BT21 Phone Case – Super Cute Light-Up Case With Tata,Koya and Cooky


BT21 Phone Case with Tata, Koya, and Cooky Characters and Light-Up Effect: Custom Made-on-Order for any Phone Model Air Impact Structure External Printing Hologram Skin Lighting Effect Easily access all buttons and ports Free-Charge Wireless Charging Compatible

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A bt21 phone case should be constructed from high-grade materials and durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear, including adhesive backing that securely sticks your phone in place, heat resistance, moisture resistance, card slots or hooks – features which may come in handy before making your purchase.

The best BT21 phone cases are explicitly tailored to meet the needs of each consumer. Crafted with premium materials and offered with generous warranties that protect your investment, these cases come in different sizes and styles that fit seamlessly onto mobile devices of all kinds – some manufacturers even provide personalized customization services so that you can design your own BT21 case!

When searching for the ideal phone case manufacturer, you must understand their business model and product offerings. Doing this will enable you to make more informed decisions regarding which companies to work with. Once you have made a list of prospective vendors, take time to reach out and inquire further about them and their offerings – this will allow you to narrow your search and select an exemplary manufacturer for your phone case business.

Once you’ve selected your phone case manufacturer, it is essential to stay in communication with them throughout the production process. This will keep you aware of any potential issues, such as delays in shipment or variances in product specifications; furthermore, staying informed will allow for faster resolutions should any arise.

Order phone cases with enough lead time so they arrive on schedule, meet shipping deadlines, and keep inventory stocked up for retail sales or corporate use. Track this inventory using bookkeeping systems, as you will also want to enter that data into accounting programs.

The BT21 Merchandise for iPhone 13 Pro Max Case is an adorable and protective case featuring charming characters created by BTS members of their own BT21 characters. Created in collaboration between LINE FRIENDS and BTS, this transparent slim bumper phone case includes eight adorable characters, such as Tata Koya, RJ Choco, CHIMMY Mang, and SHOOKY, to bring this story alive! Crafted of rugged TPU and PU material with dual guard protection as well as wireless charging compatibility.


Choose the ideal phone case material depending on your priorities: are drops and scratches top priority, or are aesthetics more important? Polycarbonate (PC) cases are rugged and durable enough to withstand drops without shattering, while thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) offers softer, flexible protection from impact than PC cases do. Acrylic cases offer crystal clarity to show off your device’s unique design while being eco-friendly as they’re made from recycled plastics.

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Printing a case can be an affordable and straightforward way to give your phone a fresh new look without breaking the bank. Plus, it makes for a thoughtful gift idea at birthdays or holidays; choose designs your friends or family will appreciate and create personalized pieces they’ll remember forever! With endless design choices available online or even adding photos for added impact – printing cases make a lasting impression with personalized gifts they won’t forget.


The BT21 phone ring is an accessible and stylish addition to your device, helping to protect it against accidental drops and slips while providing hands-free video watching or hands-free use. With strong adhesive backing to ensure secure fitting for most smartphones, its cute boba tea design adds a pop of color that adds functionality as a stand for viewing videos or hands-free use.

When selecting a BT21 phone ring, look for one with a high-quality adhesive that won’t detach easily and is durable and resistant to wear and tear. Some phone rings even include helpful features like hooks or card holders, which you may find convenient.

Bt21 phone rings come in an assortment of colors and designs to fit your taste or fandom, providing you with plenty of options that suit you. Many even feature removable stickers that can be taken off without leaving residue behind on your device, plus their thin construction ensures wireless charging remains unhindered.