designed specifically to withstand the jarring and jostling associated with adventure vehicles. Plus, installation is quick and straightforward!

Cupholder Mounts

An auto center console phone mount is an easy and practical solution to keeping both hands free while driving. Some cup holders even support wireless charging capabilities and tend to be more sturdy than vent mounts; others feature unique mounting bases that quickly clip into place, offering direct fit without drilling required – these bases then accept ProClip device holders to complete your custom setup! These mounts make great choices for people who use their phones as navigation or music players while driving.

Mounts that raise mobile devices into an almost ideal line of sight are increasingly popular as they tend to be cheaper and quicker to install than dash or windshield mounts. Some magnetic models even allow for compatibility with multiple devices.

This adjustable cup holder mount can fit seamlessly into any vehicle equipped with standard-sized cup holders, thanks to its flexible base that rotates to reduce footprint while expanding upward for secure placement. The arms on this cup holder mount hold your phone securely between them while opening in the center, preventing cords from becoming tangled up; additionally, this mount is compatible with wireless charging capabilities for added convenience.

Cupholder mounts can also be easily integrated into custom cutouts in your dashboard. Made from aluminum or carbon fiber, they’re often customized to match the style of ride you have in mind and often include wireless charging capabilities as well as rubber pads to prevent scratching of dashboard surfaces. Some designs even ensure safe placement on rough terrain – perfect if you frequent off-road trails!

If your vehicle doesn’t already feature cupholders, vents or window mounts may be an excellent solution. Installation usually only takes minutes, and removal, when not required, can often be quick and painless – some models even feature strong suction cups and magnetic mounts with wireless chargers built-in!

Vent Mounts

Vent mounts provide drivers who prefer their phones at eye level while driving with an easy and safe solution for keeping their smartphone displays at eye level. These hands-free car phone holders attach securely to air vent louvers for hands-free access to navigation, voice command, and music playback using smartphone displays, freeing up space on the dash while also eliminating windshield glare for safer driving.

There are various kinds of vent mounts on the market, ranging from basic magnetic designs to more advanced versions with automatic clamping and wireless charging capabilities. While most are relatively affordable, quality models will offer durable construction that firmly holds onto your phone during your drive.

Our top choice, the Peak Design Car Vent Mount, is one of the finest choices available. Where traditional vent mounts tend to be fragile and easily dislodge from their base, this one secures two points of contact on your car’s air vent for much more excellent stability – while still comfortably holding your phone securely in place with its adjustable arm, allowing for optimal viewing angles.

This mount comes equipped with a magnetic mounting surface compatible with all magnetic-based smartphones – Apple CarPlay and Android Auto devices as well as those supporting Qi wireless charging. In case your phone or issue doesn’t support magnetic mounting, there is also an adhesive metal ring included that you can secure to it for added protection.

CravenSpeed Direct Fit Mount for 2021+ Ford Broncos may also be an attractive solution and a more expensive option to consider. This mount takes a more straightforward, direct approach to installation on your vehicle and requires semi-permanent modifications, but its high versatility and strength make this investment worthwhile for most users.

This mount boasts a patented self-centering mechanism to ensure that your phone will always remain centered when using it. A strong magnet at its base and neodymium pivot ball provide exceptional holding power, while its sleek design blends in beautifully with any dashboard. Furthermore, its CNC-cut plastic base has been powder-coated for a high-quality finish with various color choices available so as to meet all vehicle specifications.

Window/Dash Mounts

MagicMOUNT’s Dash/Window Magnetic Mount provides a sleek, simple, and flexible phone mount solution. Utilizing powerful magnets to securely secure your device without using cumbersome cradle arms, this magnetic car phone mount can easily fit under any dashboard while remaining firm enough to withstand even vigorous driving conditions. It features large metal mounting plates for attaching phones or cases to their backside as well as medium and small adhesive mounting discs; plus, you can switch easily between dashboard and windshield attachments using its adjustable holder arms – which also accommodate various viewing angles!

Course Motorsports’ direct-fit Ford Bronco center dash mount provides you with a customizable, secure, and adjustable mounting platform for your GPS, cell phone, or GoPro holder (sold separately). Installed into your Bronco’s dash above its center vent in seconds without drilling, its CNC-cut vehicle-specific base features an anodized pivot ball to provide flexibility and security on the trail.

The mount’s cable clips allow for convenient cable routing behind the holder and away from any controls or ports you might need access to, while its strong suction cup base adheres securely to any flat, textured surface in your truck, car or home with 360-degree rotation making optimal positioning more accessible than ever. Plus, its slim profile prevents unwanted obstructions, while powerful N50 neodymium magnets make this mount safe for wireless chargers, too!

The Heyday 2.0 Window or Dash Mobile Device Holder is an ideal way to enhance the driving experience with hands-free navigation, music streaming, and other apps. Easy to use with its reusable sticky base sticking securely to your car window or dashboard and adjustable arms accommodating various smartphone sizes – as well as coming equipped with a vent mount for added convenience and offering three years of limited warranty protection, giving you peace of mind that this product was built to last!

Windshield Mounts

Smartphones can be an indispensable resource for drivers, providing access to music, GPS navigation, and call control while driving. But their misuse can become dangerous distractions; therefore, drivers must purchase a practical car phone mount in order to prevent distracted driving tickets and tickets being issued against them.

There are plenty of vehicle mount options to choose from, making your search much more straightforward. To select the ideal one for your vehicle, it is essential to decide where you would like it mounted, how easy installation and removal must be, its strength/sturdiness requirements, as well as compatibility with MagSafe holders such as PopSockets.

The iOttie Auto Sense Dash & Windshield Mount features an easy clamp design for quick setup. Compatible with nearly every phone available today, this mount takes only 10 seconds to attach itself securely onto vents in hot weather. Plus, its magnetic base’s powerful grip face and dual magnets securely grip phones without shifting or vibrating for secure, stable positioning of navigation or hands-free calling – an 8-inch gooseneck gives you complete flexibility over viewing angle as well as hands-free calling capabilities.

Our testing team assembled and disassembled each model multiple times, noting how easy it was to follow directions, how securely the phone was held during setup, and whether its position affected visibility or safety while driving. They then evaluated each car mount over several weeks of driving, keeping track of how secure and helpful they were in helping navigate safely through traffic. Chris McNamara has spent over ten years testing consumer products from bike phone mounts to snow shovels – covering over 40 miles driving every year! Meanwhile, our lead tester has conducted over 1,000 product evaluations, including bicycle phone mounts and snow shovels, over this decade alone! He was responsible for over 400 tests performed this year alone!