Cefco Travel Center


If you’re traveling, ensuring you have everything necessary can be difficult. Food, drinks, and car care services should all be considered when planning an excursion; therefore, stopping at a Cefco travel center for assistance may be beneficial.

This location features a CEFCO Kitchen, Fresh Yo self-service frozen yogurt, and breakfast sandwiches from Fresh Yo. There is also a truckers lounge and showers on site.

Convenient Locations

Cefco travel centers are conveniently situated along major highways to make your journey as hassle-free and pleasant as possible. Offering everything from delicious food and refreshments to trucker lounges, showers, and shower stalls. Their customer service staff always goes out of their way to assist their patrons; plus, you can use their loyalty program for special rewards and privileges!

CEFCO Travel Center of Cameron is renowned for its superior customer service and commitment to enriching its communities through active participation in local events and initiatives that foster social responsibility and sustainability. Their efforts leave lasting impressions with patrons while creating genuine bonds between themselves and patrons.

This location offers long-haul travelers several amenities for comfort and convenience, including a trucker lounge, showers, and laundry services; CAT scales with seven truck fueling lanes; convenience store; and an on-site Denny’s restaurant; these services are open and welcome all travelers.

CEFCO Travel Center of Paris provides travelers and truck drivers with many amenities for both. As the first location of its kind in Texas, this one-stop center features an on-site deli with fresh food options, ample restrooms, trucker lounges, a CEFCO Kitchen providing hot and cold food selections as well as “Fresh Yo” self-serve frozen yogurt service – open to the public and accepting SNAP/EBT cards for payment.

Convenient Car Care Services

CEFCO travel centers are committed to enriching their communities through involvement with local initiatives and events, building bonds with neighbors, and contributing to town life. Their compassionate spirit can also be seen through interactions with patrons, elevating every interaction to unparalleled care and satisfaction.

Cefco Travel Centers provide more than just convenient pit stops; they also offer car care services such as oil changes and air filter replacements. Plus, these convenient centers feature groceries and snacks to make your journey as pleasant as possible!

Cefco travel centers offer another impressive feature in their mobile app that makes road travel even more affordable and enjoyable – access to exclusive discounts and offers you may only find here! Download it today to start saving big and earning rewards points when purchasing at Cefco travel centers! You won’t regret it! Plus, you could earn rewards points with every purchase made!

Friendly Staff

Are You Needing Food, Fuel, or Car Care Services at Cefco Travel Center? Their friendly staff will be delighted to assist! Committed to providing their customers with an exceptional experience, Cefco strives to offer excellent customer service, competitive travel-related product prices, and extraordinary offers. Download their app to access exclusive discounts and features to enhance their next trip further!

CEFCO Travel Centers are well known for their convenient services, quality offerings, and genuine dedication to enriching local communities through philanthropy, charity events, and sponsorships. Through these initiatives, they strive to leave an everlasting mark on those they serve – creating stronger ties between themselves and their loyal customers, making traveling with them all the more rewarding and worthwhile.

CEFCO Travel Centers are strategically placed along famous highways to make fueling and getting food on their journey easier. Fully equipped centers boast clean restrooms, high-speed WiFi connections, truck parking facilities, delectable meals, snacks, and premium diesel fuel.

Not only can these facilities offer these amenities, but some also feature truckers’ lounge and showers, CAT scales, self-service laundry, and a pet park – in addition to selling groceries, drinkware, tobacco products, and trucking supplies – they may even have drive-thrus to meet any urgent travel needs!


Cefco Travel Center provides various services to get you back on the road quickly. Their gas stations feature quality fuel at competitive prices, while their convenience stores feature snacks, beverages, and fast meals to satisfy any craving. Their clean restroom facilities make pit stops convenient, allowing you time to rest before continuing.

Services provided by these travel providers are tailored to accommodate travelers of all types – adventure seekers can take advantage of adrenaline-pumping activities available at certain spots, while family vacationers will appreciate safe playgrounds and designated picnic areas. Those looking to remain connected on the road will find charging stations available so their electronics stay charged and ready for use while away.

Cefco Travel Center stands out from the competition by offering affordable rates. Their competitive fuel prices and convenient car wash services make them an attractive option for road trippers looking to save money; their convenient convenience stores and friendly staff will ensure everything necessary for their journey is available.

Cefco Travel Centers provide top-of-the-line amenities at reasonable prices – the ideal travel center for any adventurer! Stop in on your next road trip and experience what makes Cefco so exceptional; you won’t be sorry you did, and who knows, maybe even find an entirely new travel destination along the way! Happy travels!